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    Going to try the Asrock 670E TaiChi.

    Expensive af. But I wanted to get into some features that this board had and figured why not. Pairing it with a 7600x for now, and will try to run 4x 16gb gskill pc6000 cas36 evo memory. Not sure how 4 sticks will clock. We’ll see. Can’t wait to get the parts. My daughter and son want...
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    Well I’m coming back home fellas.

    Ordered parts for a new Zen4 build. 7600x, asrock taichi 670e, gskill pc6000 cas 36 rev memory. Asrock 6800xt. Upgrading from 9900k@5ghz all cores. Ddr4@3600, evga 1080ti hybrid. The 7600x and 6800xt may be placeholders for a v cache chip if they are solid gains in what I need. May get a...
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    [H]ard doing a Radeon 7 review?

    Haven't seen any discussion(forgive me if I'm wrong) if Kyle and crew will be covering the Radeon 7 on release. Hopefully AMD sampled them.
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    Intel should really be ashamed. 8086k delid temp reduced 20C+ under load

    In a moment of weakness, and mania, I bought a 8086k in the quest for 5ghz stable. My 8700k only did 4.8ghz at reasonable volts with my AIO cooler. That 8700K was delidded, ran at 4.8ghz 1.36v, and maxed in the low 70's C in general. Before delid, it would peak well over 85C and programs...
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    2nd EVGA 980TI to lose Display ports

    Have a friend who bought a B stock 980TI about 2 yrs ago. Around the time the 1070 launched anyway. About a year ago, his display ports went out and he was able to Warranty it back to EVGA and they replaced with another B stock 980TI and it was fine up until the other day when again his...
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    FS: Gigabyte Z270 GA-Z270MX-Gaming 5 Micro ATX, 6600k, and Case

    Upgrading a smaller PC to a full size pc. Good combo, just want an ATX And went Z370 for the build. I am using an Enermax AIO 240mm cooler on cpu and it will run 4.6-4.7ghz YMMV. I do run it at 4.5ghz regularly though as I can run 4.5ghz at 1.275v set in bios as opposed to 1.325-1.35v for...
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    digging out my old cooling loop.

    Back in day I have two custom watercooling setups. one was a Swiftech, with a 240mm rad, a MCP655 pump, and some block that well it's going in the garbage. I also had an alphacool setup with a Alphacool AP910 Centrifugal pump , a really thick and from what I remember decent 120mm rad, a...
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    delided 8700k, 240AIO cooler not enough for 5ghz?? Stuck at 4.8ghz

    Hi all. Built a new combo other day. Asrock X370 Gaming K6 8700k delided(CLU TIM die to HS) Artic cooling 240 AIO cooler. About 1.5yrs old. Used on 6700k/7700k builds. Thermaltake 750W gold PSU 1080TI FE 2x16gb Gskill PC3000@PC3200oc. So temps seem ok when starting stress tests like prime...
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    anyone have a rock it delid tool or similar I can rent ?

    I have the 3d printed delid tool and it works fine, but I want to use the rock it tool or something that will help with the relid on my next project. Last project suffered from improper lid seating and want to use the proper tool this time.
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    Acer Gaming Monitor 27” XF270H Abmidprzx 1920 x 1080 240Hz Refresh Rate AMD FREESYNC Technology$363

    Acer Gaming Monitor 27” XF270H Abmidprzx 1920 x 1080 240Hz Refresh Rate AMD FREESYNC Technology I know people will complain about size/pixel density...
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    Gigabyte GA-Z270MX Gaming 5 and memory oc'ing-fail. Help plz

    So I have this mobo paired with a 6600k. With this new board, I am trying to oc 2x16gb Gskill PC2400 Cas 15-15-15-36 ram. I could previously do PC3200 @ 16-18-18 timings on my Asrock Z170 Gaming K4. The CPU has done PC3200mhz ram no problem; albeit with another kit I no longer have. This...
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    WTB: anyone have extra slot for newegg premiere membership

    A year or two ago I had purchased a "slot" on a newegg premiere membership from someone here off the forums. That has now expired and I would like to re up into a membership w/out having to get my own ;). Is this still an option or did that shut that down. If anyone has a membership they...
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    Trip down memory lane. Old 3d benchmarks.

