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  1. Shadowarez

    Galax Katana Repair

    Anyone know the inductor I'd need I have a few spare GPUs both Nvidia and AMD tried looking for board / PCB schematic for the values of the inductors. This was from a Nearly New card when I did my due diligence in Repasting / Repadding I noticed this right away and thought well sht this aint...
  2. Shadowarez

    Setting up Silverstone DS380

    anyone know how to set this up bought this case because it was said to support 12 hdds, 8 internal 4 in back but doesnt mention how im supposed to wire this do i have to plug in 4 sata power and molex at same time? do i really need to use sas and sata to use all 8 drives?
  3. Shadowarez

    Custom Built Cabinet

    hey all im looking around for a Cabinet / rack but nothing quite suites my idea of how i want this thing cooled. heres what iv whipped up could use some pointers as this will be 100% custom built.
  4. Shadowarez

    Soldering Startup

    Well it's finally Happening placed what seems like 15 order's for everything lol but sthiught I'd complie list of items iv got incoming to start this journey in repairing electronics and maybe even eBay repairs. Links to come as I make up the list. 1. BGA Socket Repair 2. Cpu Stencils 3...
  5. Shadowarez

    weak imc or faulty ups

    Hi all i have suffered a severe loss my poor new shiny 5950x died about 5 days ago i have since changed a few things and in my testing the only thing that was persistent was the cpu. i was running this kit of gskill 4x32gb 3600mhz cl 16 without issue i only ran docp/xmp i didnt oc past this...
  6. Shadowarez

    Ryzen 9 5950x to Ryzen 9 5950xt ?

    not sure on exact naming but this will be the final cpu before the ddr 5 launch i want to make sure the board is ready for the best cpu it can handle. anyone know if these will actually come to market before 2022?
  7. Shadowarez

    Titan X Gpu temp issue

    hi all i have a Titan X in my bench for testing possible issues. it hasnt had any problems in game benchmarks but im starting to see temps of about 50c just idle on desktop iv gone ahead did a pad change tim clean temps seemed to stay the same. so i went extra mile to rule out just bad paste and...
  8. Shadowarez

    First Real Nas Build

    hi all i am finally ditching my Jank setup iv had hogpoged together since 2016 its time to join the ranks of actual building a actual nas that will meet/exceed usage requirements. the Jank setup was a Qnap TS-469 Pro which now refuses to acknowledge internet on either port. (24TB) was the...
  9. Shadowarez

    WTB: 8 16TB HDDS

    hi all i need to make a new nas as i need to rebuild my network was trying to get away with a qnap and a itx system but neither have really worked right, i have the silverstone DS308B case a x570 itx board, awaiting a 5700g, for now ill use a 3400G, 64gb of ram, i need to source 8 drives, from...
  10. Shadowarez

    RTX IO - Direct Storage

    has anyone heard anything further on Microsoft Direct Storage or RTX IO seems to have died down in the news as i thought this would be serious improvement in loading games and if possible dev work in UE5. already tested exporting work to ramdisk holy ! she is fast but if could use gpu vram thatd...
  11. Shadowarez

    Asus Dark Hero x570 Freezing issues

    Hello Fellow Asus DH Owners. after squashing the usb issues iv come across another odd one the system seems to only partially freeze Explorer in particular, i can click on icons on desktop but nothing happens, i can open task manager but nothing can be ended, its very odd iv not seen this before...
  12. Shadowarez

    New Gskill Royal Elite

    has anyone seen these in the wild yet i have a feeling they wont last long as in limited run right before ddr5 pops on the scene. G.skill Trident Z Royal Elite id get a few sets just for the show piece build coming up.
  13. Shadowarez

    Asus ws x299 Sage No video

    hi guys having a serious issue with these boards not sure how i ended up with 2 Faulty boards one form ebay one brand new! ill list specs of both builds. but the end result has been the same not sure wtf is wrong as these are supposed to be strong competent boards. System 1 1.asus ws x299 Sage...
  14. Shadowarez

    7980xe on Way out?

