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  1. Riccochet

    Super People

    Anyone else playing this? It's free on Steam right now for the closed beta. Just apply for instant access. Breakdown: It's like PUBG, but with crafting and abilities. The shooting mechanics are 100% PUBG, so if you need to warm up just use PUBG's training mode. The crafting is for weapons...
  2. Riccochet

    Vertagear SL5000 Unboxing & Build

    Received the Vertagear SL5000 in Back/Red today. Thought I'd share the unboxing, build and initial quality review. To preface, when the big brown truck arrived and mister delivery man wheeled it up to my garage I was a bit apprehensive to sign for it. The box was in not that good of a...
  3. Riccochet

    Going dark

    It was a good run for a bit, but I had to shut'em down last night. At less than $0.90/day per 1080ti it's just not profitable. What to do with a stack of 1080ti's. Might build some budget gaming rigs for my nieces and nephews.
  4. Riccochet

    Which block?

    Have a Gigabyte Aorus 1080ti. Looking for a waterblock. Seems I have two choices. Phanteks or EK. They're both about the same price. Which one do yall think is better...
  5. Riccochet

    Edgerouter ER-X-SFP suddenly stopped port forwarding

    Like the title says. I have an Edgerouter ER-X-SFP that suddenly stopped port forwarding. All of it. Running the latest version 1.10.0. I've tried deleting all port forward entries and reapplying them. Deleting them and doing DNAT with a firewall policy. I'm testing via Anyone...
  6. Riccochet

    Seasonic Prime Ultra 1000 Platinum strange noise

    Installed a new Prime Ultra 1000 Platinum today and the unit is making a faint high pitched click/tick noise about every 1-2 seconds. It's barely noticeable, but still audible. Anyone experience anything like this? The unit seems to be working fine otherwise. Does not matter if the hybrid fan...
  7. Riccochet

    SOLD: Gigabyte R9 390X G1 Gaming

    Used, and working, Gigabyte R9 390X G1 Gaming. This card is voltage locked. It's never been modded or really overclocked. Original box, packaging, driver CD and documentation included. SOLD Heatware:
  8. Riccochet


    Using nsgminer with my sig rig to mine FTC. Currently I'm only getting around 340 KH/s, and I feel it should be higher. The other problem is I have a ~20% invalid rate. Current config: nsgminer.exe --neoscrypt -g 1 -w 128 -I 18 --gpu-engine 1060 --gpu-memclock 1600 GPU loads up to 100% and...
  9. Riccochet

    Sound card recommendations

    Apparently, the on board audio on my mobo is starting to show signs of crapping out. I only use the optical audio out going to a Sony receiver. At first I thought the receiver was going bad. That's not the case. Plugged a blu-ray player up to via optical and it works just fine. Plug it back in...
  10. Riccochet

    Reconfigure virtual machine taking forever

    ESXi 5.5, cisco blade hosts, K2 all flash storage. Just recently, doing something as mundane as adding space to a vdisk, is now taking 34-50 minutes to complete. This used to take seconds, if that. The progress bar does move, but damn. It shouldn't take this long, as hasn't ever. Anyone see...
  11. Riccochet

    Cisco ASAv CPU usage disparity

    We're running a ASAv v9.5(2)2 in ESXi 5.5 environment. What's odd is that vCenter is showing high CPU usage, 80-95%, while the ASAv itself is only showing 25-35% CPU usage. Has anyone seen this before? That's quite a large disparity in usage and I'm not sure if that's normal or not. Anyone...
  12. Riccochet

    [H]ot Garmin EchoMAP73sv $499

    If you like to fish and know anything about GPS/Fishfinder's then you'll know this is a smokin deal on a 7" unit with side/down imaging with the transducer.
  13. Riccochet

    EdgeRouter ER-X-SFP backed up config is lacking CLI entries

    Just like the title says, whatever I do via CLI and commit is not represented in the backed up config files. My worry is that I'd have to restore a config at some point and everything I've done va CLI will need to be re-done. This is crazy if those entries are only stored in volatile memory and...
  14. Riccochet


    Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.7.2 Highlights The "compatibility mode" UI toggle was designed to reduce total power with minimal performance impact on AMD Radeon™ RX480 reference boards and has been made available to users in the Global Settings menu of Radeon Settings (first introduced in...
  15. Riccochet

    XFire 390X

    Thinking about picking up a second 390X. What kind of PSU would I need to drive them? Currently have a 650W, but I know that's not going to cut it.
  16. Riccochet

    P2V Server 2K3

    Have two standalone servers, both running 2k3, that I need to P2V. Run in to all kinds of problems when doing this. Is there a trick I'm not doing? I've done a dozen or so 2k8 R2 servers with no issue, but these 2k3 servers are being a pain in the ass. And, no, we can't upgrade them at this...
  17. Riccochet

    Roku 4

    Have any of the bugs been worked out of the new Roku 4? I bought one at release and the fan was ridiculously loud at times, it would freeze up requiring resets (6 times in 1 day) and sometimes the interface would double in size requiring a reset. I need a H.265 compatible player to use with...
  18. Riccochet

    Going 2560x1440 .. not sure which card to get

    Trying to stay in the $350 price range to run a 2560x1440 panel. I guess my options are 970, 390 or 290x. Looking for suggestions. I'm leaning towards the 970. But, I guess they all run around the same depending on the game. I mostly play FPS, so.
  19. Riccochet

    Eqaullogic PS4100 controller battery failed

    Have a PS4100 where one of the controllers is showing a battery failure. This is causing it go in to write through mode and decreasing performance. Any way to manually fail the controller over to the secondary controller since it doesn't seem to be doing it on it's own.
  20. Riccochet

