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    FS: Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti 11GB - $475 USD Shipped

    I have a Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti for sale for $475 USD shipped. It's in excellent condition comes in original box and was never overclocked, I really didn't even game on it that much at all in fact. I ran it in a dust free case where GPU temps never went above 72 DEGC. PM If you are...
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    Square Enix Steam Sale

    Some great deals on all the classic Square Enix games on Steam ATM. They have made some great series over the years; Final Fantasy, Dues Ex, Thief, Tomb Raider, and Hitman to name a few. Finally going to play through Dues Ex this weekend! Enjoy...
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    Lian-li liquid cooled Sandy build.

    Suggestions and comments pls. Looking for ideas for next revision. Been rocking the same case for 3 years, on my forth build. Prior to my v2000b+ I had a v1200b, it was great just a little cramped. I loved the layout of the v1200 but I needed more room for hard drives and wire management, so i...
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    Missing Wireless Dongle

    I have come across a slightly used Logitech S510 keyboard and mouse set. Its a great keyboard, only problem is, the usb wireless reciever is missing. Can I order a replacement?
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    Upgrading my Lian-li V2000

    In honour of Fragapalooza, a local Lan event, I have decided to upgrade my system, figured I'd share it here. I am looking for advice, suggestions are welcome. Stage One: i7 920 -->2600k Asus P6T Se --> Asus P8P67 Deluxe Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600 3x2gb Triple Channel --> Corsair Vengence...
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    Dell U2711 a good buy?

    I am in need of a new monitor, looking at the new Dell 27 inch u2711. Its on sale for $900 cdn. Thoughts?
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    New case configuration query

    I have been seeing some cases lately with the motherboard aligned in a peculiar way. The graphic card and motherboard connections facing the top of the case. Doesn't this require a top compartment to route cables through? Anyway just wanted to hear some peoples opinion of this approach.
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    Favourite CPU overclocks

    After reading through gimpy04's thread focusing on cpu progression, i realized i couldn't remember all the chips I had run on. Instead only the cream of the crop came to mind. No doubt we have all delt with cpus that have underperfomed, but when you are in the possesion of a cpu from a...
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    FS. Ati x1950xtx CE + Tyee waterblock

    For sale: Ati X1950XTX cossfire edition with Danger Den Tyee full coverage waterblock. This card overclocks easily to 700mhz (core) 2.2ghz (memory) in the Ati overdrive section of CCC. I maxed it out at 730mhz (core) with ati tool. $150.00 + shipping
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    What happens if you pwn noobs....

    Aside from the ending this "very old" youtube clip had me roflmao!! Enjoy. warning profanity and violence.
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    "AMD: We Innovate, Intel Copies"

    Interesting.... Heading back home after opening an R&D center in Bangalore, AMD CEO Hector Ruiz, took some time off to bash Intel.....,intelcopies.shtml
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    Plextor drive issue?

  13. infin@

    Plextor drive issue?

    I've had my trusty px-755sa for about two years and have had no problems with it. The only aggravating issue, until recently was dvd playback would stutter and hang, once or twice at the beginning of any dvd movie, after the initial stutter everything would play smoothly. My current problem...
  14. infin@

    crossfired 1950xtxs = dissapointment

    I have been running these cards for little over 8 months and have been very happy with the results. The addition of a second card bumped my 3dmark06 score 5k from around 7k to 13k. Most of the games I have been playing showed major improvements in both frame rates and image quality thanks to the...
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    Core 2 issue

    I recently built a new computer around the new e6850. I decided to pair the cpu with a badaxe 2 mobo, knowing that a bios revision would be neccisary in order to boot. I used an old p4 I had to install windows and update the bios. After I switched the cpus and booted.......nothing. Fans spin up...
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    E6850 question

    what mobos support it?
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    More Power Needed?

