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  1. kbrickley

    Time Best Games of all time

    Although these lists always get controversial (especially coming from a non-gaming publication and combining both console and PC choices) this list is actually fairly decent ... they definitely captured the easy additions of Tetris, Doom, Diablo 2, and others. The 50 Best Video Games of All...
  2. kbrickley

    Fallout Shelter PC July 2016

    They didn't announce price but they are adding lots of new features to Fallout Shelter and bringing it to PC. Announcement at the Bethesda E3 conference. Awesome news (to me at least).
  3. kbrickley

    Titan Quest iOS

    Is anyone getting Titan Quest for iOS? I plan to buy it tonight when I get home from work. Had to make space on my iPad first. Will update folks on it after I get it downloaded and running tonight.
  4. kbrickley

    Anybody going to the Video Game Museum

    NVM I know there are a few folks here in Texas, anybody visiting the new Video Game History Museum? Wish they had opened it when I still lived in Texas. KERA (PBS) also had an article on it Review: The New National Videogame History Museum – As A Museum So if anyone goes, let us know how...
  5. kbrickley

    Todd Howard to receive Lifetime Achievement Award at GDC Todd Howard to receive Lifetime Achievement Award at GDC in March. With games like Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, and Fallout 4 on his...
  6. kbrickley

    Favorite or best benchmarks?

    I am picking up my new computer tomorrow. I want to do some bench marking before I start overclocking the processor and video card next week. What are folks favorite or best benchmarks to baseline and measure the performance?
  7. kbrickley

    Favorite one liner about a game

    Although these days we get few quality reviews or commentaries on gaming, have you ever seen one that had a line that just stood out? One of my favorites was from a review of the original Quake when they were commenting on the excellent Trent Reznor soundtrack, "Trent Reznor, the poster boy for...
  8. kbrickley

    Custom built system

    I am discussing with a local computer shop to build a custom gaming system for me (I don't really have the time or patience or expertise to build my own). I was looking at some of the boutique online suppliers but I wanted to spend my money locally if possible to support local business. Here...
  9. kbrickley

    Monitor spontaneously jumps into power save mode

    My system is getting kind of old and I think it is on its last legs ... I plan to buy a new system in December but until then I am still experiencing a weird sporadic problem: My monitor suddenly shifts into power save mode and won't come out ... doesn't seem to be a special time ... I could...
  10. kbrickley

    Blizzard trolls us with possibility of Warcraft 4 It would be nice if they return to the roots of Warcraft for their next RTS but who knows what direction they will go ... also, I wouldn't mind a Diablo RTS to go in a completely new direction ... or going in a really...
  11. kbrickley

    Fallout Shelter

    Anybody playing the Bethesda building/sim app (for iOS currently but I am sure that Android will come soon) ... my vault is tooling along (three kids so far) ... managing resources is tough, but not impossible ... seems to be fun so far
  12. kbrickley

    All your base are belong to us (50 years of video game history) - mini book review

    I finally made it through to the end of the history of video game book, All Your Base are Belong to Us (I usually only have a chance to read when I am travelling so it took me awhile). