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    iSCSI over dvswitch, or hybrid?

    Curious what most people are doing in this scenario. I've got a few hosts with 4 1Gb NICs, currently have a DvSwitch with ports 0 and 1 for vm traffic, mgmt, and vmotion, and a standard vSwitch with port 2 and 3 for my iSCSI with the virtual initiators bound to physical ports as per the relevant...
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    L2 between datacenters

    Hi guys, Looking for some feedback on various ways of stretching an L2 subnet across 2 datacenters. Use case is for VMware SRM, not wanting to re-address our VMs for a failover like we do now. I'm hoping to get away with not having to get an MPLS VPN due to the expense. I have Juniper SRX...
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    VMware Octopus? alternatives?

    Last I've heard they're still doing the closed beta, I'm wondering what direction this is going? A while ago I saw something with regard to it being rolled into Horizon, but Horizon application manager and horizon mobile don't really have the file syncing functionality of octopus. Anyone know...
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    Good VDI deployment walk throughs/checklists?

    wondering if anyone has any good VMware view client setup checklists. plan to do linked clones, windows 7 pro. Would be nice to know which optimizations really pay off, I'm tight on time to get a VDI environment out quickly, and don't want to miss doing something that could have a positive...
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    Choosing storage for VMware SRM

    I'm currently working on spec'ing out some new hardware for a DR site that will eventually become a primary (active) datacenter. Currently running on NetApp (FAS 2050 and FAS2020), but considering other storage vendors. We want to do storage replication with SRM, over IPSEC VPN (100Mb WAN)...
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    Drive map GPO: exclude server OS with WMI filter?

    Anyone have experience setting up a WMI filter for OS type (server 2003 and 2008), to be excluded form a GPO that does drive mapping? Working on deprecating some logon scripts and changing file servers, don't much feel like clobbering mapped drives on servers :)
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    does anyone here have much experience with smart boards? I've been asked to look into acquiring one or two. I'm considering loking into buying a used onebut not sure if that's advisable or not. Any brands better than others?
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    IBM KVM password reset

    Just throwing this out there, but does anyone happen to know how to change the password on an IBM GCM (global console manager). We've got one here that is just outside support, and would prefer not to pay $400 for a tech to reset it. Basically, anyone here an IBM reseller with access to the...
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    Reselling VOIP in Canada?

    Does anyone have experience reselling VOIP services in Canada, and if so, how did you go about doing it? I hapen to be in an area where the common VOIP players don't have exchanges, so no NXXs, and no local DIDs. Right now it looks like I'd need to register as a CLEC, and actually get equipment...
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    Dell Powervault DL - anyone have one?

    I'm looking at upgrading out current D2D backup infrastructure, right now it's a bit of a thrown together mess of old hardware. I was wondering if anyone has experience with a Dell Powervault DL, or similar appliance. I'm not sure if it's really based off of an existing Dell server chassis, as...
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    VDI pilot poject, advice?

    Will soon eb starting a VDI pilot prject here at work, just wanted to solicit some feedback as to what others find is working for them. I'm looking at rolling out initially to <10 users, data entry and inbound/outbound call center employees. Right now my shopping list is Wyse P20 zero clients...
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    ubiquiti unifi - client roaming between APs

    Currently using HP MSM AP's in autonomous mode, and considering pulling the triger on a ZL module for my core to put the AP's into lightweight mode, but, for about half the price I could replace all my MSM's and roll out unifi AP's. Problem is, I don't see a lot of documentation on how client...
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    smtp 550 due to rDNS

    just curious how amny people actually refuse delivery of mail due to rDNS failures? I've got a server that has been setup the same way since long before I was employed here, sends mail from a different IP address than it receives mail on. ptr records exist for both IPs with the mail servers...
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    vRanger vs. Veeam?

