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    IHS lapping, is it worth it?

    I started digging into the topic of IHS lapping to improve temps, Is it worth the time and effort of wet sanding? I also found this jig which protects the pins from damage.
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    Making own cables and need some help finding parts

    Hey all, I want to make my own cables for my sf750. I have found most of the connectors I need except for the pcie 8 pin. Does anyone have a molex part number so I can get it off digikey? I live in Canada so I don't want to pay triple for titan rig or mainframe customs.
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    Rewiring a ddc pump advice

    Hello all, Just got a Laing ddc-pump 12v ddc-1t plus pwm It comes with a two pin molex and a two pin fan header for pwm functions. Is there a chance I can combine them and have the pump run on a 4 pin fan header without breaking anything?
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    Low profile 90 degree fitting

    I am looking for a low profile 90 degree fitting. So far all I've found is this Does anyone else have any recommendations. I am working within an SFF case so I don't have much room
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    Need Help hard drive not showing up win 10

    Hello, One of my hard drives which is about 5 yrs old is not showing up under devices and drives. went to disk management and it's asking me to initialize disk but whatever i select gives me an error message I have a ton of data which I would love to save if possible. Just ordered a new hard...
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    Tubing advice

    I am looking for a EPDM rubber tubing 3/8'' - 1/2'' I want to know if this would work. EK doesn't have that size of tubing in that material and I need it for a SFF build thanks
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    Air pressure testing loop with CO2

    This might be a stupid question but when you do a dry pressure test with air, can you use a co2 cartridge instead? Will it damage anything if I open the valve a quarter?
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    Optimus watercooling, has anyone used their products?

    I stumbled upon optimus watercooling products, has anyone used their products before?
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    Case recommendation EATX

    Hello, I am looking for a case for a threadripper rendering/editing workstation. I am looking for a black case without TG or RGB for a business setting. Looking for something which supports at least 2x 240 mm rad. Let me know your thoughts. Thx