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    How to deal with gravity / excesive drooping?

    What are you supposed to do when a piece of equipment (switch/router/computer/etc) in a rack is drooping or twisting under its own weight because it is only secured from the front?
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    T-Mobile: free G2x with new line (8/16 only)

    T-mobile is running their free LG G2x w/new line activation promotion again. The G2x isn't as nice as the Sensation (metal+plastic case vs unibody metal, 800x480 vs 960x540 display, 512mb ram vs 768mb, stock gingerbread vs sense 3.0), but a free dual core phone is still a hell of a deal. No...
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    Another online backup question: SOS, crashplan, backblaze for home user?

    I'm looking for an online backup for non-computer-clued-in people. I've been having a lot of trouble making a decision. SOSBackup seems to be the darling of the ad-sponsored PC magazines (makes me suspicious - have those guys been throwing around tickets for Jamaican software evaluation trips?)...
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    Version control for average user, NOT cloud?

    Is there any form of version control that is: 1) Usable by the average person - ie, no need to explicitly "check in/out" files and GUI-based reversion of files. 2) NOT part of a cloud software solution 3) Works well with semi-binary files - ie, Adobe Indesign, MS Word, etc. I know about...
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    Xen desktop & Adobe Premier: how much hardware?

    Has anyone played around with Xen Desktop and Adobe Permier / Photoshop? Is this sort of thing possible with "normal" server hardware (ie, dual proc or less & small number of drives - let's say 5ish drives or less)?
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    Sprint: Evo, Galaxy, or wait?

    My current phone (HTC Touch Pro) is annoyingly flaky. I'm off contract, so I can get the "fake phone discount" if necessary. Should I get an evo, a galaxy, or wait for future android / Windows phones?
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    Cheap software-based CAT6 cable analyzer/certifier?

    Are there any software products that will allow you to use a computer to do CAT6 cable testing/certification? The hardware products are a bit out of my reach at $1,000 to start.
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    How to fix a bad ethernet port?

    Does anyone know how you'd go about fixing a bad ethernet port in a switch? Is the only option to try to reflow the entire PCB?
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    Best cheap used L2 switch?

    Can anyone recommend a brand/model for a cheap/used L2 switch? They will be used in the outer areas of a school building where there is a lot of daisy chaining (as many as 5 chained switches). The only requirement is that they must support 802.1q vlan. Something fast would be nice (asic/2~4M pps...
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    SandForce SF-1200 / SF-1500 performance degradation explained (anand)

    Anand is on top of the SF-1200 performance degradation situation: For the moment, it looks like we can avoid the performance drop by keeping a spare parition filled with compressible data.
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    Grats gamma-1 & runt

    Just wanted to congratulate gamma-1 on breaking 3 million points in record time and runt for what is possibly the fastest ever dash from 0 to 1 mil. Good job guys =)
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    Anyone know wheere to find an SR-2?

    Does anyone know where an SR-2 can be found in stock? The only one I've been able to locate is Puget Systems for $670. All the major retailers I've tried (provantage, excalibur, futurepowerpc, 2020pc, nextdaypc, iunitek, etc) have been out of stock. I'd get it from ebay, but most of the ebay...
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    FS: NIB reference eVGA GTX 460 768MB $120

    I just realized that I purchased these cards almost 30 days ago, so the time left for warranty registration has almost expired. Will post pics in a few hours when I get a break in work schedule. One card will be reserved for someone who has been an active folder for at least three months; the...
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    Warm: 2TB seagate ST32000542AS $95 shipped @ newegg

    It's this morning's shell shocker: 2TB seagate ST32000542AS $95 shipped Decent deal.
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    Warm: CM Storm Sniper $110 shipped @ newegg

    The CM Storm Sniper is $110 shipped @ newegg w/coupon code EMCYXNP25. Very nice price for an excellent case.
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    Stupidest question: where is the IE8 list of downloaded files

    This will be the dumbest question ever asked on this forum: In IE8, how do you get to the list of downloaded files? Thanks!
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    Warm: $28 S1283V & $27 Hyper 212 heatsinks in stock at NCIX

    Xigmatek Dark Knight S1283V $28.03: Cooler Master Hyper 212 $27.05:
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    gtx470 - worth the risk of black sreen problems?

    Any thoughts about whether it's worth taking a risk on a GTX470 with the black screen problems still unresolved? Occasional 3D crashes don't bother me, but I must have 100% stability for normal desktop work.
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    gtx460 or gtx465 at same price?

    Now that the gtx460 and gtx465 are roughly the same price (~$210), any ideas on which is preferred if heat/noise is not an issue? I'm leaning towards a 465 for slightly better gaming performance and better gpugp performance. Any ideas on which is likely to be the better overclocker?
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    Sapphire 4870 won't turn on after reset - any ideas?

    My Sapphire 4870 512MB was working just fine with my old motherboard (Biostar TA780G). After moving it to my new motherboard (Gigabyte 790XTA), I now find that my PC will not turn on after a hard or soft reset. All fans turn, but the three red LEDs on my Sapphire card all blink together in a...