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    Intel Core i9-9980XE vs AMD Ryzen Threadripper @ [H]

    Well going to say the same thing I've been saying recently. This is a smoke and mirrors CPU built on 14mm process and Intel is blowing smoke up people's asses. Come on man If you already have the Intel 7980XE well the 9980XE is its brother. there is little point of getting an expensive CPU...
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    China Unicom Hijacks the Internet...Again

    When the US was in charge of ICANN none of this BS happened... when they gave it away saying nothing will happen.... guess what... Lets just give the keys to the robbers...
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    Japanese Man Marries a Hologram

    Since I dealt Anime and the Culture of Japan in the 80's and 90's I can tell you straight on how schizo the entire culture is. I have seen some incredibly terrible things about how so called advanced Japan society is and the results of that type of schizoid culture that has continued to fragment...
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    UMC Says It Is Innocent of IP Theft Charges

    Chinese... yes they did it... It is in their fucking culture... and I fucking know this first hand.
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    Credit Card Chips Fail to Halt Fraud, Survey Says

    You know whats better than this???? Cold hard cash.... Yup can't really hack hard copy.... Cash is King... And it always will. But most of you pubies never listen. Because you Lurv your lazy methods of paying...
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    Intel Core i9-9900K Re-Reviewed, 95-Watt TDP Results

    They have been doing this for years, however when you have advertisers and manufactures in your back pocket you can get away with things. When I purchased my 1800X last year is was on the mutli core performance that still holds it own against the 2700X (minus 10%) to this day. It sure as hell...
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    Robots Replace Waiters at the 'Robot.He' Restaurant in Shanghai

    Guess you never seen the Chinese Riot.... I effing have and if you want a taste of it, just watch the Koreans or Taiwan go at it... None of this Smowflake Peace Protests... It's God damn hard core and fucking anything goes....
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    CommScope Buys Arris International for $7.4 Billion

    The only synergy I'm going to feel is the smoking fire in my pocket book when I have to go ahead and buy a new modem.
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    Over 1 Million Cord Cutters Ditch Cable and Satellite TV in One Quarter

    Absolutely. There is nothing that is going to stop them and any savings in the near future will be gone.
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    I'm willing to give Linux Gaming a try

    Well I have 4 SSD's with 4 different OS's. My linux SSD is set up to use Steam. That way I don't have to deal with this or that. When I'm done with Linux I'm online with Win 10 or whatever it may be.
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    GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FAILS After Gaming for 2 Hours @ [H]

    Well you know that these cards was a rush job... Right?? Quality control was a wee bit.... lessened.... Heh.... Heh.... Heh.... You got to keep those unused 10 series cards close to MSRP you know.... Heh... Heh... Heh... How you like having an expensive Door stopper when that con artist in...
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    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Turns down UK Parliament Request to be Interviewed

    The problem with people today and this age is they are so ignorant about their privacy and their information and all of the problems that reside with said ignorance. I keep my foot print to a minimum. I do not do online banking. I leave out info that certain sites need like my cell phone and so...
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    DDR4 Prices are Falling

    Average... expected... I see nothing... and to be honest. This is the first time in my over 28 years of building rigs that when using the same parts from last year, buying from the same places for those parts, the overall price for a computer that I built "last year went" up in price. We are...
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    Warframe Expansion Fortuna Is Coming to PC This Week

    This is one of the few games I highly recommend to my client base. I'm a old man with that old man disease, such as no rhythm. Ear Hair.... (don't worry it gets trimmed every day as I do not want to look like my dad who can braid his) Reflexes??? What the hell is that??? and so on. But you...
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    Much benefit upgrading video card?

    I do a used 1070 for around 240 and under that includes tax/shipping... there are a few around if you look hard enough and then save for the next series of video card. I don't recommend a 1070ti because all that is a cut down version of the 1080. It uses the same amount of wattage as a 1080...
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    Web Creator Wants to Implement a "Contract" for the Internet

    Agreed. Now these days "Free does not mean Free" anymore in corporate society. It's a feel good gimmick to the masses. Yay! go big brother :)
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    Seasonic USA MSRP UPDATE for 2018

    There are plenty of decent PSU's that are out there that won't cost you an arm and leg... just because you are buying a Name brand for a social status. Example. I have no issues using the AeroCool 750GM. I got mine for 54 Bucks And I think this will last me 3 plus years (had mine for 1 year...
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    NVIDIA's Secret GPU: TU106-400A vs. TU106-400 Benchmark

    Well stated they were binning their chipsets. Lower quality components are being used by video card companies. This is not their faults but Nvidia manipulating the market again. They WILL make their money because they Control the market.
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    Intel CPUs Are Vulnerable to New PortSmash Side-Channel Exploit

    I went 1800X It was an overall best deal for the price when I purchased it back over 1 year ago. It is still a great alternative to a 2700X. I waiting for the next generation on the 7mm chipset or waiting to purchase a 1950x thread ripper for similar reasons.
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    Apple Stops Reporting Unit Sales Amid Strong Earnings

    Yea... sure.... That's your opinion. You are just one of the many cultists that made Apple a 1 trillion dollar company. You do not see the rat race in good o Silicon Valley like I do, nor in the Manner than I do. People who bought into Apple, bought into the status symbol it represents. And...
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    [H]ardOCPer to the Rescue!

