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    HTPC - no more?

    i Don't bother buying Blu-ray if i never want to see it again - start with Amazon rentals, then go buy the disc after you enjoy it TWO positives for media library 1. because then your can re-watch it an unlimited amount of times., all at zero extra cost/ clumsiness of setting-up and...
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    Intel ARC A750 & A770 Reviews

    its got way worse efficiency/watt than the entire RDNA 2 lineup. that means if it not idle, your fan is moving a ton more air (or it uses a larger hunk of metal)
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    Intel ARC A750 & A770 Reviews

    its going to take years before the stability is fully fixed, but at least performance should be a lot better in a year but in that same time-frame, NVIDIA will release the replacement for Ada. So kinds wasting their time here
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    The state of gaming (really has me bummed out)

    when the vast majority of those games already run at 1440p 90-120 native,what's the point of aiming higher? you have the benefit of having a flexible PC, bit in the end of the day. you're still playing UN-optimized console ports!
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    The state of gaming (really has me bummed out)

    its hard to justify an upgrade when your video card is nearly as fast as a high-end console ( and has the same CPU) i cant tell the difference between 1440p upscale-ed and 4k native on my lg b7 65, so I'm hurting on my htpc running a 1060 6gb, but its not absolutely killing me not having rt
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    Portal with RTX

    hey look , yet another game that slows down to 15 fps on medium rt at 720p. when I enable rt o my1060! of course, the 3050 is still 50 bucks above msrp, one year after launch; its going to be 2025 before I can pick up a cheap used rt card from everyone favorite neighborhood mining agent ( even...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    finally bought Yeah, I enjoyed Apex Legends so much morer
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    Updgrading - RTX 4080 or OLED display?

    or he could just run 1440p 120hz up-scaled on that lg TV (remember when they added that? it looks identical to native 4k for most games!) quit pretending like this such a fucking gargantuan UPGRADE THAT ITS COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE!@
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    Coil Whine on Nvidia 4090 and 4080 cards

    The higher the power consumption,the higher the chance of coil whine - but on the flip-side,a well-constructed set of inductor stays can bring a smile to any 450w party!
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    Updgrading - RTX 4080 or OLED display?

    this right here - you may end-up GPU-limited in several games, but everything else will look fantastic the CPU could limit you, but if you're already running a 1440p gsync monitor (Assuming 144 hz at-least on a gsync monitor), tit should Run exactly the same!
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    27" 240hz OLED Monitor!!! (but there's a catch...)

    I think the dpi of 1440p at 27 inch is fine on the plus side, this should lower the 120 hz models to well-below $500
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    Can an individual SATA port die on the MB?

    if its the same drive, make sure by using an sata to USB adapter - if it still fails, its the drive
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    Dell G5 power supply replacement

    your best choice with any dell is to sell it, and get your way out of proprietary case, psu and motherboard land!
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    HTPC - no more?

    absolutely, but IO finally found a cheap upgrade for my 6-year-old 960 2gb (1060 3gb), so I'll have a lot more options for new steam games on by b7 over the holiday season! but I use the PC to record live TV and run universal media center (the b7 can handle both that and my entire media...
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    Can An AM2-Era Cooler Tame the Beast? AMD Ryzen 9 7950X

    Ii doubt it, as all Thermaltake cooler have always been gimmick knockoffs (even the original Gorb was the same overrated mess)
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    Getting a signal 200 yards away.

    sorry man, I don't touch type, so if h'm in a hurry, I completely miss if I accidentally pressed caps mid-post...and then its up to me to figure out the best way to fix it
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    How Long Until Intel Competes at the Top End?

    no, i suffer from HD disease, and when you add the fact that I'm also running on three hours sleep, its way too much work for me to open a tool like ultra edit to quick fix caps mistakes What makes this even worse: i cant touch type, so I'm stuck editing it after-then-fact as well as I can manage
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    How Long Until Intel Competes at the Top End?

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    Getting a signal 200 yards away.