    Temps are varying wildly between cores some are 20c-50c its been delidded and relidded im not 100% if it was superglue or tha gasket sealer. i have a 7900x incase this goes sideways also i fi does i got a new keychain im debating buying the delid die mate x tool as well.
  15. Shadowarez

    WTS/WTT X299 Cpu's

    not sure if gauging interest is allowed but i have a couple of cpus for sale since the boards i have decided to sht themselves and quit working im done holding onto these. 1 intel i9 7900x (Stock) $400 Cad 2 intel i7 7820x delidded liquid metaled $300 Cad 3 intel 7640x (ES) was given for free...
  16. Shadowarez

    is this safe to power my board?

    i just picked up a ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO (WI-FI) for z390 i noticed something differnt then my itx-super eatx builds. the builds iv done take either duel 8pin or single 8pin cpu. this board is differnt in that that it takes a 8pin+4pin can i use half of the 2nd cpu cable untill i can buy a custom...
  17. Shadowarez

    Asus Apex X299 HDD Killer?

    Not sure if this is a thing or anyone could help diagnose this but it seems my board eats HDDS every few months unless im extremely unlucky. iv had this setup for nearly 2 years, iv stooped putting hdds in this for any kind of storage since it claimed 4 8TB drives in its first year. iv tried...
  18. Shadowarez

    Nvidia Shield + Plex Issues

    ok im sure this may have been asked 1 million+ times already but has anyone got folder view to work and continue to work for more then a week with this combo? here is my current setup. 1. Qnap TS-419 Pro (Maxed Ram) 4x16TB Drives 2. Nvidia Shield OG + 2017 release cant tell if this is just...
  19. Shadowarez

    GOT 4K UHD Season 6

    Hi All not sure how many here have gotten this set but i managed to get a defective Season 6 Disc 1, i was wondering if i could buy/borrow this disc, will pay for shipping there and back.
  20. Shadowarez

    WTB i7 7700K

    Anyone have one to these or the 7700 delidded or not is ok this is for nephew's build he has a i5 want his rig a lil more powerful for Christmas Ty all in advance.
  21. Shadowarez

    Asus Rog Phone 2

    Hi all inputting up a eBay auction for this phone I got it as payment for some work I did and it is basicly new the guy gave me phone but it had screen issues so I got it replaced with a brand new one and slapped a custom case and screen protector on it. Hasn't been used since got it back but it...
  22. Shadowarez

    Short cables for ssf builds

    Does anyone know of custom cable sites that can do shorter cables for SFF builds Iv asked a few online but they only have the cables made by cable mod and those are way to long. I have a Corsair 750sfx and a Ncase M1 case I'd like to clean up the cable clutter even more.
  23. Shadowarez

    WTB Loque Ghost S1

    hi all im on the hunt again for a few things i need a Loque Ghost S1 with the L Tophat and a itx gpu something like the Amd R9 Sapphire Nano or Visontek for wifes build. lemme know what ya got sold a ncase m1 v5 build, needa ghost please 👍
  24. Shadowarez

    WTB: Amd R9 Sapphire Nano

    hey all im looking for one of these cards wifes rig needsa nice small itx gpu thats amd, she has a freesync monitor for her office setup and i need find her a proper amd gpu. far as i know there isnt any other itx variant floating around that'll fit a Ncase M5. or if you know of any other...
  25. Shadowarez

    SFX psu's in itx builds

    Hi all trying to figure why this Phanteks case won't work with a corsair sf 600 sfx PSU do I need to buy a universal PSU plate? I have a Phanteks Enthoo evolve itx case.
  26. Shadowarez

    WTB 9900K Delidded

    Hey all looking to see if anyone has a 9900K Delidded with copper top building a backup rig incase I destroy my current i9 7980xe while trying remove IHS.
  27. Shadowarez

    WTB Delidded 7700k

    Anyone have one of these kicking around? Need one for a upgrade for neices system ebay seems to be selling them $400+ seems bit over priced.
  28. Shadowarez

    Samsung RDNA Gpu

    i know this is old news but been looking for any signs which phone/tablet/SoC will integrate this, Mobile RDNA
  29. Shadowarez

    Raid setup for TS-469 Pro?

