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    ULMB and overlays

    Anybody else like to use ULMB for FPS games? When you do, do you have issues with either game overlays like steam/origin, or windows overlays like when adjusting the volume knock you out of ULMB mode briefly? Anybody have an idea on how to prevent that from happening, it's quite jarring.
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    Divers not showing in Programs in featurs (add/remove)

    I downloaded the newest nvidia drivers but when I went to uninstall the older ones I noticed my previous drivers are not showing up in the Windows Programs and Features. Only the nvidia sound driver and physx driver appear, but not the actual display driver. Everything is working just fine...
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    Fightstick stops working in SFV after changing USB port

    Hello, I've been successfully using my SF4 original TE stick in SFV since shortly after release. At first with a XOutput, but since season 2 patch it's been working just fine using the now supported Directinput. Yesterday I changed which usb port I was using for the stick, and it didn't work...
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    Rampage iii Extreme w/ i7 930 || GTX 780 || R9 270X (CANADA) (ALL SOLD)

    Hey guys I'm getting rid of some hardware and thought you guys might be interested. I'm in Canada but would consider shipping to the states, I'd also sell off of eBay if anybody wants to go that route to save some $$. Make me an offer, all this stuff is like new and has the original box with...
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    New SLI bridges for the GTX 1080

    Has anybody ran benchmarks with the new SLI bridges and compared them to the standard bridges? Will there be more standard looking bridges with the new spec coming out?
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    Looking for a set of good desktop speakers. Budget $300

    Hello, I'm hoping somebody knowledgeable on the subject can recommend me some great sounding speakers for my desktop. I have a decent amount of space on my desktop but I would prefer to keep them small-medium in size. Sub or no sub? I don't have a set preference just as long as they sound...
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    Decouple res/rad from radiator mount

    I'm planning on mounting a 250mL EK X-res to a 240 rad in the front of my case using the UN mount Since it is likely that my D5 will be connected directly to the res, I'm worried I'll get...
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    Your current Favourite racing game on PC?

    I need a racing game on my PC. I tend to like ones that stay somewhere close to realistic, not necessarily a sim. So what are you liking right now in PC racing games? I need a couple recommendations please!
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    ASUS RAMdisk

    Anybody have experience with this? I'm slowly piecing together an X99 build and considering the RVE which has the RAMdisk option. I'm probably going stick with 16GB of RAM, but I would consider an upgrade to 32GB and use half of it for the RAMdisk if people are reporting positive experiences...
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    First WC setup, I'd love some advice

    Hey all, I've been building systems for many years now but I've never got into custom water cooling. Over the next week or so I'm going to try and decide on my full parts list, so I'm open to your input on anything, but I'm fairly set on the Rampage V Extreme and a 5930k. I'm thinking I'll...
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    GPU water cooling worth while when upgrading every generation?

    I've been thinking about jumping into custom water cooling for some time now and am currently trying to decide the parts for my new X99 SLI GTX 980 build. My question is for somebody like myself that is likely to upgrade GPUs every generation: is it too much hassle? It looks like the 980s do...
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    Rumor Mill: GM200 specs leaked

    It's a juicy one. Source: •Die Size: 551mm^2 •SMMs/CUDA Cores: 20-22/ 2560-2816 •Memory Bus: 384 Bit •Performance: ~50% Boost over GTX Titan Black •Launch: Q4 2014
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    Gaming keyboard suggestions?

    I have a $80 credit that is going to expire at ncix in the next few days and the only thing I would like to upgrade at the moment is my keyboard. Next up would be the ROG swift and a Haswell e setup, but neither are available yet. I'm mostly thinking of gaming, I'm a big BF series fan, but I...
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    GTX 880 and 800 Series to be More Powerful But Cheaper than the 700 Series

    Interesting rumour:
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    First look at a EVGA X99 Mobo Just thought I'd share as I know lots of us are excited for X99. edit: Sorry, I should have put this in the MOBO forum.
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    Your favourite mouse pad/surface?

    Just trying to start some conversation and get some ideas towards upgrading. Currently using the Func 1030 and using the rough side. I like it, but I'm finding it a little small, I've had it for a long time, and wouldn't mind trying out something new.
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    Your favourite current gaming mouse?

    I have a G500 right now, which I have been very happy with for the last few years, but it's been acting up on me lately. When hold down the RMB, it occasionally thinks I've released it. I'm looking to get a new mouse now and would love to hear what your favourites to help me figure out what...
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    Please recommend me a nice ~24" monitor <$300

    This is for my gf. She games, though mostly rpgs, the Sims etc. Just looking for a nice quality monitor for daily use. Thank you!
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    Build advice SFF/HTPC/Gaming rig

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc This is my first SFF/HTPC build and I'm really not sure what exactly I'm looking for. I'm pretty familiar with full sized gear, but I want some input from you more experienced SFF peeps on this. This is primarily...
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    BF4 woes

    Hey guys just a few comments to see how my experience is comparing to everybody elses. Sorry if this should have been posted in the official thread, I just didn't want my problems marring up the discussion in there. First off, what FOV are other 1440p players finding is working best for...
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    HX750 enough? OC'd 4770k + 2x R9 290X

    I've built / building my buddy a computer and I'm a little concered that the Corsair HX750 isn't going to have enough juice to run his OC'd 4770k and soon to be crossfire 290X's, likely to be OC'd as well. Pretty basic rest of the system 2 SSDs, 3 HDDs. Thoughts? Replacement recommendatons?
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    System build. Help please! Budget ~$2000

