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  1. Tsumi

    Found, thanks!

    Looking for a 1080ti level GPU with waterblock. Recently upgraded my monitors and the GTX 690 couldn't run them (3x 1440p 144 hz). Planned to upgrade my GPU after getting the monitors, but I got the monitors right before the chip shortage/crypto mania hit. I got a GTX 960 from a cousin, but it...
  2. Tsumi

    Recharging lithium ion batteries twice as fast with light Cool tech, and something badly needed for mass EV adoption. For all you conspiracy theorists, this comes from the US Department of Energy.
  3. Tsumi

    As China Hacked, U.S. Businesses Turned A Blind Eye

    Interesting article on how companies essentially allowed Chinese hacking to run rampant. What incentive would they have to stop? Also, yet another classic case of chasing short term profits at the expense of long term ones...
  4. Tsumi

    MSI RMA issues

    Update 3/16/2015: A check is being sent for $183, satisfactorily concluding this RMA. I have a MSI Big Bang Xpower II that stopped turning on for whatever reason. Not sure why, happened out of the blue. MSI does not have any replacement motherboards to send out. They cannot fix my motherboard...
  5. Tsumi

    4930k for $415 AC or less at TigerDirect plus shipping

    Tigerdirect currently has the 4930k for $430: Couple it with TigerDirect's $15 off $100 offer to bring it down to $415. If you have Discover, you can use Shopdiscover to get an additional 10% off...
  6. Tsumi

    WTB: Sony Xperia Z3 Verizon

    Like the title says, I'm looking for a Xperia z3. Has to be verizon. Thanks
  7. Tsumi

    [FS] Netgear 48 port switch and Behringer Ultradrive Pro DCX 2496

    Just posting some things for my cousin. Good bit of home audio equipment. 8 Behringer Ultradrive pro DCX 2496 on the right. 5 slightly used, 3 unused in their boxes. - $100 each + shipping. Starting on the left side from bottom to top. Netgear Prosafe 48 port switch GSM 7248 - $100 +...
  8. Tsumi

    Tigerdirect Corsair H60 $20 AR refurbished

    Just as the title says. Found over on SD.
  9. Tsumi

    Max Keyboard 20% off July 4 sale!

    Max Keyboards 20% off everything, plus free gifts when ordering over $100. No group buy necessary this time ;) Promo code is MKJULY4.
  10. Tsumi

    The venerable HD2 just won't die... Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 ported!

    Windows RT source. Windows Phone 8 source. Hopefully they'll get all the bugs worked out, I can't wait to dual boot RT/Phone 8 and Android 4.1, and eventually 5 as well. Gotta love all the devs for keeping this phone alive!
  11. Tsumi

    Why not to buy a cheap power supply.

    An extreme example, but it demonstrates the potential harm perfectly.
  12. Tsumi

    ATH-ANC25 a good budget headset?

    As title says. It's currently available for $35, and I've been thinking about getting a noise-canceling headset. My primary usage for it will be for travel with my laptop, phone, or tablet. I will be using it on cars, buses, and the occasional airplane. Before I have primarily used IEMs...
  13. Tsumi

    Random stuff for sale

    Got a whole lot of junk that I just need to get rid of. All prices are OBO, but I'm pretty firm on the prices. You're welcome to try negotiating though, but don't bother lowballing me, or asking me what's the lowest I would take. CPU: Core i7 920: $130 shipped CPU only, $140 shipped with HSF...
  14. Tsumi

    AMD FX-8350 reviews

    First off, let's just start with saying OBR was wrong, and Vishera does indeed use Piledriver cores :P There's a lot to pick from, so enjoy. Overall looks to be a good step up from Bulldozer. At Techpowerup, they overclocked both the 8150 and the 8350 to 5.0 ghz, and the 8350 consumed...
  15. Tsumi

    A10-5800k reviews

    Legit Reviews Overclocked to 4.2 on the stock cooler, 4.6 on an AM3 black edition cooler, and 5.0 on a H100. The CPU portion of Trinity used less power than Llano. Guru 3D No overclocking results due to most likely an immature bios. The iGPU in Trinity uses more power than Llano, but not by...
  16. Tsumi

    Preliminary Trinity Overclocking: 5.1 on air and 7.3 on LN2

    Source Not sure why the ID for the LN2 run is blacked out. 1.62v on air is pretty scary, I doubt it was benchmark stable, just validation stable. Looks like they also sneaked in some benchmarks as well. 3.35 points in Cinebench 11.5 at 4.0 ghz.
  17. Tsumi

    A10-5800k and FX-8350 previewed

    Source. 5 ghz on an AIO similar to the H80 is pretty impressive to me. If all chips are capable of hitting those clocks with those coolers, we can probably see 5.3+ ghz clocks on water, provided these don't hit a voltage or frequency wall.
  18. Tsumi

    GTX 580 nvsurround with receiver problems

    I got two 580s from my cousin in exchange for my 6990, and now there are a couple quirks that annoy me. I'm running an NV Surround setup with 3 1080p displays. Latest official drivers installed. Receiver is the one used in the Onkyo HT-S9100THX. First issue: Turning off my receiver causes...
  19. Tsumi

    New details of the 7970 Ghz Edition surfaces

    Mandatory source. 1100 mhz stock clocks, with voltage lowered from 1.175 to 1.020 v.
  20. Tsumi

    Question about MSI X79A-GD65 socket

    Hi, Just ordered a X79A-GD65 off of ebay, and after looking around at the socket, it appears not to have the 2011 bracket. In fact, it appears to have the X-socket to make it compatible with 1366 mounting systems. Now, as far as I know, MSI does not have an X-socket feature like Asus does...
  21. Tsumi

    bad bios can cause artifacting?

