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    Bay-mounting 120mm fans, requesting advice on brackets/mounts

    I have some older cases where I have excess blocks of 3x 5.25 bays that I'd like to just stuff up with some fans - providing ingress of cold air from outside the case. I have one case where I have mesh bay covers that I'd like to just keep intact, so ideally for that case, the 120mm would be...
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    WTB: old 2000-2006 parts (Socket A, 370, Slot 1, AGP etc)

    I emailed Cooler Master trying to get parts for the original Stacker line, they had nothing. Mainly looking for the bay covers and drive mounting hardware, but heck if you have the whole case, I'm interested. I had a house fire and had to move a couple of times as a result - lost a lot of the...
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    Microsoft launches cold storage in Azure

    Bout time... Cold Storage Comes to Microsoft Cloud | Data Center Knowledge
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    What VPS do you use?

    I know this is mostly just virtualization and not cloud computing, but hey, can't hurt to kick things off some more. I've had stuff at UnixShell# , Linode, DigitalOcean, zetservers and finally I'm over at Bhost. What are you using, and how have you liked the performance so far? Being on Bhost...
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    What cloud activity did you get up today?

    Vogons has a thread that's just "What vintage computing activity did you do today?", so I figured, why not do something like that here? Added 100GB of a registration dataset to my Google cloud drive. Worked on an NSG generator for Azure Made a web appservice template for Azure
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    Dust Bunnies

    So my ESXi box for firewall + fileserver etc sits on the floor in my kids room. Recently it had taken to overheating when we would use Plex, so I stopped using Plex on it. And then yesterday it took to just overheating all the time, making an incessant beeping noise. Time to clean it out. Ugh...
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    ESXi Guest not getting DHCP from cable modem

    Hi guys. I had a problem this weekend and I want to try to get some troubleshooting ideas before I give it another go. Host: ESXi 5.5u1 Mobo: Supermicro X7SBE NIC: Intel® 82573V + Intel® 82573L (Yes I had to roll that in to 5.5) Old Modem: Moto SB5121 New Modem: Moto SB6121 Guest...
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    quad socket f in f@h these days

    Hey guys I've been gifted the following: H8QME-2 with hexcore 2.0 socket F cpus opteron 8423 8x 2GB ddr2 socket 939 heatsinks modified for socket F It has some adapters to adapt PCI-E to EPS. What kind of PSU would be sufficient to push this? The only thing I really have available...
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    dual 24" setup recommendations?

    use case: staring at multiple terminals 8hrs a day need: dual or triple 24" need: 1920x1200 resolution need: monitor stand with height adjustments prefer: IPS displays prefer: 2x DVI input, 1x+ DP, 1x+ HDMI prefer: higher vertical resolution want: card reader want: usb ports want...
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    Need someone to test a ramdisk thingy

    eta: got feedback already thanks
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    Spotting fake Lenovo adapters and batteries

    For a little while now there have been counterfeit Lenovo adapters on the market, even on Amazon. I decided that maybe I would put together some information on spotting fakes, to help. If you can think of anything just ask for it to be included. Listing Title You can not...
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    Fujitsu Primergy TX100 S3 for OI ZFS?

    I'm looking at putting together a very small home storage server. Ideally I would have two 2TB drives in a mirrored vdev. Maybe in three years I replace them with 4TB drives and the array auto-expands. I saw the Primergy TX100 S3 and it seemed like it might be a great fit. TX100 S3 Specs...
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    Why yes, honey, the fans *are* a bit louder lately

    Wife: Should we upgrade? Me: Probably a good idea. Just to be safe. For the Horde!
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    Is there a satisfaction index of some sorts with RAM mfgs?

    You get such mixed reviews on everything until it's hard to tell who is really good and who's not so hot (except for OCZ, I've seen no ambiguity there). Nowadays I'm not so concerned with performance as much as I used to be. I'm looking at getting more RAM and I want to patronize the company...
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    Heatware probably stores your password in plaintext

    I generated a long password for HW, when I got back around to it today it did not work, so I did password recovery. The recovery email sent to me contained a truncated version of the long password I had used. Just make sure you're not using a password here that is used anywhere else.
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    F@H Links for the uninitiated

    I was trying to talk a coworker with a 2600K and some GTX280s into Folding... is there a good short intro thread I can send people like this to? I'm pretty sure I got him sold on it, but if there's not an easy way for him to get involved I doubt that he'll bother with it.
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    Motherboard trays for cheap?

    I was looking at this now that the CM ATCS 840 trays @$12 are gone: Wondering if anyone else had anything cheap they knew of that was reliably in-stock. I want to...
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    PCI-E slot mod for F@H??

    I know in RC5-72/BTC Mining you can cut an x1 slot and stick a Radeon in. The bandwidth is sufficient to keep the card fed for those applications since they're not loading/unloading a lot of data. Does this hold true in F@H? Has anyone tried it?
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    WTB Frag tape, small GPU

    Immediate: Frag tape or thermal epoxy. (Have a Badaxe board with a busted chipset retention clip) July: Small GPU to go in the Badaxe. 430W PSU here so be gentle. GT430 or somewhere around that range I figure. I figure hell if it's turned on it might as well be putting in a few WUs.
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    Remember Step-Thermodynamics?

