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    DFI NF4 SLI-DR problems

    Yeah so recently I picked up this board along with a eVGA 7800GTX and a OCZ 520W power supply. Plugged everything in, made POST and booted into windows. Not long after I got a BSOD with PFN_LIST_CORRUPT error. So I thought it could be my memory, I tested each stick in dimm 1. Which didn't work...
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    Can't get windows xp to load on new HD

    I recently got a 74gig raptor and decided to make it my boot drive. I connected the drive to the SATA 3 port, and it was recognized in bios. So I put in the windows CD, loaded the raid drivers, and formatted the drive. Windows copied all the install files over and restarted. So here is the main...
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    Quick question about power supply

    I just got an antec true blue 480watt power supply. Put it in with my new computer, and checked the voltage rails. My 12V reads at 12.576V, is this good or bad? Should I send this back or contact Antec, don't want the power supply to kill my PC. Thanks --Seph :D
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    Need help building new PC!

    Well my 2nd PC died, the motherboard, CPU, Video Card, and RAM are gone. So now I am looking to get a Athlon 64 system. I have been out of the loop on PC hardware for more then a year so I need a little help. So far I am thinking of going with the following: Athlon 64 3500+ NCIX ASUS...
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    Overclocking problem!!

    Well I now have a huge overclocking problem. I recently had a Panaflow 92mm Fan blowing on my SLK-900u. It died and my PC restarted and made couple of beeps(it didn't post just shut off). So I went out and got a 92mm Tornado, put it in and booted. Sounded like a police siren. So I reset the...
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    Klipsch 4.1's + Audigy 1 or Onboard Soundstorm?

    Which would produce better sound? I have an ABIT NF7-S, and I will use the Klipsch 4.1's and Plantronics Audio 90's. Thanks in advance --Seph :D
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    Corsair 3200LL question

    I have a 512MB stick of Corsair 3200LL Platinum in my ABIT NF7-S, with a Barton 2500. I am wondering if people can get the timings down to 2-2-2-5 at 200FSB. I have tried and I can't get it to run windows even at 2.8V. Have it at 210FSB now with 2-2-3-11 timings, so I'm wondering if this is the...
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    PC won't post, dead mobo? video card?

    Well i set up my epox 8kha+ , 256mb micron 2100 ram, Hercules 3D prophet 4500, athlon 2100+. I power it on, and the fans start spinning and everything. I don't hear the post beep, I cant turn it off from the power switch, and nothing appears on the monitor. Also the fan on the video card is...
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    Upgrading questions

    First time posting since my account got deleted a while back, and I have a couple of questions about upgrading. Which ram should I be getting for my new ABIT NF7-S, and 2500+? I can either get the Corsair XMS LL 3200 512MB, or the OCZ LL Platinum 3200 512MB for the same price. For those that...