    My current system, see sig, has been up and running for 10 months no problems, except for a dead ram stick.:mad: I have two 12v pumps pushing/pulling my coolant through my 4 water blocks and 2 rads. I was wondering if I added 4 500gb HDs to my system would I require more power? I also have 6...
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    Sharp Aquos 37" 1080p woes

    I bought this display through futureshop for $1699 cdn around four months ago. After the first two months a dead pixel appeared, then another, then another...I now have 5 dead pixels along the bottom of my panel, about an inch up into the screen. Due to Sharp's awesome dead pixel policy...
  19. infin@

    Advice on RMA for Corsair XMS2 Pro

    I just had a stick of my corsair dual channel kit crap out on me. I was already dissapointed in the performance of these sticks and now this! I had them running at 750mhz and they were rated for 800, which they weren't even stable at. I got a 2048mb dual channel kit of XMS2 ProC4 6400, I was...
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    Is my MOBO toast?

    So i spent the afternoon working on my computer installed a bay fan and a few switches for some lights. After I was finished I booted up at defualt settings and everything was fine and dandy. I then shut down and put the side panels on my tower and booted again.... All the fans...
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    Coolant options

    I been using fluid XP in my system for the past year and have no quams with it. I am moving to distilled water/antifreeze combo at a 9 to 1 ratio to save some money. I'm wondering how often a fluid change will be needed and how much harder it will be on my copper water blocks and aluminum...
  22. infin@

    Liquid Cooled Lian-li v1200b v2.0

    Well got tired of waiting for the r600 and decided to build my first crossfire setup. I had just sold one of my old comps and found a x1950 xtx crossfire card for $419.99 cdn on ncix and decided to pull the trigger. Got rid of my ultra 550 ps, the fan was loud when my system was stressed. Picked...
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    Liquid Cooled Lian-li v1200b v2.0

  24. infin@

    ATI price drops?

    Looking to pull the trigger on a second x1950 xtx . Found one for 450 cdn, not bad. You guys think they will drop further? I notice that the x1900 xtxs havent really come down that much. I've have also heard that you now don't need a "master card (crossfire edition)". Seems like bollocks to me...
  25. infin@

    Query about CoreTemp Beta 0.94

    What should the expected temps be for an e6600? I'm using water and clocked my cpu up to around 3.6ghz at 1.55v. Temps say core 0= 49c core 1= 47c @ idle under orthos load, core 0 = 61c core 1 = 59c. I drop the cpu down to 3.43 and 1.45v and temps drop 2c at idle and 3c under load. Is this to...
  26. infin@

    Medieval Total War 2 = good or bad

    I loved the first total war and when rome TW came out i was in heaven. Anyone played the new one? It was getting a little repetitive towards the end of Rome TW, kinda hoping for some big changes. Thxs
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    Overclocked Core2 hiccup

    Soooo....had my new system up and running for just over a month, super happy no problems what so ever. Then I shut my computer down for around 1 1/2 to take a nap. Hit the power switch and I get the old "please reboot and select boot device" message. WTF. So i reboot and my raid 0 array is...
  28. infin@

    Frigid liquid cooling?

    Just a query to all....seeing as how their are multiple types of coolants that can be utilized in a pc cooling set up. Some have lower freezing temperatures than water ie. fluid Xp, I think it freezes at around -20C...Anyway was wondering if anyone is running liquid close to the freezing point...
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    ATI X1950 xtx help

    First off, this forum has been a great help on my last build, so much so that i decided to become a member. Heres my current problem/question..... I am currently running a sapphire x1950 xtx with a dd tyee waterblock. I've already bumped the core and memory up to max with the catalyst...
  30. infin@

    Need advice about silent PSU

    Looking for a reliable psu capable of handling my current rig + an additional x1950 xtx (CF). My current choice has performed well, its just a little to loud for the bedroom that the computer is in. Shoulda researched more i guess :p , figured a 120mm fan would be a quiet one. Thx.
  31. infin@

    Loud PSU fan

    I'm currently running a Ultra X2 550 and the fan if a tad on the loud side under load, the rest of my system is liquid cooled and this loud psu fan is driving me nuts!!! Any chance i can swap the 120mm fan out for a less loud replacement, or am i stuck throwing this psu into the used parts pile??