    So, my 6990 recently started behaving really erratically. Sometimes, it will artifact, but most of the time, the picture would be off. Basically, it's like part of the right side of the screen was moved to the left side, so from left to right, it would be middle of picture, then right end of the...
  22. Tsumi

    Swiftech 140mm radiators?

    Was just browsing today on Swiftech's website, and realized they now have a section for 140mm radiators. However, there aren't any that are listed on the page yet. I wonder if these will be based on the QP or extreme power design. 140mm radiators seem to becoming a lot more common. Now, if...
  23. Tsumi

    Ivy Bridge TIM is crappy... maybe?

    Stolen from OCN. I might be eating my previous words on this saying the TIM issue was blown way out of proportion. Here's some testing done, but no pics backing it up as of yet. Claims a drop...
  24. Tsumi

    extremely odd issue with microSDHC card

    So I have a 32gb Sandisk microSDHC class 4 card for my android phone, and I was trying to put a new OS on it. I tried to delete the old OS, but it won't delete. Some errors popped up saying the volume couldn't be found, etc. I hit retry, and it *appeared* to work, as it went on deleting. So...
  25. Tsumi

    i5 3570k $190 with $50 discount on Z77 boards at Microcenter

    Just got an email from Microcenter. Looks like they're doing the same promotion on the i5 3570k as they are doing on the 2500k right off the bat. Doesn't show up on their website yet.
  26. Tsumi

    Watercooling in a Cosmos 1000.

    Just finished putting up my worklog, and thought I would post this here as well. Here's the link to the worklog.
  27. Tsumi

    Work log: 420 and 360 radiator in Cosmos 1000

    Some of you may have seen my build over in the watercooling forum, with a GTS 420 mounted to the roof of a Cosmos 1000. Well, one of the biggest problems with the case that I found was the lack of fans pushing air into the case, which severely cuts down on airflow. To remedy that, I decided to...
  28. Tsumi

    Cannot see news subforum

    For some reason, for the past 3 months or so I cannot access the news/front page subforum. Any idea what's going on? I'm pretty sure it's specific to my account, as when I log out, I can see and access it.
  29. Tsumi

    Return of the flip phones!! Android in a flip phone, I personally really like the idea of that. My phones of...
  30. Tsumi

    Should I get a 980x ES?

    I have a chance to get a 980x ES chip for about $400, and I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle and risk. I've been looking for a cheap 6-core, and this seems to fit the bill nicely, except for that nasty Engineering Sample part. He claims it has never been overclocked. What do you guys...
  31. Tsumi

    Need help overclocking i7 920

    My system specs are in my signature. The most relevant parts being the i7 920 and the motherboard is the MSI Big Bang Xpower. The memory is Patriot Viper II Sector 7 24gb 1333 1.65v. I cannot for some reason seem to get my system completely stable. Here are my settings: BCLK: 200 mhz...
  32. Tsumi

    Patriot Viper II Sector 7: overclocking fun :D

    So this past thanksgiving weekend, I came into possession of Patriot's Viper II Sector 7 6x4gb RAM (total of 24gb) for ~$60 after rebates and taxes. It is rated at 1333 mhz at 1.65v. I currently have it overclocked to 1600 mhz at 9-9-9-24 latencies, with 1.56v. Now, I'm currently running memtest...
  33. Tsumi

    Need advice for shipping internationally, new buyer

    So, I find myself in a situation I've never found myself in before, and would appreciate some feedback. Someone wants to buy some of the games in my FS thread, and wants them to be shipped to New Zealand. The buyer's [H] account is only 1 day old, and he has no heatware or references. So...
  34. Tsumi

    HP 2311X for eyefinity gaming?

    Staples has a (potentially) really good deal on the HP 2311X, coming out to $75 after coupon + coupon cost and taxes. Anyone with particular experience with this monitor for gaming? Keep in mind I will be coming from a Dell ST2410. If it is decent, it's a potentially 23" eyefinity setup for less...
  35. Tsumi

    FS/FT: Graphics cards, watercooling, games, and more

    All prices are OBO, but please, no low ballers. I give discounts with multiple purchases. Trades are considered, let me know what you have. I ship mainly by priority mail, but will ship with the cheapest service unless requested otherwise, insurance if requested, paid by buyer. Dogfighter...
  36. Tsumi

    Speaker suggestions

    Anyone have any inputs as to who makes the best speakers overall? I'm currently looking at several deals on my local craigslist, and I have Yamaha, Onkyo, Pioneer, and Sony. Any input would be appreciated, thanks!
  37. Tsumi

    Onkyo HT-S9300THX for $180: Should I bite?

    I have a chance to get the Onkyo HT-S9300THX system for $180. One of the speakers is broken, and the receiver is non-functional. There is an Onkyo service center nearby me, only about 10 minutes away, and the system should still be under warranty. However, the Onkyo website says that it requires...
  38. Tsumi

    VH236H question

    So basically, I have a chance to get 3 REFURBISHED VH236H monitors for $115 each. Do you guys think it's worth it? Anything I should know about these monitors? I plan on using them for eyefinity gaming.
  39. Tsumi

    Problem with AW2210

    I have an Alienware AW2210, and I recently tried using it to connect to my laptop and PS3, both via HDMI. My laptop will not detect it unless I do a reboot. I've repeated this several times, and I have confirmed that it will not display to the monitor unless the laptop is rebooted connected...
  40. Tsumi

    MSI Big Bang Xpower not saving CPU voltage setting, no VID data?

    Okay, I just got a MSI Big Bang Xpower back from RMA, and so far everything seems to work correctly except for one thing: it will not save the CPU voltage setting. Whatever I set it to, it switches back to auto. Every other setting will save, including PLL and QPI, but not vcore. Bios has been...