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    New to VR

    I recently picked up a rift bundle for $140 and came with everything in box (headset, 2 touch controls, and 2 sensors). Are there any good exclusives for the rift? What's the best way to clean the headset? I noticed I get outside light from the nose area on the face foam. Is there a foam...
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    Turbo boost on laptop

    I'm looking at this HP pavilion 15 laptop that has a core i5-8300h & 1050ti. Now the power plan is set to balance and the CPU usage is below 10% and it's turboing to Max 3.9 GHz on all cores all the time. This is an issue as the cooling system on the laptop sucks. Why is the laptop turboing...
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    WTB: Sata II SSD

    Looking for a ssd like a samsung 470/pm810 for a laptop I got, needs to be around 128gb. Pm what you have and how much your looking to get for it. Thanks!
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    raid 0 question

    It's been awhile since i've dealt with raid and im trying to help out a relative with his new computer. He says he installed a chipset driver from asus's website for his asus maximus v gene and it broke his raid. I was little confused cause i didn't think the chipset driver would break his...
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    Hardware Intense PC Games

    Can someone recommend a bunch of hardware intense pc games, trying to stack them up against a computer im building for a relative of mine. He'll be using a 660Ti SLI platform. His previous computer was using GTS 250 SLI.
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    samsung 30nm testing

    got my mini in my sig up and running, haven't overclocked or messed with memory in ages. I plan on messing with memory timings at this moment. Was wondering what programs you guys use to test the memory with?
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    Virgin Mobile HTC One V 49.99 + Cashback

    Dead Cyber Monday Sale over at Virgin Mobile's website. HTC One V 49.99 free shipping + tax Go to, create an account, click the HTC One V for 49.99 free shipping on the front page of fatwallet, and you'll get cash back on the purchase up to supposedly 22.50. update So...
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    HP Debranded 20" IPS LED Monitor $96 Shipped

    IPS panel on the cheapz: 900p only and a refurb 23" Version $145:
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    External Drive Win8

    Relative of mine is on windows 8 now and I can't seem to figure out how to get his old external usb hard drive to work. When I plug it in nothing prompts up, I don't even see anything in the device manager. His motherboard is an Asus P8H77-V LE and I went into the bios and setup the USB ports...
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    Windows 8 Upgrade Clean Install

    Like many other users, I have purchased the Windows 8 Pro upgrade through the windows upgrade offer and received it for 15$. Once you have the installation media (dvd iso or usb) you can then proceed to do a fresh install. Once you have it installed on new equipment you may have noticed that...
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    Asus G46VW Thread

    Asus G46VW 14" gaming notebook was launched Oct 25th. Thought I would make a new thread for it. Specs 11/2 Added Links & Pic
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    lan-gear Infinity Mini ITX Case looks like it actually launched in europe, wondering if we'll ever get it in the US. Launched 10-20-2012 mattinv Last Activity: 10-22-2012 12:11 PM *Suspicious Stare*
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    Zalman CNPS 9700 clips

    Which and where can I get the mounting clips for a Zalman CNPS 9700 for a 1155 system?
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    Samsung 830 ssd 128gb 69.99 shipped

    *DEAD* Didn't get it via tigerdirect's website try this: Samsung 830 SSD 128GB 69.99 Free Shipping Ships from circuitcity (tigerdirect)
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    Build needed for a family member

    Upgrading a computer for a relative, He just wants it fast and reliable, no gaming at all. He's currently on a FX-60 build, 2gb of ram, and a crappy hard drive. I want to move him to SSD for sure. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc General, Web...
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    WTB: Torchlight 2

    Looking for a cheaper price for it :D
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    Nvidia releases new kepler chips

    New GTX 670mx & GTX 675mx to replace previous fermi models:
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    BitFenix Prodigy Jack O' Lantern Edition

    I think it looks cool but price tag $799.95 @ performance-pcs
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    Asus G Series 14in

    Looks like asus is coming out with another g series laptop, but this time looks like we get a 14 inch! no specs given at this time, but looking forward to the 14in gamer
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    Silverstone SG09

    Silverstone SG09, your thoughts and opinions
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    razer deathstalker

    i've always hated razer products but then again, that's when they were first coming out. any takers on the deathstalker?
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    fan connector question

    would it be better to do this: 1) H60 pump connected to standard motherboard fan header and 3x 120mm fans connected to the 4pin cpu_header using something like this or 2) H60 pump connected to motherboard via 3 pin & 2x 120mm fans connected to 4pin molex to 3pin fan y-cable im...
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    palm rest wear/fade

    my g73jh that i got from a family member has some palm rest fade on it, was wondering if there's a way to restore it without replacing the whole palm rest assembly.
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    thin style 17.3 laptop backpack?

