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  1. BiH115

    FS - iPhone 7 Plus (Rose Gold) - Unlocked - SOLD

    Family member upgraded their phone this past week, figured I’d see if anyone wanted first dibs on this before I just go to one of the phone selling sites or craigslist. iPhone 7 Plus - Rose Gold T-Mobile originally and now factory unlocked 32GB storage 80% battery Have original box and will...
  2. BiH115

    Anthem (PS4/Xbox One)

    Figured I'd make a thread for us console players - anyone have this? It's been getting all sorts of positive and negative feedback, but I enjoyed the few missions I played yesterday, plus the combat is pretty fantastic, lots of explosions and the gun combat feels very punchy and tight. The game...
  3. BiH115

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread about this already, no one playing this and/or wants to talk about it!? Played for a few hours this weekend in between a few other things - really enjoying the combat, far more than its predecessors. With the flowmotion (being able to zip around from object to...
  4. BiH115

    Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!

    Surprised there isn't a thread about this. Lot of rumors about this game, specifically in regards to difficulty and actual features in the game when compared to older Pokemon games that stuck to the more traditional, catch, fight, level up, gym, etc. style. You'll basically be doing this in...
  5. BiH115

    Spider-Man (2018)

    No thread on this? Seriously!? Coming out in two weeks: 9/7/18 On topic, if anyone's got an extra reserved copy of the collector's edition, I'm buying. Sold out way too fast for me apparently.
  6. BiH115

    Xbox Live Subscription Card - 7 Months - SOLD

    Have an extra time card, 7 months total. Unused. See pictures: Looking for $30, they go for $40. PayPal only. Heat:
  7. BiH115

    Ni No Kuni II

    No love for the new NNK coming out tomorrow? Anyone pre-order (or get the sweet collector's like me?)? Anyone care?! Pretty excellent reviews overall:
  8. BiH115

    FS: Fortnite Standard Edition Copies (Xbox One)

    I bought the Limited Edition Founder's Pack on Xbox, and it gave me two copies of the Standard game to gift. They're going for $20 now (with Gold discount), but I'll let them go for $15 a piece to my [H]'ies. Let me know if interested, otherwise these are just sitting around. Fun multiplayer...
  9. BiH115

    Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

    Anyone give this a shot yet? Reviews are pretty solid so far. I've watched gameplay videos back when it was announced, it honestly looked quite good. - AndroidOS...
  10. BiH115

    Dragon's Crown "Pro"

    Didn't see a thread for this, figured I'd draw some attention to it. Atlus is re-releasing Dragon's Crown (this April) with a couple notable additions. This game was great on PS3/Vita, definitely a great pick-up if you're into Ray Man style games with RPG elements. 4K res and new sountrack are...
  11. BiH115

    Monster Hunter World (Beta)

    Anyone planning on getting some time in this weekend? Preload is up around the world, but not on the U.S. store. Should be a good time. Beta info: Saturday, December 9, at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM GMT until Tuesday, December 12 (same time). 5.9GB of space...
  12. BiH115

    Best Buy + Square Enix Store + PSN Store Sale

    For anyone that hasn't already seen, there are some sales going on right now for various PS4/Xbox games, 30-60% off. Best buy is selling games like Doom and Wolfenstein/Old Blood, Skyrim Special Edition, Fallout 4, etc. Square Enix store - A few games on sale like FFXV, Kingdom Hearts, etc...
  13. BiH115

    Blizzcon 2017

    Anyone going to Blizzcon in two weeks? Should be a good time. My first time going. Additionally, if anyone needs a spare ticket because they were sold out within a minute BOTH times they went up for sale, my group has an extra one to sell, just let me know.
  14. BiH115

    FS: MacBook Pro Retina 15" - Late 2013

    SOLD. Late 2013 model. Box, cables, keyboard protector, and sleeve/cable pouch included. No longer use, because I just bought a loaded new one. **I am located in Southern NH if anyone in the NH/Mass area wants to do a local deal. Specs: i7 2.0GHz 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Just a hair over 150...
  15. BiH115

    Call of Duty: WW2

    Anyone play the beta on PS4 this weekend? Was a blast, definitely brought back the good old World at War memories. Hopefully more guns to try this upcoming weekend when it starts up again. STG44 was amazingly overpowered, especially with recoil/sway reduction. Ah well. Loved the grease gun and...
  16. BiH115

    Surface Book (base model worth getting?)

    Looking for some opinions from current/previous owners. I've got a dedicated rMBP 15" and an AW 15" (plus the desktop I always say I never use, in sig.). I'm not really looking for a machine that can be my daily driver (though it would be neat with all the ways the Surface Book can be used...
  17. BiH115

    Elder Scrolls: Legends

    Anyone playing this? I couldn't find a thread about it. I'm sucked in, there's a great story mode (actually there are two, one's the Dark Brotherhood), and the voice acting is pretty great to boot. It's a card game, like Hearthstone, but it feels very flushed out. Only have a few hours into it...
  18. BiH115

    Crytek Office Closed - Another one bites the dust (Shanghai)

    Damn shame. Not the first we've heard of something like this.
  19. BiH115

    Razer Hammerhead Earbuds Anyone own these? I just received an email about them, looks interesting. I have a pair of Bose MIE2i, they run $99 as well, and I feel as if they're just OK. Some random online reviews seem to state they're pretty solid, but who knows.
  20. BiH115

    Windows 7 - Change date on bootup possible?

