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  1. cortexodus

    Demo Available For Solar Warden

    So lemme get this straight, the ex-lead on a "game" that's been in dev for years and will likely never actually exist, is looking to release a new game for like 1.4% the cost of the last "game" he worked on? That's hilarious.
  2. cortexodus

    Ajit Pai Openly Mocks Net Neutrality Protesters with Dumb New Video

    You clearly don't know any severely disabled people. To some people, who can do little now but move their eyes in order to control a computer, the internet amounts to what they have left of their entire life. I guarantee you that if they could, they would do what you describe but they can't. But...
  3. cortexodus

    Netflix Stole My VHS Cassette Photos for Its Stranger Things Boxed Set

    It's truly disturbing to me how many people seem to think it's perfectly justifiable for companies whose profits are measured in hundreds of millions of dollars to fuck over an individual... *I will clarify: It doesn't matter if this guy has a leg to stand on or not, I see people saying "who...
  4. cortexodus

    Intel’s Flagship 9th-Generation Core i7-9700K May Pack 8 Cores, 16 Threads

    Hopefully they'll upgrade the TIM to a dollop of mayo this time.
  5. cortexodus

    How Loot Boxes Led to Never-Ending Games (And Always-Paying Players)

    Pretty sure they only made it look like they "cut the cost". They also reduced the rate of credit accrual such that the "reduced cost" of the unlocks is effectively an illusion.
  6. cortexodus

    EA’s Defense of Star Wars: Battlefront II is Now Reddit’s Most Downvoted Comment

    Likely "awarded" by EA's own alt-accounts. Also, I now have the answer to my original question about this shit, lol.
  7. cortexodus

    First Batch of iPhone Xs Is Reportedly Just 46,500 Units

    As expected, really. The iPhone X is not the "real" product. The iPhone 8 is, and that's not working out well for them since there is little to differentiate it from the -now somewhat cheaper and readily available- iPhone 7.
  8. cortexodus

    Mandatory Windows 10 Update Is Causing Machines to BSOD

    This is revelatory for me. I was not aware of the existence of this branch of Windows 10. Thank you, seriously. (y)
  9. cortexodus

    Mandatory Windows 10 Update Is Causing Machines to BSOD

    All of you guys who are so blasé, like "oh, I just disable updates" feel free to fill in the rest of us on how this simple thing you're doing which somehow works better than literally isolating windows 10 "enterprise" machines from communicating to sets of DNS records in excess of 20k entries...
  10. cortexodus

    Mandatory Windows 10 Update Is Causing Machines to BSOD

    That is not effective. I have way more preventive measures in place. My home machine doesn't even talk to windows update directly. It only gets updates from WSUS in my cluster. Yet gee whiz, what's this? "Try the Facebook app, it's already on your machine!" "What the fuck?" MS has gone way...
  11. cortexodus

    Mandatory Windows 10 Update Is Causing Machines to BSOD

    Nice of the "new" version to also begin silently installing shit like the Facebook app and "Photos Add-on" on top of reinstalling literally all of the stupid shit I de-provisioned using PowerShell. Oh, and silently un-installing f.lux as part of the update. I presume it did this to help push me...
  12. cortexodus

    Stars Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer with Details

    Now I just wonder how Electronic Assholes will fuck it up and make it a shit-show unworthy of purchase.
  13. cortexodus

    Steam: how many hours?

    Fallout 4 with 432 hours, and KSP right behind it at 412 hours.
  14. cortexodus

    WD Black 2TB Platter Count Change

    Update: Replacement drive received. Appears that I got a 4 platter drive.
  15. cortexodus

    WD Black 2TB Platter Count Change

    Yea, it will be nice if the replacement has the newer platter configuration.
  16. cortexodus

    WD Black 2TB Platter Count Change

    Well, the RMA'ed drive was received and they've shipped me a replacement. We'll see what I get, I suppose.
  17. cortexodus

    GameStop: Forced Bundles Are for Customer Convenience

    Yep, first word from my mouth: "Bullshit" Next words: "Fuck this guy and GameStop in general"
  18. cortexodus

    MSI 980ti Gaming 6G heatsink upgrade

    Nice setup but, I'm pretty spooked by the sheer amount of weight hanging off that PCI-E slot... I would definitely find a way to brace that GPU's front end.
  19. cortexodus

    WD Black 2TB Platter Count Change

    Hey folks. I had 2x WD2003FZEX units in RAID0 and one of them decided to acquire some uncorrectable sectors. So, off to RMA it goes. In the meantime, I picked up a replacement hoping to just reassemble the 4TB RAID0 array and go back to using things like normal. I noted when I picked up the new...
  20. cortexodus

    Samsung Debuts World’s First Cinema LED Display

    What ever happened to SED technology? Oh... patent trolling.
  21. cortexodus

    Apacer PT920 COMMANDO PCIe SSD

    Now you can have tacti-cool in your boxxor as well! :p
  22. cortexodus

    I turned on my PC while CMOS jumper was in clear position. Did I blow it?