    Presently using vRanger to backup my VMware environment, it's small, 6 hosts, 12 sockets (IBM blades), I backup over LAN (at the moment) to an older SAN that I use as my target storage. Pretty simple setup. Any comments regarding functionality, cost, and ease of use on Veeam? vRanger has been...
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    HP wireless controllers?

    anyone have much experience with HP wireless controlers? i've only realy used cisco wireless gear for lightweight access points. I've got 3 branch offices that up until now were small enough to be served by single access points, config is super easy, just have a secure side that uses LDAP...
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    Grwing a LUN used as OS drive for boot from SAN

    curious if anyone here has grown a Netapp LUN that is being used as a boot device for a windows server. I have a SQL server cluster of blades that bot from SAN (Netapp FAS2020) over fiberchannel. The OS is server 2008R2, so I can extend the OS volume hot, but I"m not sure if there are any...
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    iPhone enterprise controls

    Hello, curious how/if any of you are controlling iPhones within your organizations. I was hoping to use JUNOS Pulse licenses on my SA700 to control things, but all they offer for iOS devices is SSL VPN. I can do remote wipes with activesync, but I'm worried about cloud backups of corporate data...
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    mailspike DNSBL

    Hello, we ave a mail server that seems to stay off of every DNSBL with the exception of We check and, which check against 81 and 160 DNSBLs resepctivly, and we very rarely get listed on any of those. anyone else have any trouble with
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    Load balancing locally/globally

    so, I'm going to be bringing another site on soon, and I need to decide what to do for load balancing. Was thinking of doing F5 BigIP 1600's running LTM, and maybe GTM (but that's $$$$$$). Anyone used the balancers from Barracuda, or Cisco CSS's? I've only ever used F5. Was thinking of doing...
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    A few SAN questions?

    I know this is "technically" storage talk, but, well, networking subforum is far more active. I've got a Bladecenter chassis with 2 Brocade 4Gps 20-port FC switches. Attached to it are 2 SANs, a NetApp2020 and 2050. I've also got a pair of McData Sphereon 4500 (2Gbps FC switches) and an IBM...
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    VOIP hardware suggestions?

    Presently using a hosted VOIP PBX for company telecoms needs, but they're dropping the ball pretty bad lately, so looking at potentially pulling it back in house. I've already got around 60 Cisco SPA 504g's w/ SIP firmware, and a few Lifesize teleconferencing systems (H.323), and some polycom...
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    Rolling out new network / office reno

    Hello, little undecided where this should go (might eventualy belong in network gallery). Over the next month I'll be rolling out a new network for a local business owner who is redeveloping an office building into a very interesting space. the building will house office space leased by...
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    DNS issue - TXT record

    Having some trouble with a TXT record on one of my DNS servers. The record contains a semicolon, and the DNS server I am using (PowerDNs running on RHEL, storing DNS info in flat files, not a mySQL DB) treats the semicolon as a special character, and thinks everyhting after the semicolon in the...
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    OWA issues - help?

    Having some trouble with an OWA install. I didn't do the install, just need to fix it. Server has multiple private IP addresses, we'll call them and in IIS: (iis7 on win2k8) .1 is for autodiscover .2 is for a bunch of internal apps; autodiscover, EWS, Exchange...
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    Netapp FAS 2000 series net work config question

    Hi all, I've got a FAS2050 with a single mode VIF on each head (filer is running FCP, VIF is just used for filerview), and no gateway is defined on the VIF (oops). To set the gateway a reboot is required. Can I just do a takeover and a giveback after the config change, and let the changes apply...
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    IBM bladecenter - chassis licenses?

    I was wondering if anyone has any idea on what type of licensing options there are for IBM bladecenter chassis? We've got them here at work, but they predate me, and I've never worked with them before. Current staff doesn't really know much about them either, but I was told that they need to buy...
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    NetApp filer - vol space freed up slowly after destroy LUN?

