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    QuakeCon 2008 BYOC Registration dates announced

    QuakeCon BYOC pre-registration starts April 30th! Digg!
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    New location for Quakecon, OUTSIDE of Texas? This link was posted over on the Quakecon forum, read the last paragraph. :confused:
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    Doom 3 1.3 patch

    I don't know how many people still play doom 3, but a patch was recently released (today). Look for it at you favorite file hosting site. Also, for all the linux gamers, RoE can now be played in linux nativly, so have some fun.
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    World of Warcraft Battle Grounds on the Test Realms

    So, how many people here have tried out the Battle grounds on the test realms? I don't have any 51+ characters to try alteric, but I have tried out the ones in Ashenval/barrens with my horde and alliance charaters. Gotta say WoW CTF is fun ;) :D I don't have any screenshots or video yet...
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    Patrick Volkerding (Slackware dev) Ill

    Hi all, I thought I would just make sure every one here has seen the news about Patrick finding out about his illness. Here is a link to the OSnews posting about it, with a link to his actual text file that he put on the Slackware FTP server. I hope you all will wish him luck, and thank you for...
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    Don't forget to lock your domains!

    If you all haven't seen the news ICANN is changing its policy on domain transfers. Basicly, if some one requests the domain to be transfered, and you don't do any thing about it within four days, it automaticly gets transfered, even if you didn't want it to! The best thing to do is lock your...
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    Via EPIA CL6000E bootup is extreamly slow + won't boot off cd

    Ok, wondering if any one else is seeing this problem. I recently got a one of these and was planing on using it for a small firewall. The problem is its EXTREAMLY slow booting up, it takes about 1 minute to find all the ide devices, and then hangs at that screen for about 1.5 min. Also, when it...
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    New Nvidia Drivers avalible

    Hey, thought I would let every one know new Nvidia drivers are avalible for GNU/Linux, which include support for the new 6800 series, and add a nice setting control pannel for configuration. Both x86 and x86-64 have been released.