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    Tape backup solutions

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    Ports blocked but NO firewall/router?

    Hi, my computer seems to block all ports even though I have no firewall or router. I can do things like IRC and web browsing but I can't receive DCC in IRC or use file share programs. I can send with DCC though. When I do online port scans all ports seem to be closed/blocked. Any ideas?
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    Can't get to sleep

    Can someone explain to me why the fuck my laptop's HDD is constantly scratching away while my laptop is idle and I'm in bed? :mad: :mad: :mad: I do mean literally seeking/writing/whatever the fuck *constantly*.
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    What transfer rates do you guys get with your external enclosures?

    I get around 40MB/s with my IcyBox and a Samsung P120 250GB.
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    How does 6600 compare?

    Does a 6600 (NOT GT) equal the fastest Geforce 4? or is it closer to 9800 Pro performance? I tried looking for reviews but just found 6600GT reviews and not 6600.
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    Intel CPU and nVidia card?

    Hi, someone just told me that Intel don't have good chipsets for Nvidia cards? is this true?
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    Conroe and AGP?

    When Conroe is released in a few months will there be good boards available which support both Conroe AND AGP?
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    Best S939 with AGP board?

    I'm looking to buy an X2 CPU in a few months and want to use an AGP card. Most S939 boards I've seen are only PCI-E. So I'm wondering if there are any good motherboards with S939 AND AGP?
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    Merom then Penryn

    Firstly, I heard that Merom may consume more power than Yonah. I've also heard that Merom may consumer same power as Yonah. Both of these scenarios with Merom performing better than Yonah of course. Could someone clear this up? Finally, will Penryn be a jump in performance like Merom is to...
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    Switching to Conroe?

    So how many of you AMD users will switch to Conroe when it comes to the market in a Q's time :)
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    Where to in the future?

    I think I remember reading a quote from an Intel official saying we would see tens or hundreds of cores 10 years from now. What do you guys think? I think we'll see tens or hundreds, but with clock speeds consistently decreasing as new architectures are developed (For example P4 to Conroe)...
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    Test for imminent death?

    Are there symptoms of dieing HDDs ? I've had an IBM Deathstar 75GB in home computer for nearly 6 years now and it's worked fine. But now I'm worried that it'll go any second. The important data is backed up every day or so, so that's not too much of a problem. It'll just be the hassle of buying...
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    Conroe clock speeds? Does that seem reliable? I got the impression that clock speeds were going to be like around 2.5 - 3.3 GHz.
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    WiMAX: When is it coming?

    Anyone have any idea when WiMAX will become mainstream like Wi-Fi has? There seems to have been prototypes for a few years now. It seems like a promising technology. Does anyone have any idea what the power consumption will be like? similar to Wi-Fi or significantly more/less ?
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    AMD's new core?

    Does anyone know if AMD are planning a new core in the forseeable future? or is it officially just planned to do significant tweaks with the new sockets? We know K8 has been a big success technically so I wonder what AMD's next generataion will be like.
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    Tape backup solutions

    Does anyone here use tape drives for backup of their data? I think it seems like a proven, reliable way for long-term backup. It's obviously expensive but maybe it's worth it in the long run for crucial data.
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    Where to after 45,32 and 22 nm?

    Where is the industry going after 22nm? I think it's almost certain that we'll get to 22nm but where to after that? 11nm? :rolleyes: :) Also if leakage is under control won't power consumption from 65nm to 22nm be significantly lower - meaning it'll be good for everyone?
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    Toshiba BIOS checksum error

    Hi, everytime I turn on my laptop I get a BIOS checksum error and prompted for Resume or go into Settings. The only thing that I notice about this is that the time is always reset to factory defaults on bootup but other than that everything works OK. Any ideas?
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    Why didn't IBM enter x86 market?

    Thread title says it all. I'm just wondering because if we had Intel, IBM and AMD in the same market, today we'd probably have better CPUs ultimately due to competition.
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    Intel's answer to AMD's HyperTransport?

