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    RTX 4080: Countdown To Second-Best™

    It seems there's been trend for a couple generations now where the price/performance of a new card matches the price performance of the outgoing gen's cards. So, not only are "tiers" getting more expensive, but so are the $/frame. In short, today's $400 video card isn't blowing the doors off a...
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    pcie 5.0 nic card not working in asus x670e-pro

    Try reseating the cpu
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    Can I run just one 32GB-3600 stick on X570 mobos?

    is it possible? yes Should you do it? research some benchmarks comparing Ryzen single channel vs dual channel memory performance and decide whether you accept the performance loss
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    5700XT longevity

    I sold my 5700XT a year ago for $675. Initially purchased in late 2019 for $420. Decent investment in my opinion
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    Will I notice a difference in speed?

    Return the 8200 and get the Arris S33
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    Network silliness

    Are the network port LEDs on both the modem and your new motherboard lighting up when the cable's plugged in?
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    Network silliness

    What model arris modem? Try unplugging its power and plug it back in
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    Cable WAN - can see all local node client IP's? Is direct connection possible?

    Not the node, but what's called the bundle interface on the cmts.
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    Is there a pfSense equivalent that is based on linux?

    If not having a user interface doesn't bother then, try Vyos If you have any experience with Juniper or Ubiquiti Edgerouter CLI then you should pick it up quickly
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    Beware of EVGA GPU's selling for "good prices"

    Stolen? - Yes Sold for "Good Prices"? - Not likely
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    Can't connect HTTP to IP address - OS Issue

    any antivirus or security suite at play here?
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    Can't connect HTTP to IP address - OS Issue

    what browser? have you tried another? bring up a command prompt and "telnet IPADDR 80" (install telnet client if necessary). Does that connect to your end device? Replace port 80 with 443 if device is https enabled
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    Using Comcast 1Gbit service, quick question please

    that modem's LAG function is bound to give you more problems than it's worth. Upgrade to an Arris S33 and start making the migration to 2.5GbE
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    Sell the xfx 5700xt, or the 2070 super?

    Sold my 5700xt to a miner in a private sale. Good ROI, no ragrets
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    Forgive me Father, for I have sinned...

    Since we're confessing our GPU sins... I recently sold a 5700 XT to an admitted miner because they were a well-know purchaser and I was offered a good price.
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    High End Graphics Card Stock 6900 XT vs 3090

    Never let a good crisis go to waste - AMD It might suck for the consumer, but it's good business strategy for AMD given the current market
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    Trading my 5700xt for a 6700xt

    I've considered this too. I was going to make the swap, but was hesitant for a number of reasons. I've decided that when I complete my playthrough of Psychonauts 2 I'm going to sell my 5700xt outright. From there, my daughter will get a handmedown 1600X to upgrade her 2500K w/ RX480. Then I'm...
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    Sell 5700XT for 6700XT?

    Gamer ethics aside, what does everyone think of flipping a 5700XT to a miner and picking up a 6700XT that's somewhat faster in gaming? I've read some rumblings about people doing this. Unless I can come out ahead or do it for a net-zero expense, I'm probably not interested in the hassle.
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    Intel Buys Off Mac Guy

    that campaign is as stale as their products
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    THG: Nvidia Mulls Restarting Cryptomining GPU Production

    "Never waste a good crisis"
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    A Physicist Has Worked Out The Math That Makes 'Paradox-Free' Time Travel Plausible

    Go ahead and use mental gymnastics to eliminate the myriad of thought paradoxes all you want... Discover me a real means of transporting my current self to a previous state in the universe and you have my attention.
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    Horizon Zero Dawn (Official Discussion Thread)

    New patch today, but I'm reading reports of possible texture issues with it
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    THG: Nvidia Mulls Restarting Cryptomining GPU Production

    The market analysts at Nvidia are unable to analyze the market? I have a small amount of trouble believing that.
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    strange isp problem

    major ISPs also reroute certain traffic through packet scrubbers for DDoS protection from time to time. this could have resulted in the problem.
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    NVIDIA Bans Reviewer for Concentrating on Rasterization Instead of Ray Tracing

    nvidia wanting to control the narrative. what a surprise
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    6800 / XT Review Round Up

    I foresee VRAM quantity helping to answer the 4K comparison if you're considering the future capability of the 6800XT
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    TSMC now sinking asets into developing 2nm node!

    it would be funny if the successor to traditional semiconductors were essentially carbon vacuum nano tubes.
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    Looking for a bit of advice

    Fire up a bot and snag a 6800 on release day
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    2.5G Ethernet Switch Question

    2.5gb makes a lot of sense for average users, where 10gb doesn't. Lots of users have Cat5e jumpers lying around and Cat5e structured cabling. From a service provider standpoint, delivering internet connections above 1gb obviously require handoffs faster than gig. For that reason I welcome, at...
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    Will the 5900X or 5800X be your next gaming CPU?

    If I was gonna pony up for a 5800X, I would drop the extra hundo on the 5900X. Just makes sense. However, I'm waiting to see if a 5700(X) drops
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    Dear Nvidia,

    the margins are probably very good at the 3090's MSRP, so initial stock should be fine.
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    RTX 3080 Official Unboxing from Nvidia

    these cards are gonna make underneath my desk nice and toasty
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    Yet another comcast ENS question......

    Assume this: port 1 configured as on your router (comcast's side is port 2 configured as on your router set a static default route on your router to (comcast's side of the connection) a device connected to port two would use address (for example)...
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    Ugh, just had one of 'those'

    replace the case
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    Gabe Newell Would Prefer a Xbox Series X over the PlayStation 5

    Initially, the greater GPU horsepower of the XSX will be realized before the storage bandwidth of the PS5. After a couple years it'll be interesting to see if there's a killer app that shows off the storage benefits of the PS5
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    Let's Talk IPV6

    Oh boy, thats a bit much dude
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    Let's Talk IPV6

    perchance having privacy extensions available is enough to encourage these companies to not track the source address quantity originating for their customers?