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    FS: i7 6700k/16GB/1tb rig part out

    Parting out my old gaming PC because I bought a prebuilt to get a 3080. Intel i7 6700k with Cryorig H7 Tower Cooler - $225 2x 8gb Corsair Vengeance LED DDR4 @ 2666mhz - $75 MSI Z160a Krait Gaming 3X Motherboard - $100 Antec Neo ECO 620w - $40 1tb Samsung 850 EVO - $75 LG Blu-Ray Drive - $30...
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    FS: EVGA 1080Ti FTW3 Hybrid Watercooled

    Bought a prebuilt rig to get a 3080 so I'm parting out my old system. I bought this at the beginning of 2018 for $1000. Never used for mining crypto, just lots of PUBG and Tarkov. Comes with original packaging. Asking $550 shipped. My heatware hasn't been used since 2007 but I have bought and...
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    Nvidia Shield [2017 Version] with controller, remote, cables, original box

    I've used this probably 5 times, it just sits and gathers dust. I still have the original packaging. $175 shipped.
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    i5 2500k + ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z/GEN3 + 16gb RAM - $200 Shipped

    This has been sitting on my shelf gathering dust for over a year now but was my reliable workhorse for many years. $200 shipped OBO
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    CryCash ICO - Desperation or genius?

    I just saw a facebook ad for this. Apparently Crytek is working on an ICO for a gaming crypto called CryCash that will be used for in game marketplace purchases, betting, and advertising. The concept isn't original but they might have the IP to pull it off. What does everyone think? Is this...
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    WTB: 7700k+Mobo+RAM

    You want to update to an i9 or threadripper, I want to replace this 2500k with something more modern so I can get more than 30fps in pubg. What do you have for me? :D
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    MS Surface Pro 3 Bundle

    Selling my Surface Pro 3, in great condition.
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    Brand New Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD with Hole Drilled In It

    If this forum didn't have a minimum post requirement I'd create a throwaway to make this listing out of embarrassment. So, I bought a Dell XPS 15 (9550) a couple weeks ago that only had a 128gb ssd in it. I wanted to upgrade the hard drive and when I googled it to research how to do it, I saw an...
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    MSI GS73VR

    I picked up an MSI GS73VR yesterday afternoon hoping to replace the desktop in my sig (i5 2500k @ 4ghz, 16gb ram, 970). My impressions so far: Very thin and good looking. I initially hated the font they used on the keyboard but after disabling the stock rainbow colored keyboard backlighting...
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    Internet suddenly 0.5-1 Mbps on desktop computer

    My system is about 5 years old. I haven't been using my desktop PC very much lately but that is where I do the majority of my work. When I went to go use it today, my connection was was going slooooow and most pages were timing out. I tried rebooting the computer and ran ipconfig /release then...
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    Windows 7 -> Windows 10 AHCI Problems

    I've been running Windows 7 x64 on a 120gb Kingston SSD as my main drive with a 1tb HDD for storing pictures, videos, games, etc. I recently purchased a 500gb Samsung 850 Pro because I've outgrown the 120gb drive. I tried migrating my Windows 7 install to the new Samsung SSD using the Samsung...
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    15" Macbook Pro Retina with i7 CPU, 16gb RAM, 512gb SSD, 750m + AppleCare Warranty
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    37-42" Curved?

    I've been waiting since the 39" seiki first came out for a 4K@60hz 4:4:4 tv to replace my 27" QNIX 2710 + 24" ASUS VG236h setup. Now that all these 27-34" curved monitors and 50"+ curved tv's are coming out, I think I'm going to keep waiting and hopefully someone will come out with a tv/monitor...
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    Career advice

    Background: I was working as a web developer and internet marketing guy for a company that got acquired in Feb. this year. Our company was sold for $90m and is now part of a new company that has been buying up everyone and has already spent $200+ million in acquisitions in the past 4 months...
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    FS/FT: BNIB Cisco Meraki MR18 w/ 3 year cloud management subscription

    This Cisco Meraki MR18 is way overkill for our office and frankly I don't think our boss wants to know what kind of stuff our employees are looking up/how they're spending their time, lol. This thing is like the holy grail of wireless AP's when combined with Meraki's cloud management solution...
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    dramatic red display issues on mac vs pc

    Can someone help me figure out why my ASUS VG236h monitor can't display reds when connected to my macbook but looks fine when connected to my desktop? The only thing I can think of is the desktop is running via a DVI cable and the mac is connected via HDMI. Here is a picture of the screen I...
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    What's it worth?

    i5 2500K Asus Maximus IV Gene Gen3 8 GB Kingston HyperX red kingston 120gb ssd sata 6 nvidia gtx 275 antec neo eco 620w also have a QNIX 2710 running @ 120hz and an ASUS vg236h 120hz 3d monitor I got a screaming deal on a brand new rMBP 15" and am contemplating selling off my...
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    Sony Vaio Flip 15

    Just wanted to share my experience with the new Sony Vaio Flip 15 with everyone. I drove for 45 minutes to pickup the Flip 15 because I wanted a laptop that doubled as a tablet with an active digitizer. Imagine my surprise when I got home and opened the box only to find out that after spending...
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    Recommend me a laptop to replace my current desktop

