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    EVGA SR-2, 2x Xeon x5675, 6x8GB DDR3 1866MHz RAM

    EVGA Classified SR-2 Comes with two Corsair AIO coolers Pair of Xeon X5675 processors These hit 4.3 without any crazy voltages. After that you do need to up the voltage a bit and run them with better cooling. SOLD...
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    1080 vs 1070 / SLI vs Single / Any AMD cards worth considering?

    I've been playing WoW Legion maxed out at 4k with my 970 and have been getting 40-50FPS consistently. Entirely playable. Out of the games you listed this is probably the most intensive one, so you will be fine with a single 1070 or 1080. I would not recommend 1070 SLI. If you're prepared to drop...
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    Windows 10 Tip: Shut down OneDrive Completely

    It can't sync if OneDrive is not logged in
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    EVGA X58, i7-920 CPU, 6GB Corsair XMS3 - bad motherboard, what next?

    Yup, I recently just some mine for about $150 which can't be far off from what I paid for it in 2009. The 6-core Xeons are compatible with them and very, very cheap right now. It's a popular combo. You could sell what you have and look at this thread if you still need something. Personally I...
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    Building Battery Pack with AA batteries

    +1 for the Eneloops. They are noticeably better, and not expensive either.
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    State of Flight Simulator as of 2016

    Glad to see there is so much interest in Flight Simulation! I'm a big enthusiast myself and also a USAF veteran with tons of F-15 experience. I wasn't happy with the current state of flight sims. Prepar3D, FSX, and X-Plane all have their issues, so I decided to make my own with Unreal Engine 4...
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    WoW Legion Pre Order @ Amazon $39.99+Tax

    It is. Even with their plummeting subscription numbers, Blizzard has to be making at least $1 Billion a year from this annually.
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    100$ budget. Best air cooler for 6800k oc?

    A $100 budget is enough for a good AIO watercooler. Air coolers will cost about half that.
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    The future of multi-GPU gaming?

    Nvidia officially doesn't recommend 3 or 4 way SLI anymore. The scaling issues are just too bad. There needs to be an easier way for developers to optimize games for SLI/Crossfire, otherwise it's not worth the time investment, especially as how a relatively few amount of people actually have...
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    any OSVR owners?

    Are you a developer also?
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    any OSVR owners?

    I'm interested to see how Razer's epically bad quality plays into this. The price is good and I've had my eye on this for a while, but it's Razer...
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    Terry Crews Brings Celebrity Muscle To PC Gaming

    This guy is a great dad.
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    Seagate Unveils Massive 10TB Hard Drives To Meet All Storage Needs

    Do Seagate drives really have failure rates that bad? I haven't had to buy a hard drive in quite a long time, but I remember them being extremely reliable once.
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    Socket 3647 goodness

    I'd like to know how a setup with this platform differs from the Xeon Phi co-processor aside from it not residing in a PCIE slot.
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    Nintendo’s Ultimate Retro Gaming Experience Is $60

    Considering how much of a smash hit this is going to be, I can see a SNES and N64 version coming in the near future.
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    Sandisk Ultra II 960GB SSD - $135

    Limited to 1 per customer, but good deal still!
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    64GB Dual Channel DDR4 Price?

    The difference is that all the modules will be guaranteed to work together without issue. I think it partially stems from slightly different XMP profiles? Not sure. However it's not important and in every other way the modules are identical and should work just fine. With that in mind, I was...
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    6950X reviews on Amazon laughable

    Which one has 10 cores and a clock speed that high? The E5-2687W v4 is clocked the same. Higher core count (12 cores) but the cost is a little higher at $2141 MSRP. So some napkin math tells me that's $177 per core. Multiply that by 10 and you have $1770, which is in-line with the 6950X's...
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    6950X reviews on Amazon laughable

    A lot of people are complaining, but lets be real - most aren't content creators with heavily multithreaded workloads. Yeah it's expensive and overpriced, but so are Quadros, Xeons, Phis, Tesla, etc... It's aimed at a specific market.
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    what your buying, Intel i7 6950X , i7 6900K , i7 6850K or i7 6800K?

    Rendering, development. I work with Unreal Engine 4 and building lightmaps on that is incredibly intensive. Some of the other tools I use will also max my CPU for hours at a time also. I have 2x x5675s at 4.0GHz and I can still use more power. I could overclock more, but a crash due to...
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    M.2 in RAID 1 or 10?

    Why does RAID provide no benefit to XPoint?
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    M.2 in RAID 1 or 10?

    Why is that?
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    Triple M.2 Raid 0 bandwidth?

    I'm excited about this too, but I haven't heard anything in weeks and details are sparse.
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    So what payment methods is everyone using nowadays?

    Venmo is what I use amongst friends I know. It's awesome if I need to throw somebody some cash to pick me up a 6-pack or pay a friend back for a meal or something. I think Papa Johns has a way to split the cost of a pizza between a few people through Venmo. Never used it because I'm a fatass and...
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    Facebook Announces OpenCellular

    I don't know if their active user count is still on the rise or dropping, but ads and clickbait have absolutely ruined Facebook, and now that old people have caught on and all the miscreants have come out to play, I feel like it's declining in popularity amongst American youth. Facebook the...
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    Millennials Admit Using Phones To Avoid Talking To People

    All people born between 1980 and 2000 are hopeless? Okay
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    Best Graphics By Year

    Assassin's Creed Syndicate looked incredible. Never did find the time to play through it though.
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    Razer ... never again

    Razer stuff looks cool, but I have to realllly think long and hard about ever buying their stuff. The quality isn't commensurate with the price. Not even close. I've tried a number of their products, and it's a shame. I'm not sure why they choose to shoot themselves in the foot like that.
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    resolved, thanks

    I didn't want to start a whole new thread for this, but if it's not much trouble I'd like to change mine too to match my eBay name.
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    Is GTX 1070 overkill for 1080p? Should I go RX 480/GTX 1060?

    A 970 is good for everything at 1080p. A 1070 will be overkill, but I wouldn't knock you for getting one. If you decide to upgrade to 1440p or even 4k you'll have a card that will hold its own.
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    Facebook, YouTube Automatically Blocking Extremist Videos

    It's not an argument. It's the law.
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    Would 3930k at 4.5ghz to 6900k be a worthy upgrade?

    If you can keep temperatures under control at 4.5GHz, then I would say no. Especially if all you're doing is gaming. Stick with the 3930k, get your new 1080s, and then revisit the question when Skylake-E comes out as it will be a new platform and bring a host of new features with it.
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    xeon cooling closed loop water?

    It'll work fine. Just get a big case and go for coolers with bigger rads.
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    NASA Test Fires Solid Rocket Booster for Megarocket

    So did this thing slow down or speed up the rotation of the Earth?
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    Dual power supplies for dual sockets?

    Do it if you absolutely must, but only with very high quality PSUs. If you're going to buy another PSU just for this, just get a good quality one with higher wattage.
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    Facebook, YouTube Automatically Blocking Extremist Videos

    If the mods here on [H] wanted to come through and censor posts as they saw fit, that would be perfectly legal and OK. Facebook is doing the same on their platform. Your free speech is protected from the government, if you're using someone else's services though, you have no such guarantee.
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    Facebook, YouTube Automatically Blocking Extremist Videos

    Facebook isn't the government. That can do whatever they want.
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    Big-Ass Phones Need To Die In A Fire

    Useful for music so you don't have to burn data. I use Spotify and it allows you to download a lot of songs for local storage, and then also caches recently played music.
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    How Did The U.S. Patent Office Get So Screwed Up?

    You just described the rise of Donald Trump