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    [H]elp me setup tri-monitors

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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    I have comcast and as far as I know it's $5 a month for each additional IP Things might have changed since the bandwidth upgrade, though...
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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    Perhaps individual File, Mail, and Web Servers with a switch to go to the basement for lans or something? Doesn't seem to extravagant to me... :)
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    i want one...SO BADLY

    YES! Much love for Maxtop, I've been loving their cases for years now... I have yet to buy a rack case form them (yet) But I'm sure they're top quality You can never EVER EVER go wrong with maxtop
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    i am SO jelious

    And they wanted to be in the 2003 Top 5 list
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    best place to buy cat5 online?

    I got all mine at
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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    Newegg sells Maxtop 4U Rack Cases for like $85 last I checked. Much love for Maxtops high quality and low price. I swear by them
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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    For being a TEST FIT everything looks awesome! Can't wait to see it with everything in. I wish I could afford the $100/Case for some 4U Rackmounts... Damn those "Companies" buying these cases for their "Servers" with their "Millions" of "Dollars" to "Waste" bastards, all of them
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    Cable cleanup, mission successful. (pics=56k fear)

    Why? Fixing a problem is no longer praise worthy? It makes sense when you think about it. When you see someone kick a 5 year Heroin addiction do you say "Shouldn't have started in the first place!"? :)
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    Cable cleanup, mission successful. (pics=56k fear)

    Will the center channel speaker reach up to that window sill above your monitor? Other than that, Nice job! I like it!
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    Where to buy racks?

    Same Yay costco!
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    My first Mod/Build - Project Kaos - *56k warning* It's mine, i'm pretty sure I turned off hotlinking protection. Give it a shot :) (yes you have to make an account, it only takes 10 seconds)
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    > 137Gig hdd Installs..

    But I think if you would have made an 80 Gig partition, you would have been able to then make another 80 gig partition (give or take, depending on the difference between Gb and GB)
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    hooking xbox to computer?

    Interesting, I always thought that was just a converter... Guess you learn something new every day :)
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    hooking xbox to computer?

    Wait, so you're saying that my AIW 9700 Pro's big Purple thing that plugs into S-Vid In is the only way I can use my XBox on my computer? Getting an XBox wiring package that used S-Video wouldn't work?
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    > 137Gig hdd Installs..

    Ah, so close! I haven't had the oppurtunity to do what I was suggesting either. But as far as I know, a 160GB drive would show up as 137GB until you did the required updates. I also suppose doing a 30GB partition would then free up the other 130GB, which you could partition through windows...
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    > 137Gig hdd Installs..

    Please, please, PLEASE do not format the entire hard drive into one partition. I STRONGLY reccomend making a 10-20GB Partition to install Windows and other system files on. This way if your Window install gets corrupted, and you have to reformat, you can just format the small partition and lose...
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    hooking xbox to computer?

    He said in his post that he had an S-Video in plug. Not sure if you caught that part ;)
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    This guy can wire.....

    That's really nice! Some day I'm gonna put a lot of time and effort into my wiring. Some day...
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    Hardware I DONT like ! and hardware I love ! yes there are plenty of pics

    Now now children, lets not start a flame war, or even worse, a knife fight! I kid, I kid, I'm sure you're very responsible with your knives. And personally, if you have some hardware that doesnt work, by all means do what you wish with it. But I would have at least attempted an RMA :)
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    hooking xbox to computer?

    You will probably need to get an S-Video to RCA plug (I think that's the name) adapter. Then use some sort of TV software to make your computer think you're just watching tv wthrough S-Video in. I'm pretty sure this way won't have sound, however.
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    How About This Bad Boy

    You can just smell the testosterone in that one... that's manly
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    [H]elp me setup tri-monitors

    My old Ti4200 does. That's my only problem with the 9700Pro, doesn't have VGA and DVI out. But i'll gladly sacrifice the VGA out for the TV Tuner :)
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    [H]elp me setup tri-monitors

    Thanks for all the help guys, although I think a few of you were confused one 2 points: 1) My 9700Pro only has 1 output (dvi) [well, untrue technically, I think it has S-Video out, but I use that for getting sounds with TV] 2) MANY PCI cards come with a VGA and DVI output. Not sure why some...
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    [H]elp me setup tri-monitors

    Currently I have an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro with a Samsung SyncMaster 955DF Monitor. I also have about 5 extra 17" Monitors. This leads me to only one conclusion... MOAR MONITORS! So I want to setup 3 monitors. One for movies and games (the 955DF) and the other 2 for internet and... well I'll...
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    High Speed SATA Drive Recommendations?

    I personally LOVE my 120 Gig Seagate SATA drive. It's absolutely magnificent for holding all my music and movies. I would reccomend it to ANYONE and I plan to put a pair of them in the HTPC I'm gonna build soon.
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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    yeah, definately looks like the way to go Oh, and I think it's CONduit... unless there's some subtle difference :-p
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    Look What I Found =)

    I need a CD Duplicator! Can I get an SCSI Card and however many burners fit on a card? With cables? I'll love you forever :)
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    Look What I Found =)

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    And i'll stick with my Trackball ...what?! I put the MX700 on my server, it's not oging completely to waste!
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    How many of you actually do A/V encoding on a regular basis?

    DVD ==> DviX = All the time! DVD ==> XviD = Haven't started doing it yet, but soon... all the time!
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    Rackmount DJ System? Advice

    Head down to Barnes & Nobles, Borders, or any other bookstore and go to the mgazine section. Every single PC MAgazine, PC World, and Linux Journal is bombarded with server style advertisements. If you really want, I can look a few up for you.
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    How is Logitech mx700 for gaming?

    yup </thread>
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    Are DVD-burners going to get any faster than 8x?

    I think I read that somewhere too
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    gigabit nics only transfering at 9000kb/s

    I'm a little tired, but perhaps HDD Write sped caoabilities? PCI Bus speed? I'm kinda at a loss :(
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    switch and uplink

    You might need to use a Crossover cable between the switch and the router. I didn't have to, but I have a big ass 24 port switch, so i'm assuming it's auto-switching :)
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    what do you think about this case? Intel 5250E server chassis

    Wow, looks nice! I love the built in SATA Hot Swap bays! <goes back to site to find a price>
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    RE-Building The House of RagE - AGAIN

    Thanks for clearing that up :)
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    RE-Building The House of RagE - AGAIN

    But doesn't Fat32 have a file size limit of 2 GB? If this is true, how do you expect to rip a DVD? All my rips turn out to be 4-7 Gigs
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    Network: XP and Linux

    You have to enter your login/pass for your windows account (Assuming this is going from Linux to Windows, not sure what Nautilus is)