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    What is your backup GPU?

    Honestly, it was a rig I built a couple years ago for a once a year lan party. Then I used it for x265 encoding throughout the year to not tie up my main rig. Having recently moved cross country, no more lan party goodness unless I fly back (which if I do, I'll just take his rig with me haha).
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    What is your backup GPU?

    lol Yeah. Kind of a DB move, but between Minecraft, TABS, and Fortnite, he wouldn't even notice. He's only 9 (birthday today) and I just upgraded him from his 1660 & 2600x to my secondary rig (8700k & 2080) so that I could pass his original rig down to our soon to be 6yo for his birthday...
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    When working on a computer, do you sit or stand?

    In my infinite wisdom, I got an 8' workbench to use as my desk. In hindsight, while I love the look of it and the desk space, I would've gotten a desk that can raise and lower. I can set the workbench's height, but it's a manual pain in the tail to do and this thing's heave af.
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    What is your backup GPU?

    2080Ti is my primary. If it dies, I'll take the 2080 that I put in one of my son's rigs and place the GTX 960 that's in my plex server into his system. Doubt there's much risk of this happening, since my Ti's on a custom loop and barely peaks at 45C.
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    Nvidia Riva TNT was the first one I had and it came in a gateway PC. This was back in '98 or '99 and I was also just discovering access to videos & FTPs. . . so I wanted a card that could output to my TV. As a result, the first GPU I actually purchased on its own was an ATI All-in-Wonder Pro...
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    what case would use this

    Just about any decent mid tower should be able to support those, but it all depends on the case layout. Popular ones like the Lian Li 011 Dynamic would absolutely work, but may be overkill for what you're looking for.
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    what case would use this

    For those AIOs, you just need a case that supports 2x120mm fans in either of these instances. Then look for a case that has that setup in 2 separate locations if you have 2 rads. I had 2x140mm rads in my Corsair 600C, so both of those would fit but there are plenty of other options too. Any...
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    G1 Questions

    If you use exchange 2003, make sure you check 2003 compatibility. For myself, I use 2003, as well as my OWA address, combined with my corp username/email address. All in all, you're looking at 5 minutes to set it up and start syncing. I'll also let you know that any existing items in your...
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    G1 Questions

    For exchange, I use TouchDown. You gotta pay for it, but it pulls all of my corporate stuff. As for podcasting/IM, can't really help you as I only use the built in IM client for Google Talk and removed all the others (my G1's rooted).
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    Office Space…In A Box

    I gotta say, that idea's pretty genius. It may not float in the US, in in India at one of the Dell or Dish Network call centers, I'm sure it'll make a killing.
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    is the Xigmatek S1283 better than a Zalman 9700 on a q6600?

    I'm runnin' a Q9300@3.5Ghz (1.40v) with the xigmatek 1283. I also have the little fin on the back directing a little flow through my 780i fins. Seems to work some wonders for me.
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    Silverstone TJ07 / Maximus Formula newbie wiring question

    For question one, skip the shield for one of the ports. For question two, they connect to the audio leads on your board or soundcard. If your board has HD audio, you'll use the Azalia. If it's got an AC'97 chipset, you'll use that plug...
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    AMD: Phenom or X2?

    Isn't the 5000+ 2.6Ghz? Or are you saying that you OCed to 3.2?
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    FS/T Mobo/CPU/RAM Combo

    Dude. Here's a bump for one of the best mobo's ever made. The only think better was the A7N8X deluxe. :-D
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    WTB AGP(7800GS/7900GS/7950GT), S478 P4, 2x1GB DDR

    I've got an eVGA 7800GS with the Fatal1ty Zalman cooler on it. I'd be willing to part with it for 130 (cooler and shipping included). It has been registered on eVGA's site though, just to let you know.
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    FS: Blackberry Pearl & Laptop Ram (Help me buy my Wing)

