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    Pure XL - 6.5L SFX Chassis

    Hello fellow members. I'd like to introduce the next case to the PURE family of cases. The specs are as follows: Mini-ITX motherboard 175mm Dual Slot, Max 25mm over ref. height (including power connector) GPU SFX power supply support, External HDPLEX 400 AC-DC support, C6 power entry, 12mm...
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    5L case - 120mm AIO, Flex ATX, ITX GPU

    I had a 4L design, but that is on hold. For my second project, I am trying to differentiate from L4. I will likely revisit a design similar to L4 in the future, but I'd like a design that i can also use as a daily driver. Up to 84mm CPU cooler with LP or reference height GPU. FLEX ATX /...
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    3L ITX Case with Meanwell Support

    Hello guys, Case specs: ITX Mobo No GPU 48mm cpu cooler height Flexible compartment for installing: 3x 2.5SSD OR Meanwell RPS 200-12-C 2x 60x60x25mm fans Currently the project has been sent to prototyping, so I should get a couple samples a few weeks. Currently there are many similar...
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    4L LP GPU Case (J-HACK Design)

    Hello guys. I am working on a 4L case design. Specs: ITX + LP Dual Slot CPU Cooler: Max cooler height 80mm GPU: Full Length, Dual Slot, LP (1050 ti) PSU: Meanwell 2x4 12V/24V; External Brick SSD: 2x 2.5 with bracket, and single 2.5 in front Case Fans: single slim 92mm or dual slim 80mm on top...
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    PROJECT ONE2 (12V Distribution board)

    ORIGINAL POST EDITED TO REFLECT UPDATE. Pictures first: The prototype Pretty cute right? :D What is it? ONE2 DISTRO 400 is a versatile power distribution board with ripple suppression. It is designed to work with picoPSU, aka Plug In DC Board. It is compatible with any 12V power supply with...
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    3D Printed Adapters

    Hello, I offer 3d Printed adapters for: C7 and LP53. They allow you to use any 92mm fans with them. I also sell them at my online store: 3d printed. Works great. Heatsink is 32mm. Adapter is 2mm, using Noctua's A9x14...
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    3D Printed Mod Corners - For 2D Panel Cases

    INTRODUCING: MOD CORNERS - Easy to implement - Fast prototyping of panel based SFF cases - Gives you clean corners 3mm Material, 10mm screw point from corner - Technical Diagram is for 3mm material, Mod Corners can be modified for any material between 1.5mm - 3.5mm - Recommended screw is...
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    Stratos 3: ~3.5L PicoPSU Chassis

    Hello SFF lovers. This post is for my custom 3.5l acrylic case. I intend to sell these in diy kits in the near future. I am still figuring out the logistics. Here is the compatibility list: Mobo: mini-itx CPU cooler + case fan total height: 47mm Case fan: 120mm or 92mm mounting holes, will...
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    17.5L mATX OPENBEAM Case

    Just a fun project I had. Will be installing another 380 4GB when it gets here. I'm sure a steel based case can hit 15L easily if you limit GPU length to 10".
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    A wood built itx case.

    AMD 7860K. 8GB RAM. 250GB SSD. Silverstone AR05. 150W external AC adapter. Edit* more info: This was my first wood project. There were quite a lot of challenges when working with wood in an apartment sized room, since I was limited to small power tools. I felt like the product was acceptable...