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  1. FighterAce124

    Windows 11 Taskbar Menus

    In older version of Windows, you could add a shortcut folder to the taskbar that would give you little arrows to bring up a list showing what was in that folder without opening anything in addition. I used this to organize my games and launchers. I cant find this featuree in Win 11, and its...
  2. FighterAce124

    Video Stuttering

    So.... I play games on one monitor, and video on a second monitor. It was fine before, its always been fine since I started doing it in the early 00's on Win XP. Never had an issue playing a game on one monitor and video on the second at the same time. I reformatted my PC a week or so ago...
  3. FighterAce124

    Looking for 2 x 8GB 1333/1600 DDR3 Need to trade for it

    Just had my B85 board die on me and had to quickly pick up an Asus H81M-C to get me by. This leaves me in a quandry - my RAM is 4x4GB of 1600, and new board only has two slots.. (Also doesnt have enough SATA ports to hook all my drives up, but thats less of an issue) Wondering if theres anyone...
  4. FighterAce124

    Hell Let Loose

    Does anyone around here play it? I've fallen in love with the game over the past few weeks. I bought it within a couple days of early access release on steam, but wasnt overly thrilled with it at first. It also didnt help that there were very few populated servers in the beginning, only 1-2...
  5. FighterAce124

    Looking to play Heroes and Generals

    Im looking for someone/a couple people who want to kick back, chat on skype, and play some Heroes and Generals. None of my friends are interested much, and I really like to play MP games with people I can talk to. Im not overly good (mediocre perhaps?), but I enjoy myself and would prefer like...
  6. FighterAce124

    Hooray Razer!

    I just wanted to share, I've been having some amazing support from Razer for the past few weeks, and couldn't help but share it. Years back, I bought a Razer Lycosa keyboard. It was one that had the issues they recalled it for - touch pad failed, lighting was wonky, and most frustratingly...
  7. FighterAce124

    FighterAce124's FS Thread

    Curently Up For Sale: Sold: Netflix Player by Roku - Sold Lachesis - Sold Linksys 150N - Sold Willing to ship first to established members. Heatware
  8. FighterAce124

    FS: Athlon 64 3500+ S939

    Retail, works great. Has box, HSF, all the papers that came with it, and if you want, the receipt from when I purchased it at the store. The stock HSF is lapped. Works well. Loaded to about 42c, idle between 31 and 33c Processor was used for about a year, overclocked to 2.55GHz @...
  9. FighterAce124

    Dual ATi Cards (Not Crossfire)

    Alright, since my X1900XTX has issues running two monitors from its output (See my thread - Strange X1900XTX Issues, if you really want to know lol), I dug up an X300 SE for my second monitor. The X300 is also PCI-E. My mobo is an Asus A8N-SLI Premium. I can't get it to work, I know the...
  10. FighterAce124

    Strange X1900XTX Issues

    Recently, my X1900XTX card has been giving some small problems. When I shut down for the night, everything is working great. I turn the computer on in the morning, everything is fine until it gets to the Windows log-in screen. It - This is hard to explain - lines appear on the screen...
  11. FighterAce124

    Garage sale

    I have a few spare parts lying about.. I'll ship to you if you just cover the shipping, I have no room for it on my desk anymore :( 1 x 56k V.92 Modem (Who wants it? lol) 1 x 10/100 PCI Ethernet card (Works well, I think I have the floppy around somewhere, will look later) 1 x 2.5GB Maxtor...
  12. FighterAce124

    New PC Problems

    Friend is running a P4 3.4EE Prescott, currently it idles at 67c, with as5 applied. Earlier this week, a hard drive dropped onto the side of the board opposite the CPU, and he immediately noticed an FPS drop. Had him come over tonight, and ran some tests, his CPU is scoring horribly, 1min+ on...
  13. FighterAce124

    Unsure of which option..

    I have 1.5GB of PC2700 in my computer now, running in single channel. Would it give better performance to put in 1GB of PC3200 running in dual channel, or leave it as it is now? Thank you for any help you can give =)