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    Going to try the Asrock 670E TaiChi.

    Yeah I’m on the latest beta bios, but I expect it to be a while before they get things up to full speed. I’m not crying about the memory speed now it seems to bench well and to do everything I need. The only thing annoying me is the sound card, software etc.; and those micro stutters. Those...
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    Going to try the Asrock 670E TaiChi.

    Got the parts and board. Everything going ok so far. Instaflash worked for updating bios prior to first boot. Took awhile though so if anyone is doing this don’t panic. Took a good 5 mins. Bios boot options are non existent as I can’t find them anyway. Still picked up my windows 11...
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    Well I’m coming back home fellas.

    Yeah, as much as I’d love to ride the bleeding edge! I just can’t justify anything more than the 7600x now. I’ll probably upgrade to the 8c/16t vcache cpu when it arrives. So this is kinda a placeholder until then.
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    Going to try the Asrock 670E TaiChi.

    I’ve been happy with my Asrock boards. Have had many now, and knock on wood; they’ve been great! I come from way back in the day. AMD K6-3 vs Intel pentium 2 days. I’ve probably owned 50+ Asus boards. Asus, while nice, can be sometimes overpriced IMO. Especially, the past 5 years...
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    Well I’m coming back home fellas.

    I thought of saving money in buying a 5950x or a 12900k But Csgo seems to like the new Gen 4 Ryzen , and probably the new 13th GEN Intel! . I guess, it was a good excuse to build a new system lol, And I didn’t feel like waiting for Intel to come out
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    Ryzen 4 Reviews Are Out.

    Lol you’re not kidding! The 670E Tachi at $499-$20 combo-$20 rebate seems like a steal compared to Asus boards. I’ve had great luck with Asrock so hopefully they don’t let me down this time. As another user above noted. This platform should last a few generations of cpus. I’ve managed to...
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    Going to try the Asrock 670E TaiChi.

    Expensive af. But I wanted to get into some features that this board had and figured why not. Pairing it with a 7600x for now, and will try to run 4x 16gb gskill pc6000 cas36 evo memory. Not sure how 4 sticks will clock. We’ll see. Can’t wait to get the parts. My daughter and son want...
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    Ryzen 4 Reviews Are Out.

    I’ve been holding off upgrading due to the insane markups on gpus and so so uplift over my 9900k. Zen4 or 13th gen intel made sense to me, as I want to build a new pc and give my current rig to my daughter who wants to play sea of the thieves with her dungeons and dragons friends. I Didn’t...
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    Well I’m coming back home fellas.

    Ordered parts for a new Zen4 build. 7600x, asrock taichi 670e, gskill pc6000 cas 36 rev memory. Asrock 6800xt. Upgrading from 9900k@5ghz all cores. Ddr4@3600, evga 1080ti hybrid. The 7600x and 6800xt may be placeholders for a v cache chip if they are solid gains in what I need. May get a...
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    Power Limits on B460M-DS3H Gigabyte Motherboard

    Learn how to install stuff yourself. You can build your next computer easy then. Stuff is NOT hard, if you have any common sense and patience to learn. Youtube will show you a TON. Just learn to stay grounded/shorted to your working area/parts etc.... That's my 2cents P.S. unless I...
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    Buy new i9-9900 (non K) for 220 USD or save and wait for 10900k or 10700k

    For $220 I'd get the 9900 and a decent value board, and some sale ram. I'd slap it together and get 90+ % of the performance you'd get with a higher end Intel or AMD system, for a fraction of the cost. Will be a SIGNIFICANT leap from what you're running now! I'm cheap though! Was hardcore...
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    Who's Happy So Far with Ryzen 3000 Series?

    Wish the games I play used the AMD more effectively. I only play CSGO and DCS Combat Sim. Priority is frequency in these games and my Intel 8086k@5ghz is faster :(. Once AMD can match Intel in my games I'll jump ship, but I'm not going to spend $ on an "upgrade" and lose speed. I am very...
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    AMD or Intel for my new build?

    eh, that 9400f will be ok. I'm sure you'll be happy. Can be paired with an elcheapo mobo, cheap ddr4 and you're gtg. No oc'ing but u know that. That said, people act like you can't game on AMD. At gaming resolution the difference in FPS is minimal and unless you are a pro gamer and...
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    ASRock X570 Aqua

    IMO ASRock is what ASUS USED to be. Great oc and decent pricing. When Abit lunched it, ASUS started their slow crawl to insane pricing. I hope ASRock doesn’t repeat this trend. I’ve owned about 7 ASRock boards in the past 7-10 years and have had GREAT experiences with them. All were imo...
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    Intel obliterates new Epyc in "answer" to flawed benchmark

    North Korea is buying a few to help them get their reactors up to temp enriching uranium!!!!
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    Who is looking to upgrade to Zen2

    I really want to get zen2 but I will want something at or near 5ghz al core to make the switch unless ipc is just stupid fast. I run an 8086k @ 5ghz all core and really don’t need anything faster for what I do. But I would like to move back to and provided I gain some performance. Not...
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    WCCFTech - Ryzen 3000 can OC to 5Ghz single and 4.5Ghz All Core

    Look, I wanna believe but I’ve been burned by thre AMD hype machine too much to trust. And re benches amd is winning. I don’t play cinebench. I play games. If amd is better, great sign me up. I’m just saying, how I’m reading the tea leaves; is that AMD isn’t getting the clocks we...
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    WCCFTech - Ryzen 3000 can OC to 5Ghz single and 4.5Ghz All Core

