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    FS: BNIB Logitech G903

    Have 2 brand new in box Logitech G903 Wireless Gaming Mice. Looking for $110/each shipped to continental US.
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    [ WTT ] GTX 780 TI Dual Classified Hydro Copper <-> Any air cooled card equivalent in performance.

    Recently upgraded to a GTX 1080TI, so I would like to trade my EVGA GTX 780 TI Dual Classified Hydro Copper for an equivalent performing air-cooled card to put in a budget gaming build for the lady-friend. I would love it if it was a local trade, but open to shipping. Not sure if heatware is...
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    FT: My 1year Xbox Live Code for 1 year PS Plus Code.

    Would like to trade my xbox live (1 year) for a PS Plus (1 year).
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    FS: 2 x Brand new Logitech Mouse

    Selling the following brand new, still sealed, Logitech mice. G700S - $55 MX Performance - $50
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    FS: HD, Mouse, Keyboard, etc.

    Hey guys. I have a few items up for sale. Shipping: USPS only within ConUS Payment: Paypal or Chase Quickpay Logitech Performance MX Wireless Mouse - Brand New - $60 shipped Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard - Brand New (Was opened to set up a workstation. - install windows, etc)...
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    Suggestions on which to keep. GTX 780 core vs memory

    Hey guys, I have 2 EVGA GTX 780 Hydro coppers, and I'm going to be returning 1 of them. Just wanted some suggestions on which would be the better choice in terms of their maximum overclocking capabilities. Below are the maximum I reached so far: - No additional voltages, +70 core (1050...
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    WTB : Watercooled GTX 690 or 780

    Hey guys. Looking to buy a used GTX 690 or 780 with waterblock. I have some items that I'm willing to trade to lower the overall price a bit. - New Logitech MX performance mouse - New Logitech K800 Keyboard - New HD204 Samsung 2TB Internal Drive - Used Velociraptor 300GB (drive only)...
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    WTB : Audioengine a5+

    Looking to buy a used and decently priced Audioengine A5+, or something of the same caliber. Black cabinet preferred.
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    EVGA GTX680 SuperClocked+ In Stock @ Newegg $539.99 + 7.56 shipping

    Well it's in stock.. EDIT: OOS at the moment. But the Zotac AMP! GTX 680 is in stock.
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    WTB: PCI slot cover/plate for Corsair 800D.

    Does anyone have a spare cover/plate for the pci/pci-e slots on the Corsair 800D? I seemed to have lost the parts during the move.
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    FS: Enyceedanny's For Sale Thread

    I would love to do a local transaction if possible for all of the items. =) Would also appreciate a bump if you'd be so kind. 2 x Dell Ultrasharp U3011 30" LCD Monitor 2 Sold, 2 left. I have 2 of these at the moment. They were both a replacement via warranty. Both are Revision Rev 05...
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    Which video card for gaming + productivity (Photoshop, Maya, etc)

    I've recently started started doing some 3D rendering at home, and since I play some games as well - I wanted to know which video card was most suitable for my situation. Ideally, purchasing a workstation card would be best for productivity - but since I would like to game on my 30" monitor as...
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    Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 or Xonar Essence STX w/ current z-5500 setup.

    Hey guys. Just wanted to get some suggestions. I recently moved and due to the increased size of the room, I cannot place the z-5500's rear speakers in the proper position required for optimal surround sound. So I have the rear speakers placed behind my monitors. Also, I've upgraded my...
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    FS: TRUE120EX-RevC, WD6400AAKS, WD10EALS(1TB),

    Thermalright U120E-1366-RT REV.C Ultra120 Extreme 1366 RT REV.C. Practically brand new. Was initially opened to use on my friend's build. But the damn thing wouldn't fit in his case. $55 shipped Western Digital Drives WD WD10EALS, 1TB Manufactured 3/10 Bare-drive, used only once to store...
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    C300 vs Vertex 2 (240~256GB) for App/Games Drive

    I basically have Revodrive x2, Vertex 2 and a C300 on its way - I will need to refuse/send back 1 of them. I'm planning on using the Revodrive for my OS and major applications such as Office 2010, Photoshop, Anti-virus, Utilities (winrar, cuteftp, etc) IDE tools and etc. And a...
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    FS: Velociraptor 300GB (WD3000GLFS)

    Shipped for $130
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    FS: Corsair Dominator GT 2000C8

    I have a basically brand new Corsair Dominator GT fresh from Corsair. I had problems with my previous set of 1866, so they sent me a brand new set of the 2000 model. Only taken out of the blister packaging to test. Comes with the airflow fan. Decided to sell this and get 12gigs of DDR1600...
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    FS : 15 Bitspower Compression Fittings (1/2" ID - 3/4" OD)

    I have 15 never used compression fittings from Bitspower. The exact one is this: SOLD! If you buy the lot, I will include free shipping.
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    EK Full Board Block for EVGA Classified is compatible with E770 Classified3
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    Dell : 1 x 15% off coupon code for Electronics & Accessories

    I have 1 coupon for 15% off electronics & accessories @ Dell Home. This coupon works for the new U3011 30" LCD Monitor. Again, it's a one time use code. Please reply back and let me know if you've used it, so I can have a mod close this thread. Been redeemed. It expires 11/12/2010
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    Urgent: Watercooling setup help. (Need to order soon)

    Hey guys. I have a favor to ask of you. Below is my current setup: - Intel Core i7 950 - EVGA E770 Classified 3 motherboard - Corsair HX1000 PSU - Corsair Dominator GT 1866 DDR3 Memory (3x2gb) - XFX 5970 Black Edition - Lian Li PC-1200V Plus II - Swiftech Apex Ultima (CPU only) Here's my...
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    Just placed an order for Classified3, should I go for Rampage III instead?

