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    Down to Two Options (FV43U vs FO48U)

    Okay I am down to two choices I am looking at for my new display. The Gigabyte AORUS FV43U for $699 or the AORUS FO48U for $999. Both will fit on my desk without an issue (96"x30" :) ) I am just not sure if the OLED is worth the extra $300 (almost 50%). The FV43U has been rated well for contrast...
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    Decisions Decisions

    So I am right now fighting myself as I decide on a new monitor. I want to move to 4K but older eyes means the need for a larger display. I am debating the 43" displays out there right now as well as a 48" OLED. This will be 100% for computer use; from web browsing, to office work, to a lot of PC...
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    Thoughts on if OLED will trickle down

    I wonder and am curious to hear others thoughts, on if we will see OLED trickle down into 1440 and 1080 monitors.....