    I do think they are referring to the show demo system beating intel 9900k with 8core/16t Ryzen 2 at 4.4 or 4.5! I could be wrong
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    WCCFTech - Ryzen 3000 can OC to 5Ghz single and 4.5Ghz All Core

    As much as I love AMD; they can’t just match performance with intel. They need to pull an Athlon again and beat Intel. Both in IPC and hopefully MHz as well. I’m concerned these lower clocks will hinder AMD in that regard. Intel still sold plenty of slower P3/4 cpus when AMD was stomps...
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    GTX 1660 (RX580/590 killer) is out

    I was in the market for a mid range card last month. Got an Asrock R570 8gb for $120 AR and it's doing well in my son's pc(7700k @4.8ghz, 32gb pc3000, etc...). He plays fortnite on high settings at 1080p and it gets good fps.
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    ASRock Phantom Gaming X Radeon RX 580 DirectX 12 RX580 8G OC 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16

    Yeah temps are not an issue. At least on our example
  22. J

    ASRock Phantom Gaming X Radeon RX 580 DirectX 12 RX580 8G OC 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16

    I got the 8gb RX 570 version of the Asrock card for my boys computer and we're happy with it. Haven't done any tweaking, just running it stock, but it is running his games well.
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    Prisoners in England to Be Taught Code

    #learntocode lol. Teh SJW journalists must be having a seizure!
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    Doom: Annihilation Gets a Trailer

    I'll only see this if she is an empowered feminist and won't allow white males to interview her ;p. /sarcasm. Looks cool though :)
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    Whole Foods Cuts Workers' Hours after Amazon Introduces Minimum Wage

    The greedy imperialists needing to cover basic costs in order to pay their enlightened workers. Welcome to the progressive dream!
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    Overclocking K chip on Q87 motherboard?

    oh sorry. TBH I'm not sure about the Q87 chipset. I'm pretty sure the Z87 would have the multiplier adjustment. U may have to try to find a review of your motherboard from back in the day to gauge the bios options.
  27. J

    Overclocking K chip on Q87 motherboard?

    only minimally. IE the multiplier is locked, and you can only adjust the bus speed or w/e they call it. I think you might get a 1-2% max oc based on fsb adjustment, but past a certain point(very low adjustment area) the bus speeds get too far out of spec and cause issues. So IMO it's not...
  28. J

    Overclocking K chip on Q87 motherboard?

    get a K chip. The non K won't oc much via the FSB w/out problems afaik
  29. J

    AMD Radeon VII 33-Game Benchmark: "It Makes the GTX 2080 Look Pretty Good"

    I'm a bit sad, but not overall surprised Radeon 7 didn't "overperform" the 2080. I feel once drivers are up to snuff, it will equal or maybe slightly better a 1080ti, and still makes the pricing somewhat questionable. However, I do agree that HEDT users and video editing gurus will probably...
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    Ryzen 7 1700 + 1080 ti low GPU utilization in fortnite @ 144hz

    do you have the setting for power profile set to max performance from balanced? In the Nvidia settings? Also, try to set the system at using 4 cores only and disabling second CCX and see if that helps as well. And I assume you have vsynch disabled in game etc... and the monitor actually set...
  31. J

    WTB: best gaming GPU for $100-200

    for new card I'd probably find a radeon 570 8gb in the $120-140 range. Or I'd pony up to a used 1070 for $200-250 used.
  32. J

    [H]ard doing a Radeon 7 review?

    Well Glad AMD sampled Kyle/crew!!!!! Hope it can at least dance with a 1080ti/2080. I'm worried it will not, and fail in that regard. Even if it is similar and slightly better, it's hard value proposition for many, now that used 1080tis are so cheap at around $500 ish. But at least AMD...
  33. J

    [H]ard doing a Radeon 7 review?

    yeah I figured since they were on Nvidia's shit list, and AMD has been less pissy with Hard lately, they may get one
  34. J

    [H]ard doing a Radeon 7 review?

    Haven't seen any discussion(forgive me if I'm wrong) if Kyle and crew will be covering the Radeon 7 on release. Hopefully AMD sampled them.
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    Department of Justice Charges Huawei and Its Executives with 23 Crimes

    China stealing intellectual property!!!! My surprised look :greedy:
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    Intel Core i9-9900KF Listed at U.S. Retailers

    Yeah depending on your use I'm not sure AMD will meet ALL metrics of being faster than intel. Even in the good 'ole Athlon days Intel would still win some benchmarks with the P4 etc.... I'm sure it would be the same, even if (still a big IF at this point) AMD eclipses Intel in frequency and...
  37. J

    Intel Core i9-9900KF Listed at U.S. Retailers

    LoL, are you sure there is not??? Could be a 10core cpu that cannot work on the current 3 series chipsets ;p. They'd have to rename it to Z490 probably lol.
  38. J

    Intel Core i9-9900KF Listed at U.S. Retailers

    I'm sorry, I don't get your reply! What in my comment are you referring to??? Intel sets MSRP, retailer sets pricing, market dictates demand or not; influencing inventory levels which may or may not justify pricing and result in pricing adjustments!!!!
  39. J

    Intel Core i9-9900KF Listed at U.S. Retailers

    who cares. In the end, costs will end up being market driven. Either Intel is right that there are enough people out there thinking the IGP less versions will oc better or do something for them, or Intel is wrong and prices will fall due to inventory levels. Intel has always been about...