    Bump. Picture links fixed/added.
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    FS: Blackberry Pearl & Laptop Ram (Help me buy my Wing)

    Awesome. Thanks for the info. I shoulda known I couldn't swing it that easily. lol The site let me upload the photos directly in the post. Oh well. C'est la vie. I'm off to bed right now, but yeah, these photos will be reupped in the morning. Sorry about that guys.
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    FS: Blackberry Pearl & Laptop Ram (Help me buy my Wing)

    Hey everybody. Got a few things for sale. Unlocked T-Mobile Black Blackberry Pearl - $150.00 (comes with 2 back covers, 1 with a hole dremeled out for sound enhancement, the other still new. Also comes with a leather carrying case, box, charger, data cable, and wired handsfree.) 2 x 512 of...
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    FT: Chipped PS2 w/ HDD, Network Adapter, 20+ Games, 2 cont, Microphone $350 shipped

    Are the ones on the HD originals in your possesion as well? If not, you can't post 'em, or even talk about including 'em. Otherwise, nice setup. :-)
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    FS: HDs, mobos, video cards, opticals, cases, and more

    Bump for a great price on a great monitor. 955DF. . . excellent. . .
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    FS: Pqi 2gb - $100 + S&h

    DAMN!!!! lol I was too late. . .
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    FS/T - 4G iPod and maybe a 5G

    Interested in a 3G 15gb and some cash for that video?
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    FS: Fully Automatic AK-47, M4, XM8, and MP5 Aegs

    Looks like counter-strike for the backyard. lol You don't need it as of yet, but here's a bump for ya anyway. :D
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    50 pack DVD-R/DVD+R $15 at Best Buy

    Fry's always has 50 packs for that price. And, maybe twice a month in their ad, I see a 50 pack for 8 bucks.
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    FS: Half Life 2

    I'm not sure TBH man. Wasn't trying to thread crap either, just so you know. Just thought you might wanna take a look.
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    FS: Half Life 2

    Just curious. I thought sale of the game violated the EULA.
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    Nvidia Quadro4, Audigy 2, Sierra VOQ Smartphone and MORE!!!

    You have a PM good sir. . . and a bump for you as well.
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    **FS: 6800 256mb LE $75.00 Shipped Paypal PCI-E

    Nice deal man. That's a steal.
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    WTB: ATI DVI>Component dongle

    Those are hard to find. . . people that have 'em, generally don't want to get rid of them. Best of luck to you man.
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    FS: 30gb Creative Nomad Zen Xtra

    Bump for a good mp3 player at an even better price.
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    FS: Unlocked Sharp GX32 cellphone

    Looking for any trades? Or just the cash. . . and free bump for you sir. :-)
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    CDSs' Garage Sale Updated 2/10

    Bump. . . just because I thought the way you wrote sold on the rings that were gone was funny as hell. :-D Good luck man.
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    FS: Movie DVD's: $5.50 each, 2 or 3 for $5, 4 or more $4 each. FREE Shipping

    Hey man. Paypal sent for those 32 dvd's, plus the other one not on the list. Thanks. :-)
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    WTB: Cingular Smartphone

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    WTB: Cingular Smartphone

    I'm looking for a Smartphone, something that works on WM2003 or 2005, preferably with bluetooth and a camera. Willing to spend up to $200 or trade an SV-SD90 MP3 player and some cash. MPX220 or Cingular 2150 would both be perfect. Also looking for a digital camera, 5mp or better, with at...
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    Realistically, how much could I sell this system for???

    That's about what I'd say as well. . .
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    FS: My Custom Pc Case

    Giving a bump for one helluva case. Wish I could afford it, because I deffinately think something like this is worth it. gl man.
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    WTT/S: AGP 6800U, 5900NU, 5700U, 4200, SoDIMM, and more

    Interested in the 6800U. What would you want pricewise?
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    FS:AMD 3000 computer complete with raptors

    This agp or PCIExpress?