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    I think my 570 is on the way out.

    I just sent my EVGA 570 back last week after it failed exactly like you described above after 2 months of use. Randomly my video drivers quit working then artifacts in the millions. I tried old, new, beta etc. drivers, re-seating, different mobo etc. still same results.
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    Diablo 3 - Beta thread

    This is such truth, even if opinion. I envision the following scenario: Diablo 2 is to Star Wars Original trilogy as Diablo 3 is to Star Wars Prequel trilogy
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    OCZ Solid 3 SLD3-25SAT3-120G SATA III - $159.99 after $30 MIR

    Great price, I bought it from newegg 2 weeks ago :| My only concern is if I can return it after mutilating the little box to cut the UPC for the rebate off... BSOD's are ridiculous. (Came with newest firmware)
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    My Samsung Fascinate Impressions(rants and all)

    Mine also dies with moderate use, take off charger when I get up (5am) and it's usually dead by the time I go to bed (11pm). If I use it a bit, I've had it dead before I leave work... Other random stuff that is annoying is the screen generally not working when I have it plugged into a...
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    Google Loses Claim to Groovle Domain Name

    eh people will accidentally go there since 'g' is a connector to 'v' they are similar in that respect at least
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    World of Warcraft Patch 3.3.0 Released

    What your gearscore isn't over 9000? noob gtfo of our random heroic Awesome WoW mentality at work dur dur dur
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    Low FPS in Mirror's Edge

    similar issue with a 4870, unplayable for bits and pieces...
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    Counter-strike finally toppled

    Counter-strike needs more people, everyone needs to go buy their kids / relatives / friends who play on consoles half-life for Christmas. Counter-strike is still a free mod right? Unless you don't like them, then by all means do not let them have the game!
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    Torchlight for PC

    it was worth my $20!
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    Compare Torchlight and Borderlands

    I played the demo for torchlight, it was good so I bought it. Have had quite a bit of fun playing it. I hope runic can release their new game before diablo 3, because it will be awesome!
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    Borderland players with ATI?

    4870 here at 1920x1080 i've had no slowdowns at max all settings.
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    Street Fighter IV PC

    Thanks for the help! I was able to figure out a bunch of combos with the buffering! Small problem atm for Ryu, Standing Punch into SRK.. being that it seems like you can not input buffer on this
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    Street Fighter IV PC

    Ah, this negative edge is fairly useful to know about. So how exactly would you punch cancel hadouken combo which someone used as an easy example 2 pages back? Sorry for my noobness at fighting games but it would seem features like negative edge and cancels should be high lighted in the...
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    Street Fighter IV PC

    heh i'm using wasd and something to that effect, just having trouble figuring out how to cancel and what not.. might be more related to game itself rather than using a keyboard but i deffinitely fail at linking combos. edit: read post on a few pages back about cancelling... for the life...
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    Street Fighter IV PC

    I pulled the trigger on it since it was 20$... probably should have thought about the need for a controller type device before doing that. edit: been using the keyboard a bit, and i find it ridiculously hard to pull off many of the 2+ step combos... if anyone has had success doing many of...
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    whats your favorite gaming surface?

    I use a ratpad aswell... though I loved my func1030 much more. Just that the smooth side which I liked wore out in about 3 months... so it's like a waste of money.
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    One thing that makes GTX 260 better deal than 4870

    Pretty awesome that an ATI card was able to make nVidia resort to decent prices on their sub par release.
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    Crysis Warhead First Look

    Steam it, at least stops a few more people than cracking...
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    Does Counterstrike have more servers than COD4?

    After playing many different FPS, I'm sure many of you have found CS for one reason or another to just be more fun over all. I personally like dieing and staying dead, gives people time to interact, which I think is a big reason CS is so popular. Deathmatch is fun for a change, but gets...
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    Does Counterstrike have more servers than COD4?

    It's safe to assume Half-Life servers refer to any game run on the half-life engine, DoD, CS, etc. And for Half-Life 2, CS:S, Dod:S etc.. Counter-Strike 31647 servers, 67604 players Counter-Strike Source 29090 servers, 39105 players Call of Duty 4 9140 servers, 8515 players...
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    When is a good time to buy a laptop?

    Might not mean a whole lot to you, but in most universities EE is rough if you go in thinking the wrong way. Playing games on your notebook while in class is an easy road to failure... of course there's always the possibility that you wouldn't play games during class.. But if the notebook...
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    1080P LCD TV for PC gaming

    I use a 37" 1080p westinghouse, as I'm sure many others do seeing as there was a crazy long post about it on the display forums for a looong time. I think 1920x1080 is pretty great, though I've only played oblivion, CS;S, cs1.6, tf2, hl2's, wow on it, but it looks great.
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    Taking base off Westinghouse 37"

    Anyone know how to do this? Can't seem to figure out how to remove the darned thing.
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    i still can't figure out how to use dual monitors, 1 19" and this 37".... they keep trying to force the same resolution on each other.
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    yea blahman that's what i read, but the settings doesn't show two displays for me, only the nvidia control panel does. do you know what would cause this? or a fix for it?
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    if anyone knows how to get a 2nd monitor on a nvidia card display at a different resolution to work in xp? if so please PM me
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    Two Worlds is the best computer game/RPG I've played in some time

    at level 34 or so in the single player, only annoyance is I have about 34 skill points left to be used and all I ever have to do is click overpower and meteor from way far away and everyone just dies hehehe little easy with max fire but it's a fun game
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    New MicroFly Cases Available!

    would so love that first model but without the darn psu! i already dropped alot of money on the ultra 550x2... =\
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    1GB microSD $10 shipped

    thx for this, was about to drop 60$ at frys
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    Sing praise for the Ratpadz XT!

    might have to try one out soon, i loved the slick side of my func1030 but it only lasted like 3 months before it was completely worn down. I didn't like the rough side but got used to it, after almost 2 years it's still in good condition, however I liked the smooth much much more. Also...
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    Nikon D80 + $100 GC + Printer

    newegg prolly isn't bad with cameras
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    Nikon D80 + $100 GC + Printer

    don't you love how every online camera store that sells d80 cheaper calls you and tells you to buy expensive accessories or they won't process your order
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    Final Fantasy XII - "Incredible"

    anyone know how to make this game do 480p?
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    Ratpadz issues.

    the slick side of the func sure doesn't last long, glad its double sided
  35. S - Olevia 42 inch LCD HDTV Monitor - 342i

    i bought one of these a while back in october, i called to verify that if it was broken what would they do. the guy on the phone said they would cross ship me another. the stand was broken upon delivery, called target. the guy flatout lied to me, target won't even do exchanges. you have to...
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    Final Fantasy XII - "Incredible"

    can this game be played at 480p?
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    Westy 37 can you have DVI and Audio in at same time?

    yea the 37" has a lot better built in sound than my 46", havn't tried using the speakers with PC yet tho, thx for heads up.
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    Foxconn 8800 GTS under the tree giveaway

    thx finger =)
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    Foxconn 8800 GTS under the tree giveaway

    same error for me, firefox2.0
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    i bought mine on black friday, wish it didn't take a week to get a dvi cable from newegg =(