    I had one of their modified Athlon 500@650 The cooler was front and back, oddly enough: Of course I ended up with a crap OCZ goldfinger and a crap mobo (FIC SD11)... shouldn't have spent all of my money on the CPU :D It's too bad that they went down the crapper.
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    puppet modules for F@H?

    Are there any existing puppet modules for F@H? If not, would anyone be interested in them? I could make some and host it on github.
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    my relic finally died on me

    Slot 1 Celly 266@448, 192MB RAM :( Hard drive blew a controller chip. At least my Athlon 700s still work
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    Affordable hi-res display?

    I do a lot of terminal work and want as much screen real estate as possible, mostly in pixels. I'd prefer something >1680x1050, and the more pixels the better. I view the GDM-FW900 as rare and cost prohibitive, but the holy grail. If I win the lottery I am buying one. I currently run two 19"...
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    How would you do this on Windows? (Truncating runaway log file)

    I had a process start bugging out and dumping crap tons of log entries, 2MB/sec. I restarted the processes, but it seemed to freak out randomly, and I couldn't really pinpoint the cause. I upgraded the software to a newer version and it ran for 90 minutes just fine, where earlier it would freak...
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    <$500 old VM hardware vs a new build similarly priced

    I have a rack and plenty of AC power, I run a lot of Xen and KVM stuff. I see a lot of 16 and 32GB servers going on eBay for $500 and under and I can't help but wonder if the older tech is worth it. For instance, I saw a Sun v40z with 4ea dual core opterons, no drives and 16GB of RAM for...
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    Anyone here use Legato Networker on ZFS vols?

    If so, do you export UFS vols for Networker, or just use ZFS native? If ZFS, do you use gzip or dedupe on the vols? I'm curious how other people do it, and why.
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    I love the mobile computing market right now; old Thinkpads FTW

    I find T41s all day long for $100, I love it. More powerful than a netbook Good battery life More accessories Thinkpad quality and durability 180* hinges Docking stations <$20 AC Adapters <$20 Full documentation Full linux support Throw in a 1GB stick of DDR400, an Intel 2200BG and...
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    Just found and threw away an OCZ Goldfinger

    man did that bring back some memories and man did the OCZ Goldfinger suck when I had it. I had it on a 500... it had been modified with warranty by some company (can't remember the name) and was clocked at 650 with a real goldfinger (with the power connector) it could do 750 but it was very...
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    Finally got a 775 bolt-through conversion kit

    Got this one, as my Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro's pushpins suck: Worked great! I used dikes and just chomped the pushpins in half. I am so tired of pushpin heatsinks. :(
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    ITT you recommend microcontroller books

    AVR, PIC, ATmega, etc Go!
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    Sun v1280, 12 CPUs, 32GB RAM, $500 We had one of these at work, we paid $100,000 for it in when we got it (E2900). If I had a way to wire the 220v into this, I would so face the...
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    Packard Bell Serial irDA remote with receiver, $1.50

    Yes, the Packard Bell remote. Possibly the most famous single PC remote ever. Serial DB9, work perfectly under LIRC and WinLIRC. $5 flat rate shipping. ETA: Oops, guess I wasn't the only one who noticed. Out of stock now. Can't delete thread.
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    WTB C2D ~$50

    Looking to spend approx $50 + shipping, I do not require a heatsink. Got burned on a deal and I don't have a lot of money, let me know what you have!
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    Protecting your computer from kids

    What do you do? I've disconnected my reset switch, my power switch doesn't initiate immediate shutdown. All my cords are ziptied and wrapped closely to the desks. what else do you do?
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    ZFS Dedupe finally integrated

    And there was much rejoicing
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    New Ergotron Stand?

    "Ergotron Neo-Flex All In One stand" VESA mount, strap for the computer, handle up top for carry there's a spot there behind the monitor for the keyboard to be locked in, and there's an empty cavity in the base of the stand for the mouse to sit. Seems like the start of a perfect...
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    Silverlight : Which language? (help a nublet)

    I'm needing to make a GUI app for a space game, and I figured, hey, Silverlight. It would basically be a zoomable (Google maps style) map with an overhead of a starmap. You could click on your fleet and right-click on a star system within range to send the fleet there. I had a crude mockup...
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    Do we get guest VMs with Snow Leopard?

    Haven't heard anything definitive on this one, I've just been saying no so far.
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    Do you think smartbooks will take off?

    I'm sure we've all seen that Slashdot article about the sub-$200 tablet with the ARM processor, and new developments like the Cortex A8 and Marvell Sheeva that are redefining capabilities from commodity hardware. Do you think smartbooks will see any success? I can see the argument that our...
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    The first web accelerator product?

    Does anybody remember that circa 1998 product that ran in the background and would prefetch pages? It was geared towards dialup users, but everybody ended up using it. It kind of started a crap storm about prefetching, IIRC.