    I've been contemplating this ever since I placed the order earlier today. I believe I can still cancel the newegg order. So Classy3 or Rampage III Extreme?
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    Dual monitor, auto adjust on turn off.

    Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone has some insight on this one. With my 2x3008wfps, when I turn off the secondary monitor, it would automatically adjust itself to "projector only" and when I turn it back on, it would auto-adjust back to "extend". But for some odd reason, on my 2 x u3011s - it...
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    Dell U3011 Thread

    Just thought I should create a thread for all of the upcoming comments about the just released Dell U3011 LCD monitors. Technical Specifications You can check out my initial impressions here. Note: Make sure to check your mailboxes for the latest Dell catalog. The 15% off electronics and...
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    Dell U3011 - Quick Initial Impressions. (Full review coming soon)

    Hey guys, I promised a full review and it will come. I need to use it consistently for some time before I can give a no BS assessment. In the meantime, let me list the Pros and Cons. Please keep in mind that this is just a very rough initial list and may change soon. Remember, I just received...
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    $399 - 30MIR good price for evga GTX480?

    I have a coupon code that came with Starcraft 2 pre-order that gives 20% off evga video cards. I currently have a 5970, but if that price is great - am thinking of getting one for the hell of it.
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    FS: WD Raptor 150GB

    Heat is on my sig. Raptor WD1500ADFD Manufactured Date: 2/27/2008 This was my Paging drive. Also have windows xp installed, but never used.. No bad sectors, no SMART errors, no problems. $85 Shipped.
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    FS: 2 x iPhone 3GS (16GB & 32GB) Used, Excellent Condition

    Hey guys, I'm selling 2 iphone 3gs. Both were purchased around July-August of 2009 at an AT&T Store. Both phones are jailbroken, but I can restore back to original state at the buyer's request. HEAT- (20 positives) UPDATED: Pictures, and adjusted...
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    FS (local pickup only, NJ): brand new Bowflex Selecttech 552 adjustable dumbbell set

    I have a brand new bowflex selecttech 552 adjustable dumbbell set. It's the latest revision (2009). Local pickup only please. I reside in palisades park, NJ willing to meet if it's not too far. Sent it back.
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    Razer Mamba: Still with its issues?

    Hey guys. Currently I'm deciding between the Mamba and G9x. Upon reading some reviews on both, it seems that Mamba has a lot of issues. But I haven't found any conclusive information that it was fixed. Mamba users, do all these issues I read about still persist? Also, I've never tried the G9x...
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    Just upgraded to 5970.. Still hungry, longing for more.

    Just upgraded to XFX 5970 BE. I was very hesitant to make the purchase when the 4gb overclocked versions are just around the corner. Unfortunately, I gave my current 8800ultra to my gf's younger brother - so it was necessary for me to purchase one right away. I also spoke to Tigerdirect about...
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    XFX 5970 $729.99 - $89.79 (BCB) = $640.20

    XFX 5970 $640.20 It's not a "Hot" deal, but it's in stock and below the normal jacked up prices due to bing cashback. Save additional 20 when using their preferred account. Search "tigerdirect" on...
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    Gateway + MPC + XHD3000 = Fail...

    Just wanted to post this up in case anyone else may be on the same boat as me. I had purchased the XHD3000 LCD monitor from Gateway via our business account on October 2007. Paid around 1800 + 150 for 2 additional years of warranty. Right from the beginning, I had encountered a major defect...
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    WTT GoW3 Apollo skin for dominus skin

    Would like to trade my Apollo skin for a dominus skin. Thanks!
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    WTB/WTT : Killzone 2 for PS3

    I have the following games for trade: - Devil May Cry 4 - Ninja Gaiden Sigma - Burnout Paradise - Virtua Tennis 3 - Motorstorm 1 - Warhawk I would like to trade for Killzone 2. Or buy outright. Don't care about the case, manual or etc. As long as the game works.
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    [warm] Logitech Performance MX mouse : $79.99

    Staples has the performance mx mouse for 79.99. If you have the 25 off 75 coupon, it'll bring it down to 54.99 +tax. Warm but it may be hot for those that's been waiting for a price drop on these, especially if you have the coupon.
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    Best fan for Swiftech MCR220 Radiator?

    Hey guys. I'm currently using 2 x Scythe F Fans to push through the radiator. I wanted to improve my temps as current OC temps of my i7 920 is pretty high at ~45 idle/~80 load (211 x 19). I realized that the easiest would be to replace the fans. Which fans would you recommend for my radiator...
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    DDR 1520 @ cas7 vs 1600 @ cas8?

    For real world usage.
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    FS: Dominator GT 1866C7, vista ultimate retail, ps3 games + WTT: 8800 ultra for bette

    As the title says, I would like to trade my 8800Ultra plus cash for a card that can better manage 2560x1600. (Preferably a 5870, or 5970 [xfx preferred]) The card is mint condition with the box and everything that came in it. Hit me up via PM or email (danny214[at]gmail[dot]com) NOTE: Make...
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    FS: Corsair 620HX

    Corsair 620HX (no box) w/ all cables. $110 shipped.