    I remember reading something about Intel's research on something similar to AMD's HyperTransport, called CSI? Does anyone have more information on this and/or know when Intel will be implementing it into their CPU designs? The next generation, Merom-based CPUs such as Conroe won't be using it we...
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    iPod IRC channel

    Hello guys, there's an iPod IRC channel: #ipod on - so if you just want to chat, drop by :)
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    What the..... - LOOK AT THIS!
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    laptop touchpads absolutely suck

    i've had nothing but problems with my Toshiba Tecra touchpad. why cant it have a damn tracking stick thing like some laptops. most of the time i touch the touchpad it doesnt move and it sort of lags across screen etc etc its terrible. i'm gonna get a mouse i think. UPDATE: hmmm i think...
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    Intel's 45nm

    OK so we know 65nm will be around end of Q4 2005 at earliest, with Q1 2006 being more likely. So when do you guys think 45nm will be released by Intel? I was thinking it would be H2 2007 at earliest. I wonder if Merom goes 45nm? By end of 65nm CPUs I think Intel will have really reduced...
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    Quadcore - when?

    OK so when is Intel's quadcore CPUs hitting the market? Merom? Conroe? 2007?
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    My laptop keyboard kbecame CRAZY slow. HELP

    i can type a sentance and it'll appear at 1 letter per second. what's the cause? it happend after i uninstallled some preinstalled Toshiba laptop things. it took about 3 minutes posting this when before i would have done it in 20 seconds.. HELP! its like hell
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    IRC cuts off same second every morning

    * [10053] Software caused connection abort Something to do with the network surely? Do they do something to cut off packets do you think?
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    IRC at university

    The default IRC ports seem to be blocked by the connection firewall. Is there anyway to bypass the block?
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    Any new news on perpendicular storage or SS storage?

    Anyone know anything new? everything seems to have gone quiet
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    Display + Matrox ?

    Has anyone used a monitor with a matrox card and without a matrox card? I heard the 2D image quality is very noticeable when comparing matrox to ATI/nVidia cards. This is with CRT by the way
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    College network connection

    Hi, i've moved into college and was just wondering if the university staff can monitor your activity without you knowing?
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    DIY Wi-Fi Antenna; anybody done it?

    Hello, has anyone made their own wi-fi antenna for extra range? i was thinking that if you Really wanted to, could you not make a Huge one and put it in the attic and pick up signal from (5+ ?) miles away. If you have, could you provide a picture and maybe link a tutorial or something you used?
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    Scared to put laptop on lap?

    I AM! i'm currently using it on resting on my bed and i can feel the underneath is Hot. i can't imagine putting that near my testicles :( Do your laptops get hot underneath too? I think it's the small wifi card mostly
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    Intel Integrated Graphics

    Hello, does anyone know how to limit the amount of RAM it can use? This for a Centrino laptop by the way.
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    On network: FAT32 shares hidden

    Hello, on my computer it is FAT32 and if i choose to share folders it doesnt show up on the laptop (on same network) which is NTFS. However if i share from laptop which is NTFS the FAT32 computer CAN view the shared items. Shall i convert the FAT32 partitions to NTFS to see if this works or is...
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    Mixing brand and capacity?

    Will it be ok to mix a 256MB RAM stick with a 1GB RAM stick in my laptop? with both sticks being of different brand, but same ratings PC2700
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    Toshiba Tecra: RAM upgrade?

    Hello, my Tecra has 256MB and am wondering if i can buy a 1GB laptop memory stick to pair with the 256MB. But I dont know how to open up the laptop, i tried reading the manual but doesn't mention anything about opening up the laptop.
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    Laptop internet not working!

    delete thread please
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    Best wireless router?

    So what's the best wireless router at the moment? I want something that is incredibly reliable. Speed doesnt matter so much. I want something that will always have strong signal with a laptop and computer in the house without having to masturbate the antennas to pickup a strong signal. I'm...