    I was bored tonight and wanted to try again to get my memory overclocked in my comp. System: 7700k@5ghz Asrock Z270 Gaming K6 bios L2.11 beta 4x16GB Gskill PC3000 15-15-15-35 memory 1080TI FE All past attempts at mem oc failed hard. By trial and error, was able to get mem oc'd. Seems I...
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    Alienware Alpha computer, Asrock Z170 Fatality, Biostar TZ77XE3+2500K, Old AMD X2 setup

    selling some things I don't use anymore. All were working well when pulled. NO damaged pins on mobos. Alienware Alpha computer console. i3 4130t cpu. I upgraded ram to 8gb total.. I ran it with SSD but pulled that and put OEM drive back in that is unused. I used this at work for a small...
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    DDR4 memory OC opinion

    Ok wanted to run this by the peanut gallery. Can't really clock memory higher w/out errors in memtest or no post. 4x16gb Gskill PC3000 15-15-15 memory. Can oc to about 3100 at stock timings but after that things need to get a whole lot looser to be stable. 3DMark shows some minor improvement...
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    A LOL what if... X299 and 7740k

    I keep seeing people complain about the cost of the 7740k/X299; to basically get a 7700k on the x299 platform. But how much would it take for you to consider it a win; provided the platform does indeed oc better than Z270 etc...???? Would 200mhz extra be worth it? 500mhz???? I'm happy with...
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    OC/Frequency dropping under load at times and CSGO fps issues: Z170 ITX/6600k@4.7 issues

    My work pc is a Gigabyte G1 Z170N itx mobo, 6600k@4.7(tried non oc'd and same issue), Gskill PC3000 2x8gb dimms, GTX 970 EVGA card(tried R480 and R380 as well). New/fresh Win10 install as I thought that could be the issues. Anyway, under stress testing/stability testing HW Monitor shows cores...
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    7700k @5ghz+ stability testing. Questions for the people with success

    Ok, I have my 7700k that I ran on an Asrock Z170 Fatality K4. Would run 4.8ghz at 1.325v. Running at 5ghz seemed ok, except for OCCT would would immediately fail like within seconds. Added voltage would help it reach a minute or so, but then it'd die too. Past 1.36-1.375 added voltage just...
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    Anyone want to trade a 7600k for a 6700k(delid-relid)

    want to upgrade my work pc from a 6600k to a 7600k that oc's better. Anyone willing to trade a 7600k for my 6700k I ran at 4.6ghz on a AIO Artic cooler @1.325v.
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    Itx setup. 6600k, Gigabyte Z170 itx, Coolermaster case, psu and H75 corsair

    Wanting to upgrade my work computer. No Ram included. Vid card optional Currently, running 6600k Retail cpu, runs up to 4.7ghz on full size board. Ran at 4.5ghz on this board as I could run it at 1.285v in bios and in little case felt better about temps. Gigabyte G1 Gaming GA-Z170N Gamin 5...
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    Need intel mobo to oc non K cpu. Which mobos in Micro ATX would work Z170/270?

    I have a i6 6500 that did 4.7ghz on my Asrock board. Bought it as a stopgap when I was RMA'ing a 6600k. When I got the 6600k back, I flashed to a normal bios and lost the "SKY OC" bios I had. Asrock no longer has those bios's listed. Wondering if any MSI/Asus boards etc... have any NON K...
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    ?WTT Gigabyte Z170 G1 gaming itx board/Coolermaster Elite 110 itx for mATX Z270 board, also have

    entertaining trade offers for setup. I moved from an itx setup to a mAtx setup as I have a bit more room at work now and wanted more case volume/airflow. Setup runs beautiful and currently still using board in the mATX case with 6600k at 4.6ghz and a H75i cooler setup. Want to exand a bit and...
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    opinions wanted for my 7700k setup. Current board Z170 Asrock, thinking about Z270 Asus or Asrock

    So I'm not sure but considering the possibility that my current board an Asrock Z170 Fatality Gaming K4, may be slightly holding back my max oc. Was prior running a delid/relid 6700k at 4.675ghz 1.335v. Wouldn't do 4.7 no matter what. So in the quest for 5ghz ordered a 7700k. Just popped it...
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    6600k retail used 4 mos. i5 6500, i3 6100 2500K/mobo or 2600k/mobo one has to go

    like new 6600k retail cpu. No heatsink fan unless ur desperate I can dig up a stock one(shipping extra then). $175 shipped i5 6500 OEM did 4.7ghz on a non K OC bios on my Fatality K4 Z170 board on Hyper 212 Aircooling Ran about a week until I got my 6600k. $135 shipped i3 6100 retail cpu...
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    Powercooler R480 4GB Red Dragon throttling at stock?

