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    Want to Buy: Windows 10 Pro Key BOUGHT

    Hey guys I'm looking to get 1 or 2 windows 10 pro/home keys, if you have some for sale or know any reputable sellers please let me know thanks. My heatware Thanks for the help guys I got the keys I needed for now.
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    FS: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Nvidia Code $20USD/$25CAD Geforce Now Founders 1Year Subscription Code $6USD/$8CAD

    I got 1 x Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War from Bestbuy. They require a 3080/3090 and GeForce experience to activate. $20USD/$25CAD I also have 5 x GeForce Now Founders 1Year Subscription Code which require any 30xx series graphics card and GeForce experience to activate. $6USD/$8CAD...
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    FS: Geforce Now Founders 1Year Membership

    $20 Canadian dollars for Geforce Now Founders 1Year membership, I received the codes from payment via paypal only.
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    FS: Call of duty black ops cold war PC for RTX 3xxx

    FS: Call of duty black ops cold war PC for RTX 3xxx Sold
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    Don't count out the RTX 2070 non supers

    Bought an EVGA RTX 2070 Super XC last week but it turned out to have the infamous idle fan issue so I returned it. Then I found an used Asus RTX 2070 Strix for 400USD on kijiji and decided to grab it even though reviewers are saying how the new RTX 2060 super are even faster and warn people not...
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    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Code

    Bought a 2070 Super and got a code for Call of Duty Modern Warfare REDEEM YOUR BUNDLE THROUGH GEFORCE EXPERIENCE 1. Install your qualified graphics card. 2. Update or install the latest version of GeForce Experience (Version 3.18 or higher). link to...
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    FS: World of Warcraft

    FS: World of Warcraft edit: out of balance thanks
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    FS: PC Overwatch and World of Warcraft Legion

    Overwatch $25 Legion $30 Overwatch Origins $40 Orgin and deluxe editions are available too. paypal only. if you have good heat I will gift first and you can send payment after you receive your key. SOLD
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    WTB: unlocked iphone 4s/5 or samsung galaxy s4

    WTB: unlocked iphone 4s/5 or samsung galaxy s4 must work in canada with rogers or telus. found one locally, closed
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    gtx 680 screen blinking

    my screen would go black for about a second and go back to normal. using the latest drivers from nvidia. this happens when im just browsing the web and watching youtube. has anybody else experienced this problem?
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    FS: Sapphire Radeon HD 6990 Graphics Card

    Sapphire Radeon HD 6990 bought last september, recently upgraded to sli gtx 680. card comes with original box with all the accessories. sold to SolidBladez
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    FS/FT Acer 3830tg 13.3inch laptop

    Acer TimelineX 3830TG intel 2310m 2.1ghz cpu nvidia 540m discrete gpu 13.3inch 13*7 lcd 4gb ddr3 ram intel g2 80gb ssd wireless n, usb3 etc. 550 shipped or best offer, will be using canada post expedit (usps priority) paypal and us/ca only, i only ship to paypal verified addresses. ebay...
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    dota 2 closed beta released

    but i didnt get my invite :( sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. they should totally invite ppl who own everysingle valve game! anybody outthere luck enough to be invited?
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    WTB: iphone 4 16gb

    WTB: iphone 4 16gb, firmware 4.3.5 and below, must come with usb sync cable and be in good condition, no verizon iphone cant use those in canada willing to pay $340 or any reasonable price
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    i5 750 vs q9650

    im planning to go back to desktops after i realized how bad the mobility 5870 is. i can either get my friends used q9650 for $140 or get a new i5 750 for $200. the q9650 can do 3.8ghz on air. which would be the better choice? how much do 750s normally oc to with aftermarket hsf? thanks for...
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    anybody bought hon??? retails next week!!! lets go play
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    WTB: Highend Videocard and 19inch+LCD

    7900gtx x1900xt stuff like that no lowend ones please lcd 19inch and above. must have 8ms or lower and brand names only please