    Hi all just got a Sweet Deal on a Qnap TS-469 Pro, i have 4 6Tb Drives and i upgraded memory to the Max, i been reading up on how raid 5 is hot garbage for 4 bay units, i was wondering what other options is there for least 1 drive redundancy? it will be a temp solution till i can gather parts...
  30. Shadowarez

    Fan Project

    not sure if this is were this should go mods move please if im mistaken, so i have been amassing a collection of fans for builds and i was wondering can i reuse these ones i would nt consider A Grade (GT's,ML,Noctua,Chromax) and cut the ends of the fan connector and say solder on a battery...
  31. Shadowarez

    ultimate Emulation Rig

    hi all i was tinkering with alot of the pocket go things you can get for portable emulation while working late nights, but i was looking and surprisingly the Surface Pro 3+ seemt o check all the boxes if im going to just use it for older emulation not thinking anything crazy like PS3+ only the...
  32. Shadowarez

    i9 7980xe to i9 10980xe

    hi all been waiting for the cascade lake 10980xe to launch looks like its finally nearing release, i have a Apex x299 baord and im looking to upgrade as the i9 7980xe has been delidded and resealed so nowere iv tried will touch it as they dont want to risk cracking the pcb since it was sealed...
  33. Shadowarez

    New Build

    not sure were to put this as there is no build logs i can see :eek: 1. Asus Sage x299 2. I9 7980xe (delidded) 3. 32gb 4x8gb Gskill 3200mhz 4. Amd 390x 8gb 5. Samsung 960 Pro nvme m.2 1Tb (OS) 6. 8TB Seagate Ironwolf (Steam Games) 7. Coolermaster Cosmos ll Modified Side Panel 8. 6x 120m Gentle...
  34. Shadowarez

    LSI 9271-8i New Raid

    hi all im trying find something that seems to be like spotting a unicorn. im looking for a LSI 9271-8i with the cachecade 2 + the BBU i see some with the battery back up but not the cachecade 2.0 hardware module, will be using windows server os or linux to host my server in comming months but i...
  35. Shadowarez

    Matx Nas Case?

    hi all i was wondering i seen super micro has a proprietary Nas case that has 4 3.25 bays, is there anything else out there comparable but would fit a amd apu im matx? only asking as id use a 10gb nic and either a amd apu or a 3600x and 4 nice 14tb seagate iron wol drives or better.
  36. Shadowarez

    inno3d x4 1070Ti Fix

    hi all i bought a inno3d 1070Ti from ebay was a great deal, Originally $325 cad but once i got it and got it all running in pc it was starting to show fuzzy text around buttons in FF14 launcher and temps at idle were 65c to 90c once loaded ff14. i took it apart and removed the terrible thermal...
  37. Shadowarez

    how to optimize Primocache hit rate %

    hi all i was wondering alot of the systems iv built in past have seen huge improvements from using Primocache as most systems ppl want arent like my Monolithic Monster, most the systems have this setup for storage, 1. 512gb m.2 or higher 2. pcie ssd (intel 750+) 3. 6-14tb HDD (seagate-WD)...
  38. Shadowarez

    Which would be Better suited

    Hi all still a nubblet here but I'd thought I'd ask the community here as I'm thinking of changing out my Asus Apex for a Asus Sage I have sitting idle only issue is how am I to connect 15x fans as the sage has no USB internal headers so I cannot use the 2 corsair commanders in my corsair 1000D...
  39. Shadowarez

    Tweaking i9 7980xe Oc

    Hi everyone new to forum long time reader since other outlets kinda changed hands and crumbled. Wanted say hi to the community and ask for help tweaking setting of my rig. I'll list specs and al setting I use in bios. I'll get pics when I'm home. Working shifts on rigs atm. So away from rig...