    So I'm building a PC for my buddy, he is a big gamer and it's been a long time since he's had a new system to enjoy, and he'd like to be able to enjoy gaming at fps and max details for a change. This build is basically in preparation for BF4, but he will of course be playing other games in the...
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    So it seems not all Ivy-E's are disapointing overclockers

    Using a new bios and the RIVE Metalracer over on the techpowerup forums is getting 5.0GHz with minimal voltage, he's even booted at 5.3GHz. Goldenchip perhaps, but the new bios is apparently a huge help in reducing vcore. Check it :
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    EVGA Pro SLI bridges Anybody get one of these yet? Pretty fancy looking. BLING! Tempting, though my flexible Asus one doesn't really look bad at all.. :cool:
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    Worth switching to a QNIX from a U2711?

    I've been getting tired of the motion blur I'm getting on my U2711 for FPS games. Not quite so much that I'm willing to drop to 1080p for the 2D Lightboostn offerings. As tempting as those monitors are, I just can't go below 1440p now that I've been there. I've been waiting and waiting for...
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    Metro 2033 graphics issue

    Hello all, I recently upgraded my video cards and decided to revisit Metro 2033 now that have the power to max it. I've run into a problem though, I get this very strange graphical glitch, it's almost like another image super imposed over what I should be seeing. It's very noticeable when...
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    Flash on Android devices

    I recently bought a Sony Xperia Z tablet, it's a great device, I'd highly recommend it, but one of my most used websites ( is a no go due to the lack of flash support on Android. For that matter it doesn't work on my S4 either. I've followed the directions for installing...
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    XFX HD 5970 Black Edition 2GB

    As good as new condition (it's never even been dusty). Includes the mint condition retail box and all items originally included in the package: AMD door hanger, driver CD, original anti-static back, etc. Indistinguishable from brand new. This is still a very powerful card. BF3 is playable in...
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    Best ~10" Android tablet?

    Good day. My GF and I are looking for a tablet. I say Android because we both have android phones, but I suppose I could be convinced to get an ipad or windows device if they are superior. I don't have a budget per say, though I don't feel like wasting money, but I'll happily pay for worth...
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    Home router recommendation. Gaming, torrents, etc

    So my current router is having some issues and I'm looking to replace it with something decent that should last a while. Typically we have 2 always on high end gaming desktops, an xbox 360, and a ps3 wired in, and one general use laptop connected wirelessly. At any given time time there...
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    UAC and Samsung Magician on every startup

    I just installed an 840 Pro and the Magician software. Every frigging time I start Windows I get the UAC warning for it. Does Magician need to start every time, is there any benefit to having it running all the time? I can't seem to find any place in the software to prevent it from loading on...
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    New SSD. Troubles enabling AHCI.

    I just installed a new SSD. A 512GB Samsung 840 Pro, I plan on making it my boot drive with a fresh install of Windows 7 but just thought I would install it first and make sure everything was functioning properly. I installed Samsung Magician and it sees the drive, but under the System...
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    BF4 optimized for AMD; marketing gimmick?

    So BF4 is touted as being optimized specifically for AMD hardware. Are there any indications as to what exactly this means? Will this mean the game will have better graphics if played on an AMD gpu? Perhaps it will just run smoother than it would without optimization? Or is it all just...
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    When should we start seeing non-reference 780s?

    I'm sort of holding out, mostly for reasons of not being in a rush at all, as I'm upgrading primarily in anticipation of BF4. I figure it may be worth waiting to see if any faster or larger memory versions are released. I'm looking to go SLI so I'd like a cooler similar to the reference so the...
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    Time for a newer/faster/bigger SSD/HDD. Which ones?

    So it's time for an upgrade. I was going to do a complete new rig, but I'm realizing that my not be quite necessary. What is necessary, is more space, and ideally improved speed over my current storage (sig rig). I want at least a 400GB SSD(more would be better), and another 1TB or so for...
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    Will my i7 930 bottle neck a 780, 780 SLI?

    As the title suggests I am considering upgrading to a 780, possibly 2. I'm also considering building a whole new rig, but if I do that I am definitely waiting for Haswell. I'm not in a huge rush, my rig is still pretty damn snappy and plays just about anything in high settings or better at...
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    Will we ever see high res / low input lag display?

    I've owned a Dell U2711 for over 2 years now and my major complaint is that it isn't as responsive as I'd like for fps games. I borrowed my friend's hp27zr for a week and found it was barely any more responsive, and as far as high res monitors go it's considered one of the fastest due to its...
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    I need a new audio setup, please help. Budget ~$800.

    Hi, I've been considering an upgrade to my sound on my computer for some time now, and I think I'm finally ready to go ahead and make a purchase. Before I do that I'd love to hear from some of you knowledgeable folks. I'm a gamer, a music lover/producer (electronic; still learning...
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    5.1 setup for gaming? Please recommend.

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my computer speakers. Currently have a Logitech X-350 5.1setup. They are still holding out well, after years of use, but I want something better. I listened to the Bose C5 at Best Buy the other day and they sounded great, but then I discovered they were only 2.1...
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    2 versions of the HP ZR2740W?

    I wasL looking at buying one of these monitors but for some reason HP Canada doesn't have them. Found it offered through CDW, but there are two versions, $240 difference between them! What are the differences? One is LED backlit...