    I recently traded one of my rigs for a g73 laptop, but i dont have a backpack for it. The laptop itself his huge so i want to cut back on backpack size.. i know i know quite contradicting but nonetheless i want a 17.3 inch laptop backpack that will fit just my 17.3 laptop, mouse, and power...
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    asus g73 with a 7970m

    Apparently its possible to breath new life in your g73 laptop by installing a sager/clevo 7970m into it... Granted youll need to flash the vbios to disable enduro and have a good power supply but hell... If you already own a g73 and want moAR PoWAR ...power to ya with this cool upgrade. Check...
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    HP Touchpad 32GB Dual-Boot ICS & WebOS ends Aug 20, 2012 10:26:03 PDT-Start $150.00

    HP Touchpad 32GB Dual-Boot ICS & WebOS, Great Condition 9/10, Comes with original box and Official Case. No Charger or USB cable included.
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    WTB lga 1156 motherboard cpu backplate

    Yup looking to buy a lga 1156 cpu backplate for my dfi board so i can mount my h60 on it. The stock one is too fat. I need something like this:
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    LGA1156 cpu backplate

    Where can i buy a lga 1156 cpu motherboard backplate? My DFI board has a shitty thick black backplate...which prevents from mounting the corsair h60 correctly. I need something like this:
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    slim dvd drive screws

    I just bought a slim dvd drive; however, no screws were included. Where do I get them, couldn't find a store to sell them.
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    user breaks agreement

    I have a problem with a user. We agreed that i would buy his samsung 830 ssd but my funds wont clear till 8/17 tomorrow. He agreed he would sell it to me on the agreed date. Then he goes ahead and breaks the agreement and sells to someone else. As far as im concerned he sidestepped me didnt...
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    PlayStation Vita Bundle!!! ends Aug 19, 2012 start $290, BIN $340

    Another, relist... This is also in my FS thread, for a cheaper price. If you feel you would like to get it for cheaper please bid. Selling my near mint Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi model with a 4GB Memory Card, Rocketfish Premium Vault molded case, and 9 games! Everything is in near mint...
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    google wallet experience

    Well.. Ive had my lg optimus elite for awhile and well.. With the hype of goovle wallet coming to phones with the use of nfc ... It seem like it would be fun. Well first off i went to the local wahlgreens to try it out alas no dice... Instead stood there with a long line looking like a moron ...
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    HaX's Basement Sale!

    Selling a bunch o' stuff in hopes to raise my laptop gaming fund. First off, I only ship within the US and will only accept paypal at this time. Shipping method will be at my discretion and I will try to ship out as soon as payments are received. HP Touchpad 32GB Dual-Boot Android ICS...
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    Sony PlayStation Vita, 4GB Memory, Case, 9 Games!!! ends Aug 13, 2012 start $0.01

    Selling my near mint Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi model with a 4GB Memory Card, Rocketfish Premium Vault molded case, and 9 games! Everything is in near mint condition, the only thing I have misplaced is the case for Gravity Rush. If I find the case I will gladly send it...
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    WTTF: Gaming Laptop

    Looking to trade my clear case mod ps3, vita bundle, and hp touchpad 32gb (dual booter) + cash for a nice gaming laptop! The clear case PS3 and Vita bundle are currently on ebay (check ebay section page for more details). :D
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    Sony PlayStation Vita, 4GB Memory, Case, 9 Games!!! ends Aug 13, 201210 start $300

    Selling my near mint Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi model with a 4GB Memory Card, Rocketfish Premium Vault molded case, and 9 games! Everything is in near mint condition, the only thing I have misplaced is the case for Gravity Rush. If I find the case I will gladly send it...
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    PS3 Slim Clear Case Mod 1TB HDD 3.55 ends Aug 05, 2012 09:59:01 PDT - Start $149.50

    Gotta luv them non-paying bidder don't ya?.. well, here's another chance for you guys: Auction is for a PS3 Slim with a nice clear case mod, blu-ray disc drive is see-through, and has been upgraded to a 1TB internal hard drive. Fail to mention this but per ebay regs it has to be listed with...
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    3DMark android

    Anyone hear about 3DMark is going to be coming to android?
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    HP Touchpad 32GB Dual-Boot ICS & WebOS ends Aug 06, 201210:47:57 PDT-Start $150.00

    HP Touchpad 32GB with Dual-Boot ICS & WebOS, running cyanogenmod 9. No scratches mint condition w/ extras! Starting at 150 bid!
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    cable shortening

    Im currently cable shortening my pci-express cable for my ST50F I got one of the molex pins out but im having trouble getting the others out.. Im using the Lamptron modding tool to remove the pins but the damn sucker isnt coming out... anyone have suggestions?