    Have a quick question, hoping someone here is more familiar with ontap than I am. Had a 2TB vol with a 2TB LUN provisioned on it, needed to free up some space on the VOL to turn on ASIS, couldn't shrink LUN because it was VMFS formatted. So I migrated my VM's, and offlined the LUN, did a...
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    Senator Ted Stevens' core router

    if the internet is a series of tubes, this is the core!
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    opinions: used tier1 hardware?

    Just curious what others opinions are of picking up used tier1 hardware off of Ebay, both with and without warranty. Lately I've found myself buying a fair bit of equipment used online, often from Vology (they used to be network liquidators) and other online stores. None of it "junk" but...
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    Looking to build a NOC Display - eyefinity?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to build a NOC display at work. I run a small datacenter and I'd like to throw a few cacti graphs, and red/green monitors up on the wall. I've got a pile (about 14 or so?) 17-19" LCD (all vga/dvi). I'd like to use at least 5 of them for the NOC display, and was wondering...
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    Hosted (bring your own bandwidth) VOIP QoS?

    Hi guys, does anyone have much experience with hosted voip solutions? I'm doing some troubleshooting with VOIP call quality issues, but it's with a bring your own bandwidth type of service. There is no local voip PBX, and no VPN tunnel to the provider, SIP traffic is just passed over WAN to the...
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    Recomend a business class ISP - Nashville area?

    Hi Guys, The company I work for has some branch offices down in the states (I work in our datacenter in Canada). One of my branch offices will be growing quite a bit from it's current size over the next year. Currently about 20 users there, and we may end up with double that in a little over a...
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    Security alert e-mail subscriptions

    Curious if anyone knows of any particularly good security alert e-mail subscriptions. Looking for a heads up on patches for common software titles, and firmware updates from larger vendors. Does anyone consolidate these is a single notice? I use products from Microsoft, Redhat, Juniper, Cisco...
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    SAN to DAS to tape backup suggestions?

    Hi all, While this is technically more appropriate for the "storage" subforum, networking and security tends to be where the rest of the sysadmins hang out, so mods, feel free to move if you feel this post is not approriate. I'm looking to update our present backup routine, right now we use...
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    Used Cisco gear - price check?

    Found a local ad for some Cisco gear, on the fence about buying it. Guy is asking $200. I was going to pick up an 1811 to replace my current 871W, but the 3745 is tempting. Prices on ebay seem to be kind of all over the place. opinions? 1 - Cisco 3745 Router - It has 4 WIC-1DSU-T1 modules...
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    Virtual environment backup - opinions?

    I just started a new position with a company I previously did a bit of Network admin consulting work for. Took a management position, but i"m still involved in operations and implementation work. I'd like to redo their present virtual infrastructure backup system to something a bit more...
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    VPN Issue

    Hi all, I'm having some trouble with one of my site to site IPsec VPN tunnels. It's between a Sonicwall NSA2400 and a Microsoft ISA server (I hate both of them, they're getting replaced by Juniper SRX240's soon, but for now I need ot fix it) I'm getting the following erro on my Sonicwall...
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    Move VMware "cluster" to new datacenter

    Can anyone tell me the impact/procedure of moving a cluster object to a new datacenter? Before: Datacenter1 -cluster 1 Datacenter2 -cluster 2 After: Datacenter1 -cluster 1 -cluster 2 cluster 1 is a production cluster, cluster 2 is the development enviroment...
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    Using IBM IP KVM as serial server?

    Anyone have any experience using IBM's Global console manager devices? I have a GCM2 was was not being utilized in our data center, so just started hooking it up. They have SCO (serial connection option) cables available for purchase, which looks to be a DB9 to RJ45 adapter with a USB cable...
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    Migrating client from ISA 2006 to Juniper SRX CLuster

    Hello, I'm in the process of redesigning a client network infrastructure. At the moment they are using M$ ISA server 2006 on the edge *shudder*. It's going to be replaces with an HA cluster of Juniper SRX's, but I'm not looking forward to manually recreating all of the firewall rules from...