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    Top 27" 1440p high refresh rate gaming monitors?

    Looking to possibly make the jump from 1080p to 1440p for gaming.... Looking for the top tier recommendations for 27" 1440p 144~165hz+ gaming monitors with fast response times and low input lag. To be clear, looking for 27", no higher. What are the top models as of Nov 2021? Thanks!
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    WTB: Scythe Ninja 5 CPU Cooler

    Looking for a Scythe Ninja 5 CPU Cooler Thanks!
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    WTB: Nvidia Pcie Graphics Card

    Maybe someone can help me out. I am looking for a basic like Nvidia 1GB pcie graphics card preferably on the quiet side for basic computer usage. Like the cheapest 1GB gpu out there. Looking to spend, as close to $0 as possible. :) Prefer Nvidia.
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    Cat6 over Cat5e for a New Home?

    Hello. Just need some help from someone experienced here. To make a long story short, I bought a new home which I get to pick everything for. One of the wiring options is deciding what rooms to put Ethernet cable in and whether or not to upgrade the whole house to Cat6. They are charging $266...
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    Best/Cheapest quality 850w platinum PSU for RTX 3080?

    Looking for good quality reliable 850 watt PSU in the gold+ or platinum area for an RTX 3080. What are the good oems these days? Super flower? Seasonic? Something under $170 would be great.
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    WTT: Sony PlayStation 5 + cash for EVGA RTX 3080

    I have been looking for a EVGA RTX 3080 for a long time now. I have a Sony PS5 + cash for a trade. I am looking for a Evga RTX 3080 at msrp. Looking to deal with long time experienced heatware sellers only. Thanks.
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    Best/Cheapest reliable Plat / Titanium PSU for the money?

    Starting to shop around for a mining rig with 1 or 2 gpus max. With the current state we are in, many things are sold out or super expensive. What is a good high efficiency quality reliable PSU that would be fine with a couple gpus mining/gaming. This will just a second box for 24/7 operation as...
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    Which Air Cooler would you pick for the price Ryzen 5 5600X?

    Just looking for feedback on air cooling a Ryzen 5 5600X. Which air cooler for best bang 4 buck would you pick out of these?: Scythe Mugen 5 ($49.99) Scythe Fuma 2 ($59.99) Noctua NH-U12S ($59.99) Noctua NH-U14S ($64) ID Cooling SE-224-XT($OOS most places? but normally $30). Very intrigued on...
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    CPU for a home server/mining rig/second box for 24/7 uptime

    I could use a little help here. I am interested in building a home file server/mining rig/second box for 24/7 uptime. So what I want is a box to mine with, but also be able to run as like a home file server with 24/7 uptime. So low power consumption and stability is important. I want to be...
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    WTB: CPU/Mobo/Memory Combo | Scythe Mugen5/Fuma 2 or Noctua NH-U14S

    Maybe someone can help me out. I am looking to build a mining rig/file server/second box for myself.... fairly cheap. 1) Looking for some type of good deal for a CPU/Mobo/Memory combo. Will want something priced well and stable/fully functional of course. Not looking to spend too much...
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    WTB: Universal Remote Control (for a pioneer receiver)

    To make a long story short. My old pioneer elite receiver died and my dad gave me an extra vsx-918(I think) receiver cause he had an extra one. Somehow he lost the remote control for it. So I cant use the receiver without a remote, so here I am. I need a decent/good either Logitech harmony or...
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    FS: Intel Core i7-9700K Retail CPU BNIB | Logitech G533 Wiress Headset

    -=For Sale=- 1) New Intel Core i7-9700K LGA 1151 3.6GHZ Processor. Unopened/Sealed. I thought I was going to use this for a second build but I guess I am not. Looking to see if anyone wants it before I return it to Bestbuy. Price: $270 shipped 2) Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset...
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    Best 240hz monitor?

