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    what is your background?

    Hey everyone.... I am attempting to do some basic market research (which as far as i can tell, is not against the rules, so apologies if it is). I was curious what kind of backgrounds everyone around here has. 1) what specific type of IT work do you do? (for example: datacenter networking...
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    help me decide on a cert path

    So I'm thinking about finally going for an "IE" level cert. I'm just not sure which direction I want to go and wanted to get some feedback. I only know of a few of these certs in existence and even fewer that I'd potentially be interested in. What would be the best path to go down in...
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    Help me with my NAS, please

    So, I'm trying to create a NAS for my home storage. It will mostly contain media (video), but also other files. My requirements are the following: power conscience - should use as little power as possible, while still having ability to encode video on the fly to my roku (currently use...
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    Looking for tablet for mom

    My mom was originally looking to get a webcam so she could skype with me to see her grandson a little more often. I suggested about a tablet instead so she could do it from anywhere she could find a wifi connection, and also use it for other things. so, I think she's convinced and now i'm...
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    full website downloader

    I'm trying to find a good website downloader that can parse links inside of flash (swf). I found SurfOffline, which works, but the trial version will only download 200 files before quitting. Does anyone know of an alternative freeware version that can look into the flash files? Thanks!
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    Active Directory and Cisco ACS integration

    I'm trying to set up Cisco ACS to use active directory as an external database. I would like to use it as a "generic LDAP" server, but the group query is set to "objectclass=GroupOfUniqueNames" instead of just "objectclass=group" as MS wants it to be. I discovered that the GroupOfUniqueNames...
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    Comcast is going (almost) completely digital

    I just got a letter in the mail about Comcast changing all channels above 22 (except 95) to a purely digital broadcast, which means I have to get a digital box for every TV in the house, regardless if I have "digital cable" or not. So I was planning on building an HTPC backend to capture...
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    HTPC backend and NAS

    I'm in need of a NAS system, but also want to eventually use it for my HTPC backend, so I want to dual-purpose the machine for NAS and HTPC storage. So, I'm trying to determine my parts list, but wanted to run a few things by everyone to make sure I'm not completely off-base. I have...
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    multi-room setup

    so I want to plan out the ability to make my entire house be able to access a media/file server. I want to have a single backend storage system that all of the front-ends can access over the network. There's just a few things i'm not clear on. Here is a diagram of how I envision the setup and...
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    testing CAC/smart card auth against an AD server

    Does anyone know of an easy way to test smart card credentials against an AD server? Something that does NOT involve trying to RDP into a windows box using CAC. I'm looking for a lightweight, simple program that when run, will do nothing except attempt to log on the the AD domain via CAC and...
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    ogg playback in car stereo

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask, but i'm looking for a car stereo that has ogg playback. everything always lists mp3, aac, wma, etc, but never ogg. i'm sure there has to be something out there that does ogg, whether it lists it or not. I want it to fit my 2005 subaru wrx...
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    iphones in 2010

    So, I've read that AT&T loses the exclusivity contract with Apple in 2010. Does this mean that other carriers will bid on having the contract or will it just be opened up to any carrier? i've also read that AT&T might be trying hard to extend the contract. I can't blame them for trying, but...
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    cannot SSH to my ubuntu box

    Edit: problem solved, post simply for historical purposes So, here's what's happening. I'm running ubuntu server edition on one of my pc's (i've tried both 9.04 and karmic alpha 4, but currently running karmic). during my multiple installs, i've installed openssh server 'package' alongside...
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    users in multiple groups and file permissions

    So, to make a long story short, let's assume that I have a user's home directory /home/user1 this directory has permissions 750 and is owned by user1 and group user1 let's also say I have an admin user that is primarily a part of group admin, but also a part of group user1 what would...
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    chroot'ing sftp and scp users

    Ok, so here's the situation. Let's assume that I have a file server that will be host to 500+ users (enough that I don't want thousands of duplicate files). What I want to do, however, is chroot each user to their home directory so that if they are using sftp and try to cd / or whatever, they...
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    Ethical Hacking Training

    So we're looking into getting some training on ethical hacking and whatnot. Does anyone have any experience with a certain training organization? good/bad? So far, I've only looked at SANS and InfoSec Institute. Thanks.
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    Attempting to get work packet

    I'm getting this error when I run F@H. it just keeps going like this. Something is giving me a bad assignment server, but how can I fix this?
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    Network Security Management Masters Degree

    So i'm currently looking into going for my masters in network security/network security management. does anyone have any suggestions on which schools are good and which may not be? i'm looking to do online only. schools i've looked into so far that had degrees in something similar (i...
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    Plastic Prep and Cleaning

    What do you guys use to prep plastic before painting or using vinyl dye? I've just been using rubbing alcohol, but was wondering if there was something better? thanks
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    streaming audio server

    I posted this is in the software forums and didn't get much response, so i'll post it here instead. I'm looking for some freeware that I can install on my ubuntuu server (no gui!) that will allow me to stream my audio so i can listen to it from anywhere. I got icecast2 up and running...
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    streaming audio server

    I'm looking for some freeware that I can install on my ubuntuu server (no gui!) that will allow me to stream my audio so i can listen to it from anywhere. can anyone help me out? i looked at mod_mp3, which sounded great, but it appears it was last updated in '05. (but it may still work...
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    Painting the front of a case

    What do you guys usually use to paint the plastic part of the front of a case? I picked up some Krylon paint today to do the rest of it, but will that work on plastic as well? what grit do you usually use to sand the plastic? my case's front has lots of pits that i can't get into, so i'm...
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    Recommended board for a 9850be ?

