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    WTB: Gears of War 4 PC code $30

    Edit: Bought one
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    FS: Rise of the Tomb Raider Nvidia Code

    Selling 1 Rise of the Tomb Raider code I got with my 970 for SOLD Verified + Non-CC Paypal only Heatware:
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    [W] Rainbow Six Uplay [H] Paypal

    Looking for a uplay promo code for the full game of Rainbow Six | Siege Paying $23 paypal. Willing to go first if you have better Heatware than me. Heatware
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    FS: Watchdogs from Nvidia card promo

    Have an Nvidia promo code for WatchDogs. Asking [B]SOLD/B] Paypal - Non Credit Card. Heat in sig.
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    WTB Assassin's Creed 4 - Coupon Code $20

    Lookin to snag one of those nvidia codes for AC4 for $20 via paypal.
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    WTS Payday 2 Steam $22.50

    I have 1 steam copy of Payday 2 from a 4 pack left over. Looking to sell it for SOLD on paypal or steam wallet. Steam 4 pack page. Message me here or on steam if you want it. Edit: Hardforum member sale! Reduced price by 2.50 for Hardforum members. Edit: Two people requested, item...
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    WTB Splinter Cell Blacklist Deluxe Ed

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    Pay Day 2 - 4 pack 22.50 each

    I'm trying to put together a steam 4 pack 22.50 each. Put a message here for it, first come first serve (on the steam page) Last slot pending reserve (will edit if it opens up again)
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    Steam 4-pack sale Sanctum 2 (1 Left) $5.62

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    WTB Sniper Elite Nazi Zombies $5 per key

    Amazon just had a 4 for $14.99 steam key price error which a lot of people seem to have got in on. I however missed it. I'm looking for 2 keys, will pay $5 each via paypal. Heatware
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    WTS Castle Crashers Steam gift $6.75

    Looking to sell a copy of Castle Crashers I have left over from a 4 pack. Selling it for the same price it was during the big sale $6.75. - SOLD Will gift on Steam. Paypal as payment please. Willing to consider steam trades but would prefer the cash. Heatware
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    WTS Castle Crashers Steamkey 6.75

    Bought a 4-pack of castle crashers for the savings on 2 keys, selling the other two. 1 key left at the Valve Holiday price $6.75 PM if you would like it My Heatware Paypal as payment please.
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    WTB or Start Castle Crashers steam 4 pack

    EDIT: Bought a 4-pack of castle crashers, 1 key left at the Valve price $6.75 PM if you want. Heatware Paypal
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    WTB Borderlands 2

    Looking for a BL2 download code for $34
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    Cleaning out electronics sale!

    Leaving for grad school, selling off my goodies that will otherwise only be collecting dust. Briefly used Saitek x52 Standard joystick and throttle. SOLD ASUS Crosshair AM2 Motherboard. $80 AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 6000+ Socket AM2 CPU + Scythe Aftermarket Cooler Sold EVGA 8800GTS 320MB -...
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    FS: Saitek x52

    Briefly used Saitek x52 Standard joystick and throttle. SOLD Heatware Paypal non CC only please. Feel free to ask questions and such.
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    WTB: Battlefield 2 Bad company key

    Looking to buy BF2:BC steam key for $10. Hoping someone has one left over from the steam sale a little while back.
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    WTB HalfLife 2: Episode 2 steam key

    Anyone with an unused copy of HL2:E2 floating around? Will pay $5 for it. Long shot but just thought I'd try here. Really want to play Nightmare House 2 and I can't play it without Episode 2. Edit: goes for about $8 on steam, but I'm just looking to save a few bucks.
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    WTS Terraria - 1 copy

    Have 1 copy of Terraria for sale to be sent via Steam gift. SOLD Heatware: Rouzuki Paypal Non CC transfer only please :)
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    WTB 1-2 copies of a Terraria 4pack

    Did anyone grab a 4 pack of Terraria before the price was raised? Am wondering if anyone did and has 1-2 extra copies? EDIT: Looking for a price range of between $2.50-3.00 per copy as they are selling normally for $5 (1-pack) on steam right now.
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    Corsair TR3X6G1600C9 should be 1600 but running at 1066?

    I bought TR3X6G1600C9 ram, 6GBs worth, and it's supposed to run at 1600 stock but my motherboard is showing it at 1066 in BIOS. I'm not too experienced in overclocking so I'm wondering if anyone can help me 1. Get this RAM to run at 1600 without O.C. 2. If I have to O.C. to get it to 1600 what...
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    Buying Case, Selling laptop thread!