    Do what pendragon1 says below, then do what bandalo says above for sure. I've read more than one entry in places about these Ryzen boards taking an inordinate amount of time to do "first boot" after a BIOS reset. I've had this type of panic recently as well after resetting the BIOS on my...
  23. cortexodus

    Most reliable memory brands

    lol, Whut?
  24. cortexodus

    Microcenter CPU/Mobo Policy

    I find myself in the unenviable position of defending the soul-sucking nightmare that was CompUSA... I worked there for 5 years, and never saw what you're describing at the location I worked at. In fact, when someone would bring back something "un-opened" it wound up being policy to open the...
  25. cortexodus

    For UPS owners, please tell me why you are using a UPS. And any recommendations are appreciated.

    I use this thing for my main PC, main display, ESXi host, cable modem, router, and switch. Primarily because the house I was in constantly experienced brown-outs, short power losses, and just generally had shitty, unstable power. I plan on acquiring another one just to run my other PCs from it...
  26. cortexodus

    Galax 1080 Ti Founders Edition $660

    They still don't sell through any other vendors to my knowledge. The only source for their products is their own store. FWIW, I had a very negative experience with Galaxy (now Galax) in regards to an RMA on a 780 HOF which they ultimately turned into a very positive experience. My feelings...
  27. cortexodus

    Most reliable memory brands

    I've used Samsung, Crucial, G.Skill, Corsair, Kingston, PNY, Mushkin, even "off-brand" shit like ULTRA (love those holographic stickers, lol) back in the day. In my experience, it's all the same shit unless you're shooting for higher-binned speedy stuff. Unless someone has taken literally piles...
  28. cortexodus

    Force full screen app to use second GPU?

    While the theory is not without merit, the practical implementation of what you're asking for isn't really present in any GPU's driver. Not with Windows, anyway. I'm sure this is doable in Linux, somehow. Now, one way I can see this working "in windows", would be to run a hypervisor on the...
  29. cortexodus

    Comcast Vows to Not Sell Customers Individual Web Browsing Data

    Which is exactly why there needs to be something in place that tells them precisely what they're not allowed to do. As it is, there's nothing stopping them from doing whatever the hell they want, which I think we can all agree they do poorly at best. Yea, that's working out great for all of...
  30. cortexodus

    Indiana's Inmates Could Soon Have Access to Tablets

    "Things that are bad are only bad when they happen to me, personally. Fuck other people." <- 'merica
  31. cortexodus

    "Windows 10 Destroyed Our Data!" Microsoft Hauled into US Court

    Most of these stories are just people dealing with things that they're simply ignorant about. It's not even that they're necessarily stupid (they may very well be, but it's not the important bit), it's that they have no idea what's happening and just operate on assumptions about the stability of...
  32. cortexodus

    Indiana's Inmates Could Soon Have Access to Tablets

    That's because we operate on principles instead of basing our policies on outcomes. We're stupid as shit in the US about this sort of thing.
  33. cortexodus

    For Honor Will Cost You over $700 in Microtransactions

    Yea, it won't cost me anything since I won't be paying into it. I think everyone picks their poison with regard to these DLC factory type games. I've paid into TitanFall 2 and Overwatch, and I picked up the season pass to Fallout 4 when that happened, too. The extent to which these games are...
  34. cortexodus

    ISPs Say Your Web Browsing and App Usage History Isn’t “Sensitive”

    Because we're not their customers anymore, we're their resource, which they mine, sell, and ship to their actual customers: Other businesses.
  35. cortexodus

    Blast from the Soltek Past

    Soyo P4X400 Dragon Lite. So. Much. Purple. Color of royalty, man! :p
  36. cortexodus

    Is installing "Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver Software" necessary ?

    Don't need it but, I like to install it so I can configure aspects of the Raid0 arrays I run. Specifically, setting cache mode to write-though to ensure data integrity as much as possible.
  37. cortexodus

    Mouse and keyboard work in BIOS but not in windows

    I concur. Also, try a Linux Live CD on a flashdrive or something fer Chrissakes. It'll take 15 min tops and you'll know for sure if the issue is strictly OS related (it probably is).
  38. cortexodus

    Mouse and keyboard work in BIOS but not in windows

    Most likely USB device drivers are hosed somehow. Test with a Linux LiveCD just to be sure. Probably just need to reinstall/force reinstall the chipset/USB driver set for your board.
  39. cortexodus

    BANG! Goes the Delidder!

    Pretty sure it's a reference to knocking the silly half-cocked hat off a kid's head. You're "de-lidding" 'em. :D
  40. cortexodus

    BANG! Goes the Delidder!

    It's from an Eminem track.