    My first R480 so excuse me if I'm a bit ignorant. Upgraded my work pc from a R380 to this R480 card. 3D Mark firestrike being used to stress the card. Looking the the numbers, from wattman or GPUtweak I can see the frequency pegs at about 1210-1240; it's usually running mid to high 1100's...
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    OC thoughts? 4.05Ghz on 1700 Ryzen with AIO 240 cooler? Not sure I'm all that impressed. Well let me rephrase. I'm not that excited about the oc. The cpu seems damm fine and all, provided you need 8c/16t. I guess I'm a more simple user, and while more cores appeals to me, the "need" or more...
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    Ryzen boards on newegg
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    At current rumor prices; what are you thinking for Ryzen cpu purchase? Just curious

    I was hoping the 8c/16t was going to be more like $450ish, but the flagship cpu rumor is $600-750 from what I see. A bit rich for my blood; given nothing I use needs that much thread/power. I mainly game(CSGO, Overwatch, etc..) and tbh nothing I use pushes what I have(6700k@4.6), but when has...
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    i5 6500(does 4.7ghz), i3 6100 retail

    I have two spare cpus getting rid of. First is a 6500 I ran while I was down with a dead 6700k. Ran it on asrock board with non k oc bios and did 4.7ghz at low volts and hyper 212 air cooling. $140 6100 is retail. Used about 2hrs to install os. Intel replaced dead 6100 I had with this...
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    Is this normal for 144hz monitor? Seeing ghosting if I flick fast

    Probably normal, but since I'm a worry wart, I thought I'd run it by the peanut gallery. I play CSGO which is a FPS for those that don't know. If I'm flicking really fast across the screen, and aiming at a player model I can see ghosting. Now, I do have to flick or flick back and forth pretty...
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    how likely will we have 4k 144+hz refresh rate 32" + monitors in the next year?

    I have some tech upgrade budget I could use this year. Wondering if there are any decent 32" monitors on the horizon that are 144+hz refresh rate and 4k resolution? Wanting to upgrade from a 27" 1440p monitor and play games like CSGO that need high refresh rate.
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    Memory prices up now, any indication this will go down??? When to buy more DDR4???

    Hey all. Just curious as to DDR4 pricing. I built a 6700K system with 32GB(2x16GB) Gskill DDR4 PC2400 memory about 4 mos ago. Only paid $124 for the kit of memory. Now that same kit is $200+. Wondering if pricing is expected to come down after the holidays etc... Or if they will remain...
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    AMD 7850K and Asus A88XM-A combo almost new, Biostar TA690G and A64 3600X2 cpu/4GB DDR2 mem

    2 combos for sale 1st is the AMD APU 7850k and Asus A88XM-A setup. I bought 2 of these. Built one for my daughter which is still running strong. This was for my son, but I ended up giving him my old i5 combo after I installed an OS using these parts for sale. So only up time was to install...
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    Non K skylake oc'ing board? Recommendations?

    I have a i5 6500 that will do 4.7ghz, at least it was stable in my Asrock Z170 gaming 4 board. I had to update that bios to a diff bios to use my now 6700k cpu. I don't think Asrock boards support non K anymore, so wondering what boards are out there that will oc this cpu I have sitting on the...
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    Build from hell continues: Z170 6700k for CSGO 3rd mobo, 2nd cpu continued high pings

    long story short. Wanted to update my CSGO rig, b/c simply I just wanted something new. Ordered a Asus 1070 Strix. Then though wtf I'll do the whole system. Ordered 32gb Gskill ddr4, 6700k, Asus Sabertooth(open box). First 6700k was DOA cpu. Thought it was mobo at first. Tried i3 6100 and...
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    WTB: anyone have extra newegg premiere, could help chip in some to share it

    as title says. Seen people before have shares of newegg premiere available. I canceled mine, but kinda want it back now.
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    i7 6700k temps on oc, what u get?

    Just got my 6700k setup running. It's cooled via an Artic cooling Freezer 240 AIO watercooler on an Asrock Z170 Gaming 4 Fatality mobo. At 4.7ghz and 1.325v I'm hitting high 70's to low 80's at load on intel burn or Prime 95 testing. Wondering if this is normal, so should I start chasing...
  38. J

    Too bad Intel forced mobo makers to recall bclk bios's for non k processors. Still have my bios

    picked up an i5 6500 to play with. $170 off ebay not the greatest deal, but I wanted to play. After a night of tweaking here's what I got. I can go a bit higher, but past 4725 it starts to get sketchy between ram needing to get lowered to 2400mhz or so(max oc of ram seems to be 2580mhz or so...
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    not sure if proper area, but Win10 and Office 2003/outlook email issue with links

    prior to the past week or so, any hot links in emails I was able to click and open up a webpage etc... Now in several computers, the links just take me to home page. WTF. Anyone know of a fix for this, annoying to copy/paste everything. MS do something with Win10 to make older office...
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    ordered open box Asus Sabertooth Tuf Mark 1 Z170 board, chipset driver install order

    assuming I get a board only and no acc as sometimes happens. what order should I install chipset drivers in? I usually do this Chipset inf Intel management engine audio network video misc others is that ok or will I bork something.