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  1. lostin3d

    Bioware has a lost a senior producer

    Melo Fernando's last day at BIoWare was Friday August 16th. He's been there for over twelve years and worked on both the Dragon's Age and Mass Effect games. He very clearly posted his reasons for leaving and indicated that it's really just a choice to move on but is incredibly thankful for all...
  2. lostin3d

    EK Water block tester

    Been seeing this make rounds around the net today. This one from TechPowerUp. A nifty tool to test those setups before they're live and fully installed.
  3. lostin3d

    Hot Wheels gaming the kids can watch you play

    Allright, most of us have experienced the phenomenon, whether as a parent of child, the moment when a new game or toy comes into the house and suddenly the parents take it over. I'd say this could be one of those things. At the moment it only seems to be supported via Apple or Android. Hot...
  4. lostin3d

    Canadian crypto exchange CEO reportedly skimmed currency into privately owned accounts

    Sadness and tragedy. Not to sound cold but this story has the makings of a movie.
  5. lostin3d

    Star Wars Battlefront 3 Legacy, total conversion mod for Battlefront 2 2005, pre-demo available for

    For those who're big fans of the originals and really wanted that third installment: I haven't tried this yet as my plate is pretty full these...
  6. lostin3d

    MSI to unveil 10th Anniversary RTX 2080 Ti Lightning Edition - Back to the Future

    I always love reading retro comparative type articles that span generations of tech and it's a bit unusual to see Hilbert do one but this was a fun read. The first card he goes over, a 260, was the first model I had post 8800GT, I think it was an OC"d PNY but I'm not positive. Might be buried in...
  7. lostin3d

    Sony Interactive Launches Unit to Adapt Games for Film, TV

    Got my doubts this will work out well but hey, I've been wrong before.
  8. lostin3d

    Upgrading from an Intel Core i7-2600K: Testing Sandy Bridge in 2019 & revisiting old but still great

    "One of the most popular processors of the last decade has been the Intel Core i7-2600K. The design was revolutionary, as it offered a significant jump in single core performance, efficiency, and the top line processor was very overclockable. With the next few generations of processors from...
  9. lostin3d

    [Dead]Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 2TB PCI-Express 3.0 x4 3D $184.99 w/ code

    Not a bad price for something like this. 4 days left for the sale. Basically $40 off regular price.
  10. lostin3d

    Performance Testing Intel’s Core i9-9980XE 18-core CPU In Linux

    I know we've got some Linux fans here so thought you'd might like to see this one. "At the moment, our Linux testing is simple in the grand scheme, but it will evolve over time, notably to include more GPU-related tests, including gaming and workstation. " "This may be the quickest we’ve...
  11. lostin3d

    Sapphire Radeon 56 $299.99 at Amazon

    Saw this on a couple of other sites and thought I'd post it here with a direct link. I might be team green but that seems like a good price for a good card...
  12. lostin3d

    Another borked Nvidia driver?

    Looks like they did it again. Cue Brittany. Evidently some users are reporting unusually high CPU usage with the latest 430.39 driver.
  13. lostin3d

    Asus releases fully integrated water cooled 2080TI

    I saw this the other day over a TPU. As a strix owner, and one who was lucky enough to achieve nearly identical #'s, I was a little underwhelmed by this but still intrigued by the idea. I believe it's biggest advantage would likely be lowered db's for those numbers but at an estimated $1900 I'm...
  14. lostin3d

    NVIDIA Extends DirectX Raytracing (DXR) Support to Many GeForce GTX GPUs

    Well the rumors appear to be true. It'll be interesting to test this out later. If they'd go a step further and allow us to use a dedicated card for RT/DXR I'd be fully impressed.
  15. lostin3d

    DNA Successfully Used as Data Storage Medium, 5-byte Message Written, Stored, and Read

    FIgure this story falls under the category of data storage for this forum section. Been wondering for awhile what the next body mod would be. Pretty sure our robot overlords...
  16. lostin3d

    Tiburn Enterprise Star Trek PC at Lenovo Tech World 2018

    This started popping up the last couple of days. Can't afford, but too cool anyway.
  17. lostin3d

    Ryzen DRAM Calculator

    Just posting this for all you Ryzen OC folks out there. Don't have one but hope this helps.
  18. lostin3d

    31" HDR 4k Freesync $369 plus $20.00 discount =$349 Newegg

    Someone with a Vega 64 could probably really enjoy this...