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    For those who are new to Steam, I want to know if Steam is sucking me dry

    any pure multiplayer game with live content has this same problem:by the time you're done buying content packs for characters , plus season passes, you ends-up paying way more than a typical 60 dollar msrp
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    How Long Until Intel Competes at the Top End?

    the problem with mid-range: you cant subsidize the entire chip lineup unless you have a halo product See Vega 64, where AMD was a year late after Polaris barely match NVIDIA's 1060, and if they hadn't had an Ether rush, it would have gotten totally nuked by 1070 Ti!
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    How Long Until Intel Competes at the Top End?

    a decade before they have all the bugs worked out (see gcn, which took until rdna2 before they had bug-free cards on release day,) and 5 to ten years before they catch -up on performance
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    What was your first emotional moment in gaming?

    M y first emotional addiction in gaming was The Legend of Zelda for the NES - every time I finished a level, it was always emotional beating the boss. it took me over a month to finish level9, but it was still engrossing enough for me to finish the second quest (with help from a game guide...
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    Going from 10900 to 13900 worth it?

    only at 1080p on a 240hz monitor - you really need the 4090 to make 1440p CPU-limintesd
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    Going from 10900 to 13900 worth it?

    upgrade GPU you like higher resolutions at around 100-144 hz upgrade both if you want 20% higher frame-rates
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    is I3-3750K to i7-7700K a useful upgrade ?

    you need to game or encode videos to justify that multi-core upgrade - is windrows update not faster as well? i could justify upgrading from core i3 3225 to ii5 3570k on my htpc because by 2019 I was CPU-limited in several titles
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    Control 2

    right, i got that impression based upon game-play videos, so i waited till free on gog -was disappointed with mission system and story, so will be waiting for free sequel!
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    Dell G5 5000 Tower Computer i5-10400F 2.9Ghz, RTX3070, 16GB RAM, NVMe +1TB WiFi Win11

    the pandemic SYSTEM RUSH FROM TWO YEARS back doesn't exist anymore,, so suddenly bundling the rest of that skylake+++6 cores that was outdated the day they sold feels slimy in addition,all dell systems come with their own proprietary mobos plus psus, so good luck getting support on this...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    didn't realize a plagues tale innocence has a demo - will be trying that out this weekend on my htpc Requiem will require a system upgrade before I can play it
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    Long shot but does anyone here fix graphics cards?

    slli is dead, so only if you plan on selling the card anytime soon
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    Steam 2022 Halloween sale is here! Halloween sale runs from October 25 to November 1, 2022, 10 AM PST

    yeah, wasnt actually thinking about picking up horror games this sale...but if thats all they have, i would maybe u for re7
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    Intel Core i9-13900K Raptor Lake CPU Offers Same Performance As Core i9-12900K With “Unlimited Power” at Just 80W

    well, as long as you wait on 3d cache, the performance /watt will be double that of raptor lake
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    secure boot disabled csm fails on older uefi system

    only point of secureboot is if youre running bitlocker, or using a third-party updateb system
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    Who is still using a Sandy Bridge era chip

    yeah, back when i upgraded my i3 to 3570k, i t was only because the cost of quad plus 16gb ram had fallen to $100. but its not even worth it anymore ryzen 2600 being under $100
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    USB HDD keep disappearing

    or powered hub
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    Goodbye Origin - EA App is now in session

    can it do native 4k? interface
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    Has anyone ever dealt with this site?

    i play, but i never knew they offered big kid gamees
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    When did the CPU lane thing start?

    sorry man, forgot DMI is bridge interconnect only - you still had potential issues overloading external devices from the southbridge, but the pciee lanes all went through CPU bus. but AMD had a similar set of issue to what I described as the memory controller was on the CPU, and the GPU lanes...
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    When did the CPU lane thing start?

    this is precisely right,, as I covered in my post early pcie implementations wasted a ton of GPU -> CPU bandwidth, all in the name of cutting costs of adding too many high-speed i/o lanes directly off the CPU but, on th upside, Intel's north-bridge memory controller meant that they could...