    Well he's got my vote. He likes kittens/cats.
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    Amazon, Apple Take Retributive Measures against Bloomberg over China Hack Story

    Common practice from corporations. Example. A lot of fucking people read game reviews/ Tech reporting sites online and you begin to why in the fuck they are rating certain things in favor of shitty product that being sold to the consumer base. All gaming companies buy ads to turn marketing...
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    AMD Quietly Releases New A8-7680 Carrizo APU for Socket FM2+

    4 Billion people are still living 20+ years back in technology. By putting out a CPU that would be cheap upgrade will do well in those regions. Namely Asia and eastern Europe for starters.
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    Epic Games Secures $1.25 Billion from Investment Firms

    I know one of those Venture (Vulture) Capital investor corporations. All I can say is eventually "Their Fucked"... and in the end, so are we.
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    Get Monster Hunter: World for Free When Purchasing Select NVIDIA Video Cards

    Hhahahahaha!!! Oh so right... trying to sell cut down versions of the 1080 GPU because of the massive overstock of them. Yes even the most recent 1060 is a cut down version of the 1080. And you know why??? It's really some those GPU's that could not cut the mustered as a 1080. The overstock...
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    NAND Flash Prices Expected to Drop in 2019

    I'll believe it when I see it. All this does is increase the hype train which in turn increases the prices and/or lessens the price drop. Why in hell do you think that I could pick up a NEW 1080 for under $400.00 before 8/20 and when that retard ceo Nvidia went on his gimmick, suddenly the...
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    How many Backup USB drives do you have for Windows 10?

    2 TB of storage for everything that is important that is in a hot swap drivebay. 1 250 GB SSD for the Win 10 OS. 1 250 GB clean Win 10 that is nothing but an emergency back up. 1 250 GB for my Linux OS 1 250 SSD for learning the different OS. 1. 250 GB for Win 7 for legacy devices. All of...
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider Is Getting Review Bombed on Steam Because It's on Sale

    This goes with business as well on how the Chinese act. As far as the publishers delaying or geoblocking them? Nope they are dumbasses. They worship the god of money trying to tap into the 500 million who has some sort of money off of them... Too bad that their Chinese counterpart/partner is...
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    Discord Updates Terms of Service to Force Arbitration over Lawsuits

    When Discord started up it's service I had severe reservations about all of it. Especially doing games. Team speak is a superior setup, but Discord has the investment money to spin this to make you believe that this is a "cool" place to be. All I see is another facebook/twitter/etc data...
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    John "TotalBiscuit" Bain to Be Inducted into Esports Hall of Fame

    I agree with this comment, very very much. It was different back then and how I miss it so.
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    Epson Pushing Firmware Upgrades That Disable Third-Party Ink Usage

    For my color I went xerox colorqube series of copiers. Its pretty much using wax as ink and the color and cost is pretty damned good.
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    1st Sign of the Apocalypse - Youtube Down

    Man thanks for the heads up. I thought it was me. Thought it was Win 10 becoming a bitch again so I on Zorin 12.4 as we type. Yub tub is down
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    Sony Wants to Use Blockchain for DRM

    Remember Kiddies it is all about control... In THEIR WORLD YOU DO NOT OWN ANYTHING... YOU ONLY LEASE IT!!! It's part of the New World Order to turn those have nots into meat bags of value and once you are not worth anything you are cast aside just like landfill. It has already have started...
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    Epic Games Sues Yet Another Fortnite Cheater, Alleging Copyright Infringement

    Good question and that is why I have my IP attorneys deal with the situation concerning "MY" IP''s and my IP's only so that is how I phrased it accordingly. My IP's are unique enough to go after anyone who tries to exploit it. To answer your question about the K/N Knockoffs is up to that...
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    Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Has Succumbed to Cancer

    He had his toys and he made his money. But Death comes to all regardless of how much money you have.
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    MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z Performance Review @ [H]

    I agree. The 2070 performance is IMHO meh at best. As I expected to be. The price manipulation still continues and you better believe the +10%+ Nvidia tax will be on the MSRP on those cards as well. Those 2070's will hit over the 600 range easily, pretty much close to the 1080ti pricing ATM...
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    der8auer Demonstrates How He Washes His Hardware Using a Dishwasher

    Hahahaha!!! One of my jobs in my teens was a bin cleaner/sweeper in a machine shop. This was a time where you were hired to do one thing and when they needed additional people you could get cross trained. So yes I worked on the old lathes, Mill presses, cleaning parts (tricoloethyline) and...
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    Epic Games Sues Yet Another Fortnite Cheater, Alleging Copyright Infringement

    Well if you modeled/used/created something with one of my IP's without my approval I will come at you with my attorneys. The Key phrase is "without my approval". If for some strange reason a guy does a mod to a widget I created and he asked permission to do so, then we talk about licensing and...
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    Promising Star Wars: KOTOR Fan-Made Reboot Gets Shuttered by Lucasfilm

    You know head hunters still look at things like this type of content... Next a lot of Eastern European/Asian region really do not give one damn about copyright infringements. And head hunters over there will look at this type of content too.