    Just started doing some research since it's about time i upgrade my sempron / radeon 9600 pro with something much better. right now i'm thinking I want to go with a 9850 be phenom. that said, what are the recommended boards to use with this? i've read all the posts about the boards with the...
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    moving RAID array to new system

    I own a Fastora NAS T4, and recently it had hung when I was transferring files. I pressed the power button once to see if it would gracefully shut itself down. This did not work and I had to force it to power off. Ever since, it will not boot and I get no output from the serial console (using...
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    NAS System fails to boot

    Hello everyone, A few years ago (2 or so), I bought a Fastora NAS T4 system and set it up with 4 drives in RAID 5. Just the other day, it froze up on me, and now it no longer boots. I turn it on and it sits there with the sys LED blinking between red, orange and green. So I have a few...
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    need a good kvm

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    howto timeout telnet

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    Barton vs Sempron

    I recently purchased a 'bargain' pc (the parts, ... I will build it myself). With it, I got a Sempron64 Socket 754 2600+ and a Biostar K8NHA motherboard. My current machine has an XP 3000+ Barton with an Abit NF7-S V2 motherboard. My question is thus: Is the new K8 core that much better...
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    NAS Server For Home Use

    I'm looking to get a NAS Server, as I like to keep EVERYTHING I download. I'm starting to get more and more worried about my drive crashing because I have A LOT of stuff stored and NONE of it backed up (well, maybe some stuff on cd's, but not much). Please note that none of it is critical...
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    HT Surround Sound System

    I"m not sure if this is the right place for this, but it seemed to be the best i could find. I'm looking to get a 5.1 home theater speaker system (full package including the reciever and all cables) for my living room. basically all i want to know is, for about $350 or less, what is the...
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    Want to build a file storage server (raid question)

    I'm looking to build a server that will do nothing more than store files and i want to keep it as cheap as possible, but make it reliable. so, i want to use raid, but i'm not sure which i should go with. raid 1 pros: would be easy (most mobo's with raid support this outta-the-box)...
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    Securing ntp.conf

    I'm trying to secure the ntp.conf file on a server. currently the /etc/ntp.conf file looks like following (except with real ips/networks): server x.x.x.x driftfile /etc/ntp.drift restrict default nomodify notrap nopeer restrict x.0.0.0 mask nomodify notrap nopeer...
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    howto timeout telnet

    I'm running solaris 8 and want telnet sessions to timeout after a certain period of time. I know ssh has it's own config file and this setting can be set in there, but I need to do this for telnet also. does anyone know how to do this? i tried searching and haven't gotten anywhere. any help...
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    advanced usage of dd command

    all of the following needs to be performed on a Sun V120 (ie. solaris 8 on sparc) i need help using dd to copy a 36 gb hdd to a 72 gb hdd. i tried to rtfm, but couldn't find anything that seemed to let me do this so it would fill up the drive and not screw anything up. common sense...
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    Solaris x86 shell

    Let me start of by saying that I absolutely HATE the solaris shell. I don't know if it's the same as other *nix shells, but I can't stand not having the shortcuts like bash! basically what i want to know is... 1 - is there a way to edit previously issued commands (bash equiv - up arrow...
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    JavaOS ???

    Does anyone know anything about JavaOS? specifically, if it is obtainable? I want to download it, but I can only find info on it dating from the late 90's. Has it changed names? I would love to have a java operating system on my old pc. any info is appreciated. thanks.
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    snmp-server community

    Does anyone know what the default is for these community strings? meaning, if i don't set the RW string, but do set the RO string, is RW enabled? i'm basically just trying to figure out which is more secure: 1 not putting the RW string in at all 2 putting in a random string for the RW...
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    trying to oc an old old board

    I recently aquired my mom's old (what i thought to be) pentium 150. it turns out it's really an IBM 150. anyway, the mobo (from the manual) supports the cyrix/ibm procs up to 150mhz, while the pentiums it supports to 200. just as a small side project and for fun mostly, i wanted to OC this...
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    socket 754 with dual channel and 4 dimms ???

    I tried doing some searching for a really good motherboard w/these specs and couldn't find one. i've finally convinced a friend to buy amd64 since he's a gamer (only after watching screen savers :p). anyway, here are the 3 things he's looking for: 4 dimms dual channel sata raid i say...
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    need a good kvm

    So I'm looking for a KVM switch. i really only need a 2 port, but if it has more it's fine. I need it to support really high resolutions and just straight up work well. i've been looking at newegg for a while but i just don't know what's good and what isn't, so i was just looking for some...