    27" for gaming

    Currently have a Westinghouse 22W2 TN panel 22" 16:10. Personally, I like that aspect ratio. I'm not a fan of the 16:9. That being said, no, I give shits not about color reproduction, or whatever the hell else people complain about. I game with it. TN works for me currently. 1920x1080 would also...
  21. Riccochet

    10GBase-T and SFP+

    Maybe my google is bad, but are there combo switches that offer both 10GBase-T and SFP+ ports?
  22. Riccochet

    EMC VNX5400

    Anyone have any experience with these? We're looking to upgrade our storage and this looks promising from the specs alone. Our data sets are large. 5-100 GB databases, 10-200 GB attachment databases that aren't compressible. I know an all flash array would be ideal, but the pricing just isn't...
  23. Riccochet

    Pernix FVP possible bug

    I don't know if anyone else here uses FVP, but I thought I'd post about a possible bug that could compromise your VM's that are being accelerated. We have what appears to be either a flaky SSD card or the driver for the card is not functioning properly. Mind you this has been in place for 6...
  24. Riccochet

    Creating a cluster

    We need to add our production VM's to a cluster. Can this be done during the day? Will this affect the VM's availability and disrupt accessibility by our clients? Or should we wait until the evening to do this? My google-fu only turns up answers on the actual creating of the cluster, but not...
  25. Riccochet

    Fusion-IO ioCache

    School me on these Fusion-IO ioCache cards. Are they worth putting in each of our 3 hosts? Will they make that much of an IO difference to the SAN datastores? $7,500 a card plus software and licensing is a bit steep if it's not going to do much. I understand they're more for burst traffic...
  26. Riccochet

    Z87 Devils Canyon support

    Looks like Asus has already indicated they'll be supporting Devils Canyon with their Z87 boards. Has another other manufacturer done the same?
  27. Riccochet

    SQL performance over 1GB iSCSI

    \What's the general consensus around running SQL VM's with 1GBE iSCSI SAN's? These are HP P4530 SAN's with 15k drives. Would 10GBE make that much of a difference?
  28. Riccochet

    Dell EqualLogic PS4100XV Management Software

    Picked up a used Dell EqualLogic PS4100XV SAN. It did not come with any of the management software. Since it's used I can't go to Dell to get it. Specifically looking for the array configuration and VMWare integration suites. If anyone can point me to where I might find this software it would be...
  29. Riccochet

    HP P4500 & 4530 SAN's read cache

    Does anyone know if the HP/LH 4500 series SAN's are SDD read cache capable? I've googled and can't find any information. I know they have the BBWC which we use already. Just looking for read cache functionality on these units.
  30. Riccochet

    Best bang-for-the-buck 27" gaming monitor out now

    Looking for the best bang for the buck 27" gaming monitor out now. I don't watch movies on my computer, have a 65" for that, and besides surfing the internet it will mostly be used for gaming. That's it. I don't need crazy black levels, BLB doesn't bother me so much since I focus on the game not...
  31. Riccochet

    Migrated VM to new host, now slow bad performance

    As the title says. Last night we migrated a VM from one host to another. Both hosts are HP 580G7's. Only difference is one host is using E7-4850's and the new host is using E7-4830's. Allocated the same 4 vCPU's and bumped up the memory from 24 to 32 BG. Now, that VM is showing near 100% CPU...
  32. Riccochet

    Asrock Z87 Extreme4 lost ability to overclock

    Just updated my bios to v2.60 and have lost all ability to overclock. I can set it up in the bios and even during post it shows target clock of 4600mhz, but under load it only goes up to 3400mhz. I'm a bit perplexed here. Anyone else experience this?
  33. Riccochet

    Synology RS10613xs+ and HP 1/8 G2

    Anyone have any insight as to how to get this Synology box to see the HP 1/8 G2 as a drive via SAS?
  34. Riccochet

    PS3 Media Server to Roku

    Can't seem find the answer. Anyone here stream content to your Roku via PS3 Media Server? And how?
  35. Riccochet

    New fans for an H80i

    Looking to get some different fans for my H80i. The stock ones work, but are too loud when they kick up in speed. Any suggestions on some decent fans for this?
  36. Riccochet

    Scrollout F1

    Didn't know where to put this, so I'm putting it here. Mods can move if they want. Recently setup a Debian box with Scrollout F1 to filter spam in front of Exchange. I've tried tweaking the settings non-stop, but it still blocks a good amount of non-spam emails. I'm not sure if the "GOOD" and...
  37. Riccochet

    Randomly slow internet speed in domain environment

    Didn't know where else to put this, so here it is. Server 2003R2 domain environment. AD, DNS, DHCP all being done by server. Roughly 20 pc's on the network. Cisco Catalyst 2950 switch, Sonicwall TZ190 firewall, 20/5 cable internet service. PC's on domain get extremely slow internet speeds, as...
  38. Riccochet

    Migrating VM's from host to host

    In the process of planning to move about 8 VM's from one esxi host to another. Is there a painless way to do this that won't be extremely time consuming?
  39. Riccochet

    Sonicwall TZ 200 issues

    Not sure what's going on with this thing. Unfortunately I'm 3 hours away from where it's installed. We put it in place about 3 months ago. It's set to use failover and load balancing. When I installed it I tested the failover and load balancing and everything worked as it should. The past 2...
  40. Riccochet

    WTB DDR2-800

    Looking for 2x2GB or 2x4GB kits of DDR2-800. Timing matters not, but voltage has to be 1.8 to 1.9. Heatware under my name.