    My work bought me a laptop (called some local IT guy who just went and bought the cheapest Dell business class laptop he could find and maxed out the RAM) but I'm not a big fan of it. I'm lugging my desktop to work every day which is already inconvenient as I live on the third story of my...
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    FS: AM2 cpu mobo and ram

    GIGABYTE GA-MA78LM-S2H (has plastic tab around audio port broken off but is still working) Phenom II X2 555 BE (3 cores unlock @ 3.6ghz) 2GB PC2 6400 CL 5-5-5-12 1.8v-2.0v Bought brand new from a member here on [H] a few years ago, just upgraded my rig so I no longer need this stuff. The...
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    GTX 295 vs 560 Ti The GTX 295 consumes a lot more power but it seems to outperform the 560 in every category. I'm planning on replacing my GTX 275 with one of the two, what does [H] suggest? :D
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    WTB: Components for budget OC build

    I have a case, PSU, and video card, need mobo/ram/cpu/ssd. I have $400 to spend tops.
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    32" 3D 1080p LED HDTV as monitor?

    I've been using a 37" Sceptre 1080p LCD as my primary monitor for the last 5 years and it's about time to upgrade. I think 32" would be a bit more practical for how close I sit to it at the moment. What is the advantage of having an expensive 27" 3D LCD over a 3D HDTV? Is 120hz really a make or...
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    Best bang for buck OC build?

    Can anyone recommend me some CPUs capable of high OCs? Are there any cheap AMD chips that can be OC'd to compete with a 2500k?
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    WTB: Parts for Budget Build!

    Time to upgrade the system in my sig. Looking for a new mobo/cpu/ram/ssd/gpu. Not sure how much I'm looking to spend right now but definitely trying to get the best bang for the buck.
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    iPad running Windows 7 with bluetooth mouse and keyboard

    It is possible to use a bluetooth mouse and keyboard with an iPad running some sort of VNC client? I was thinking about upgrading my desktop and getting an iPad instead of just buying a laptop.
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    Any CC Signup offers?

    Now that I've got credit I'd like to open a card to replace my student discover card with a $500 spending limit and a 23% interest rate. Anyone know of any good 0% APR/1st year or cards with a cool signing bonus?
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    Best eGPU Compatible Laptop

    Any recommendations? Looking for a nice laptop that's compatible with eGPU's, I just saw Apple is making Macbook Airs with i7's in them now, too bad they're not compatible. :(
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    Samsung 15.3” Quad-Core i7 Laptop with WiDi, WiMAX, Blu-ray & HD LED Display $599.99 get it while its hot
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    BF3 Preparation Budget Upgrade

    What should I buy to try to prepare my rig for BF3? Right now I'm running a Phenom X2 555 @ 3.6ghz (capable of unlocking another core that's only stable at stock though), 2GB value ram, and a GTX 275. I was thinking buying some RAM would definitely be the best bang for the buck upgrade, but I...
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    No dialogue in movies (all other sounds fine)

    I bought a sound card and experienced nothing but headaches trying to get optical audio working properly so I returned it and switched back to onboard audio, now my settings are borked and I can't watch DVDs. Background music, sound effects, etc. all work fine but there is no dialogue when...
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    onboard audio, left speaker not working

    just took back the sound card from this thread: and now the only speaker that works in the windows test is the front right and when I put my receiver to stereo 5.1 and watch something on netflix audio only comes from the front right and the rear...
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    first sound card, speaker problems

    I just went and bought a rocketfish 7.1 sound card and an optical cable to replace the RCA > 3.5mm into the onboard audio setup I had because I couldn't get the speakers to match up correctly in the sound test regardless of what setting I set the receiver to. I thought going digital with the...
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    FS: Domains (and a few websites)

    BUMP FOR LOOKING! DOMAINS: - Unsuccessful forum but great domain name. Very brandable 10 months left on reg. $100 OBO - was running a forum that scraped a bunch of tutorials from other sites but got a cease and desist letter for running a nulled vBulletin...
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    GPU based hash cracking and distributed cracking

    Anyone know much about it? How secure are our passwords, really? I mean people have huge farms of computers mining bitcoins that could easily be turned into massive password and hash cracking servers with ocl hashcat. Internet security wave coming soon?
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    Getting traffic to new site?

    So I'm launching another website soon. It's in an open beta phase right now, check it out and send people your referral links to earn 20% of whatever they make. I've been posting it on a couple forums and and on my facebook but only 3 people have signed up so far. What do you guys do for...
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    Help! My TV/monitor has developed a weird line and is starting to burn in images...

    Normally the HackForum logo burns in but I didn't have the patience to sit and wait for it so I could take a pic lol. I've had this Sceptre 37" 1080p LCD for like 4-5 years now (got it on eBay with a broken HDMI port for under $500 shipped :P) and I think it's nearing the end of its life. It's...
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    Which tablet?

    Looking for a tablet PC. I've been looking at a used 2740p but I'm still undecided. I'd like it to have a full voltage CPU if possible. Suggestions?
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    Wanted: SEO expert

    If you want to post this again do it here
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    FS: Call of Duty Black Ops for PS3

    $40 shipped ebay: isnowboard209 heatware: darkstar02