    Buying! Looking for a CM690 II Basic case that's in good shape and includes the fans. Shipping is to Connecticut. BOUGHT Selling! Gateway 400SD4 Pentium 4 2.4Ghz 256MB RAM 30GB (27.9) HDD DVD/CDRW Drive Has ethernet port Floppy drive 2 USBs and some outdated ports (printer and vga) Has legit...
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    CM690 II Advanced - worth $90 or wait?

    I'm looking at getting the CM690 II Advanced. Newegg has it for $90 shipped. Has anyone ever seen Newegg offer it for significantly cheaper (15-20 or more less) or should I bite for this price?
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    PCI Sound card questions

    Bit of a newbie question though I've never purchased or worked with PCI sound cards before. Do fancy PCI sound cards improve gaming frame rates? Or do they just improve sound quality? I don't particularly care what my stuff sounds like just as long as I have sound so I've always relied on the...
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    WTB> Antec 902

    Looking for an Antec 902 case that's in good shape and includes the fans. Shipping is to Connecticut. 50-80 shipped depending on the age/condition. PM me with what you've got Heatware: Rouzuki Ebay: Rubiousx
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    FS: Brand new EVGA GTX 470

    EVGA GTX 470 - Brand new (minus UPC on box) SOLD. Heatware: Rouzuki Ebay: Rubiousx Non CC paypal payments only :) Feel free to ask questions and such.
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    My build any suggestions?

    Will start with the basics :) 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? I'd like to stay within the ranges of my current build (cheaper or lets say like $30ish additional bucks per part) 3) Where do...
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    WTB Battlefront 2 CD KEY

    Just looking for an authentic CD key for online play, it's an old game so if you have it lying around and don't play anymore I'll paypal ya a buck for it.
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    1400 or under for a laptop that beats this one CPU Type Intel Core i7 720QM Screen 18.4" Memory Size 4GB DDR3 Hard Disk 320GB Optical Drive BD Combo Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250M Video Memory 1GB GDDR5 Anyone know...
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    Gaming headset $20-40

    Anyone know of a good gaming headset between 20 and forty bucks? I see the Logitech Precision for about 15 bucks but I've read that its made poorly and breaks easily.
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    WTS- Xbox 360 and an Ipod Touch 16gb

    Selling an Xbox360 20GB model without the harddrive. Comes with HDTV A/V cable, power brick, 1 controller, and battlefield 2. In process of being sold xD Also selling a 1st gen Ipod Touch 16gb. SOLD Ipod has Doom: Ressurection OmniFocus AFD (Zombie game) AntiMosquito AssassinsCreed DDR S...
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    FS: Ipod Touch 16GB

    First generation Ipod touch for sale. Has a few minor scratches on the screen (could probably be repaired with a do it yourself kit if your handy like that) from use and the back is scuffed up from normal existence. Has a small personalized inscription on the back "DJ CeeDee" followed by a phone...
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    WTB Saitek x52 Pro

    Looking to buy the X52 / X52 Pro joystick, PM or post here for me to PM you if you've got one for sale.
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    Kind of a newbie question

    Hey guys, this is kind of a newbie question but I've been distracted the past few years and have fallen out of the know with exact details on processors. Any who my question is: Is a quad core CPU better than a dual core CPU? For example lets say I have a 3ghz dual core processor and a 2ghz quad...
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    Best supplier for Graphics/CPU notebooks?

    I'm in the market (between now and Jan 1st) for a new laptop. I really want one with the best Graphics (first) and CPU (second) I can find. Everything else I can upgrade myself (HDD,RAM...) but I'm having trouble finding a good provider? And one have any suggestions on who offers the best...
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    FS: 30GB Ipod Video Gen5 $85 + Shipping

    Selling 30GB Ipod Video Generation 5.0 for $85 + Shipping ($9.80 if you'd like flat rate priority mail) Has only minor scratches nothing that impairs the scroll wheel or the screen. Comes with a bunch of games on it bought from Itunes. Also includes USB cable to connect it to your PC/Mac...
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    FS: Ipod Video 5.0

    Selling my 30gb Ipod Video Generation 5.0 -$100 + 8.95 USPS 2-3 day priority shipping Condition - Many light scratches all over the unit including a few on the screen but it's almost impossible to keep from getting these kinds of scratches with the surface material used. The light scratches...
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    WTB: 16gb Ipod touch

    EDIT: Got one on Ebay for $260 and am very please =D. Thanks for all the offers! /thread