    Anyone experienced around here who has also done the research and/or testing themselves... So I have been kinda wanting a 240hz monitor. Unfortunately there are so many with so many different positives and negatives to each of them.... All around, what is the best bang 4 buck 240hz monitor...
  17. Retsam

    Best 25" 240hz Gaming Monitor?

    To make a long story short, I got laid off work(temporarily?) and now have lots of free time apparently(just no money). I have been wanting a 25" 240hz monitor a while now but just didn't want to pay for one.... Before anyone asks, yes I want 25" not 27", and yes I want TN not IPS. I don't know...
  18. Retsam

    NVMe PCI-E Adapter Expansion card questions

    Just have a few questions for someone.... I see they make PCI-E Slot Expansion cards to hold NVMe drives. I am just curious as to if there are any drawbacks to using these. IE: Speed/Performance or anything like that. Any reason to use the slot on the mobo vs one of the pcie adapters? It...
  19. Retsam

    Secure Erase WD NVMe SSD?

    Trying to securely wipe a western digital nvme SSD. Preferably a program that makes a bootable usb stick to do it as I wont be able to do it while I am on the drive in windows obviously. Samsung has magician but of course it only supports samsung ssds... Western digital has a program which...
  20. Retsam

    WTB: GTX 1060/1070 | 1TB NVMe SSD

    Looking for a good deal on a the following.. 1) GTX 1060 6GB or 1070 2) 1TB NVMe SSD (I prefer WD/Samsung) Thanks! Lmk.
  21. Retsam

    FS: Dell UltraSharp 24" U2415 1920x1200 LED IPS HD Monitor (BNIB) ***SOLD***

    (SOLD) I have for sale a brand new retail boxed Dell UltraSharp 24" U2415 1920x1200 LED IPS HD computer monitor. New. Sealed. Never opened. I bought two of these at bestbuy for over $250 each and ended up only needing one. Price: $180 + actual shipping costs. I cant do free shipping cause...
  22. Retsam

    Best bang 4 buck 1TB NVMe SSD?

    Just bought new Ryzen 5 CPU/Mobo/Ram. I decided it is time to update my boot hdd as well maybe(which is currently a Samsung 860 1tb Sata ssd). I have been doing a bit of research but just want a little added input on the current best bang 4 buck, reliable, fast and cheapest 1TB NVMe SSD. I am...
  23. Retsam

    Ryzen build memory question DDR4 3200 cl14 or 3600 cl16

    I just have a quick question. New ryzen 3600 build with a just ordered B450 mobo. Which memory is better overall. DDR4 3200 cl14 sam b-die or 3600 cl16 sam b-die? I found a cl16 3600 like $5 more than the 3200. Also, how important is it for the modules to be on the mobo support list? I am...
  24. Retsam

    Best/Cheapest 16GB kit Sam B-die memory for new Ryzen 3600 build?

    Doing a new build here for a Ryzen 5 3600. I keep reading people saying Samsung B-die are best for ryzen for stability and compatibility. Anyone have any links or recommendations to the cheapest 8GBx2 DDR4 3200 or greater B-die memory? What kits where? Thanks.
  25. Retsam

    Mobo suggestion for Ryzen 5 3600

    I could use some help and/or thoughts on which mobo to pair with a Ryzen 5 3600. I am having difficulty figuring out what I need/want. I was planning on waiting for B550 to get released, but it seems like some people say that will be Q3/4 of 2020. I do not want to wait that long. Stability and...
  26. Retsam

    B450 or X470 Mobo recommendations for new build

    So... I have finally decided to upgrade my old trusty i5-2500k I have had since 2011. I guess I am going to the dark side and going ryzen 3600 since they seem to be the best bang 4 buck. I have not been in the computer geek world for a while. I am looking for some help with all the different...
  27. Retsam

    Thermal Compound Help Requested (Stock Scythe vs CM vs AS5)

    Maybe someone can help me here. It is not a big deal but being lazy I would rather not have to benchmark the 3 different thermal pastes I have on hand. I have AS5 which I have had for years still. On top of that I recently purchased a Scythe Mugen 5 and that comes with stock paste and I also...
  28. Retsam

    Best budget cpu air cooler?