    My father has a set of label making programs at work, and there seems to be some internal clock culprit where one program works off the Fiscal calendar, and the other one doesn't recognize it's the current week until at least a few days into the week (otherwise, it thinks it's last week)...
  21. BiH115

    Looking for 2 Bordlerlands: Pre Sequel codes

    As title says, looking for 2 codes, please PM me if you have codes that you're willing to part with for a reasonable price. Thanks in advance. :) Heat:
  22. BiH115

    Magazine Stand Conundrum...

    Hey all, been doing some googling and wanted to just sort of get down to the nuts and bolts here without all the filler that I've been browsing through to get some's the situation: I've got several physical copy subscriptions to magazines currently, and am trying to do away...
  23. BiH115

    Samsung EVO 500GB - $244

    Didn't see a thread on this, pretty hot deal.
  24. BiH115

    FS: Battlefield 4 PC

    Hi all, I went out for some black friday shopping and bought two copies of Battlefield 4 for the PC. Kept one, wanted to gift the other (but that fell through, as the person isn't deserving). Looking to get $35 for the key. Accepting only Paypal. Money sent first, key will be PM'ed afterwards...
  25. BiH115

    Need a new Gaming Build

    Hey all. Sold my PC this weekend for almost what I paid for it, which is basically why I did it. Now I'm going to take that money, and add on top of that to get myself something similar in quality/power (but modern of course). I'm well versed in PC building and understand the complexities of the...
  26. BiH115

    Diablo 3 and extremism? Why not. Discuss. Not sure if this has been posted before, if it has, sorry!
  27. BiH115

    The Walking Dead FPS...GOTY 2013 I've lost hope. It's all gone. On topic. Did anyone actually hear anything about this shit? Apparently it came out yesterday...
  28. BiH115

    Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army thread

    Not sure if anyone picked this up over the past few weeks, but this game is very fun to play with one or more people (highly recommend NOT getting it if you're going to play alone). It's got some very nice graphics option for the PC and it feels very well put together (minus some of the mouse...
  29. BiH115

    Delete Nintendo ID

    Anyone know how to delete a Nintendo ID and everything associated with it? It won't let me delete "user" because "It's the only one on the system", or so it says. Frustrating as fuck.
  30. BiH115

    Samsung Syncmaster S27B550 Thread

    I can't believe there's nothing on this's pretty damn good! I got one for a low low price from a buddy while I try to make a decision on what the hell else I want to get, and so far I'm very impressed. I know this thing can look even better, but I'm not sure what the best OSD...
  31. BiH115

    Resident Evil 6 Official Thread

    I didn't see a thread on this...though that's probably because there's little to no news on this game, but I could have sworn it was slated for an October 2 release, only to be disappointed when I read that it was the 360 and PS3 versions that were coming out. The PC version seems to be, like...
  32. BiH115

    Cheap-ass $500 Office build.

    Hi all, need to put together a cheap as shit tower (WITH Windows 7), for my office. Currently have a dying old Dell XP machine. Please/Thank you. Would a pre-built be a better option? Kind of want to do a custom build though, meh. Forgot to mention that I pocket everything below $500, so...
  33. BiH115

    Microcenter + Free Games = LOL...right.

    I figured I'd throw this into the games section, and not the hardware section since it's about a game, specifically Borderlands 2. I recently bought a large number of parts to build a second desktop PC. Well, with one of the parts, the Microcenter site boasts a free Borderlands 2 copy if you...
  34. BiH115

    Need Simple Video Camera w/ Mic

    Hey all, I had no friggin' idea where to put this, so I put it here, made the most sense to me. So, I'm looking for an HD video camera, something akin to the Flip Cameras or the Sony Bloggie Touch, but it has to have microphone capabilities... I haven't been able to find anything in terms...
  35. BiH115

    New Desktop Build for Gaming - Need Advice

    Hey all, I threw up a thread quite a while ago asking for some support in picking out parts (don't keep up to date as much anymore due to time constraints), looks like I may need it again, please and thank you! 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc...
  36. BiH115

    Apple Cinema Display (20") - Incorrect Color?

    So at my work, we have a 2005 PowerMac G5 (M9748LL/A), and the 20" Cinema Display (M9177LL/A). The issue we're having is that the picture isn't quite "right" most of the time. What we do is we unplug the adapter cable from the back of the tower, and then plug it in again, the color is then...
  37. BiH115

    Android Tablet 7" for $59 @ TigerDirect

    Pretty good deal to me, 2GB storage, solid 7" screen, and most of all, portable.
  38. BiH115

    Final Decision on Gaming Laptop - Help!

    Hi all. After finally beating my head into a pulp on what to get (currently computerless, and horribly bored on my days away from girl/job), I've decided to get a laptop as my MAIN gaming/programming/surfing machine. Heavy emphasis on the gaming of course. :D First thing's first. I'm asking...
  39. BiH115

    iTunes needs to die. Immediately.

    So apart from wanting to throw my coffee mug AND laptop out the window this morning, I don't think things could get worse. I'm not sure how many people share my unbelievable frustration with iTunes, but here goes: Wanted to stop auto syncing of apps from new iPad to my iPhone, it's obnoxious...
  40. BiH115

    Move iPod Touch to new account

    Hey all, Been googling the issue I have, but did not find EXACTLY the steps I need to accomplish what I want, and didn't feel like opening up a new account on a foreign thread. :D Question I have is, I have an iPod touch, I don't use it anymore (have iPhone 4 and new iPad), so what I need...