    Looking to build a new computer here. Just doing some research. I have been rocking an older i5-2500k oc'd with a hyper 212+ evo on it and decided its time to ugprade. I have not decided on cpu yet as I know intel is about to release some new stuff, but my direction is either a i5-8400, i5-8600k...
  29. Retsam

    140mm case fan / 120mm cpu fan recommendations

    I have not really followed the computer thing for a while. Can some experienced people recommend some top 140mm case fans and 120mm cpu cooler fans? Just for my own info so I can look towards specific brands or models for good 140mm case fans and 120mm cpu fan. I am looking for low noise but...
  30. Retsam

    Noctua 140mm/120mm Fan recommendations?

    Looking for a little help here from someone who may know... I have a Fractal Design R5 with the stock fans running, as well as some type of cooler master cpu cooler with a fan I forget off the top of my head. I have decided recently to try and lower the noise level of my computer a bit so after...
  31. Retsam

    Recommendations for a Cool, Quiet, Quality Power Supply

    So for a long while I have noticed my computer gets fairly loud when gaming/load. I do not game much anymore but when I do, I still want the PC to be quiet. I had always thought it was my graphics card and was too lazy to check I suppose. I realized recently it was my fairly old Antec Neo Eco...
  32. Retsam

    ASUS vs MSI Which has better RMA speed/customer service

    Just looking for a little feedback here. Trying to decide on a video card. I have heard bad stories for both. Evga is generally the best, but the GTX 1060 I am looking at seems to run fairly hot and loud. Anyways, between Asus and MSI which would have better RMA and speed if there was ever an...
  33. Retsam

    Samsung 850 EVO Model Number Confusion (MZ-75E500E vs MZ-75E500B/AM)

    Maybe someone experienced can help here. I am looking to purchase a SSD and this is driving me crazy. I cant seem to find the answer. Ive been shopping around. What the f*ck is the difference between MZ-75E500B/AM and MZ-75E500E? Are they different? Which is the better one? Thanks.
  34. Retsam

    USB 2.0 Ports failing? Need help/Advice

    I have been having some weird USB 2.0 port issues over the past 6 months. I need some advice and help on where to go next. I run an ASUS P8Z68-V LX motherboard with an i5-2500k. It has roughly 6 usb 2.0 ports and two usb 3.0 ports in the back. For some strange reason, the usb 2.0 ports do not...
  35. Retsam

    WTB: Good deal on a GTX 1060!

    I am upgrading this Christmas to a new monitor, case and video card... So as title says, I am looking for a good deal on a GTX 1060. Prefer one which still under warranty that doesnt make you register. Dont care about memory size really. Even a 3GB is fine for my needs. Looking to save as much...
  36. Retsam

    Best pick mid/full tower case under $120?

    Trying to decide on a good case to get to replace my Antec P180. ;):) If you were going to pick a mid or full tower case under $120, which would it be?
  37. Retsam

    WTB: Good/Reliable router under $50

    As title says, just looking for a decent reliable router under $50. LMK Thanks!
  38. Retsam

    Streaming blu-ray player with 802.11n?

    Maybe someone can help me. Ive been trying to figure out the best streaming media solution that also allows for local file content playback and basically ive decided to go with some type of blu-ray player since most support local file playback these days. My issue is, ive tested maybe 5...
  39. Retsam

    Streaming media help/suggestions

    Ok so... Havnt really done much of the home theater/streaming media stuff yet. So heres my scenario, I need some help and suggestions. My computer/router is upstairs while my TV/Receiver is downstairs. I just want to be able to play all types of media files such as vobs, dvds, blu-rays, .mkv...
  40. Retsam

    HTPC Case suggestions?

    Ok make a long story short. I bought a new house(which I dont have yet) and I am going to want some type of HTPC box I think. Something I can use wirelessly with a keyboard probably just basically for streaming/watching movies/blu-rays/files etc.... I dont know any components or space...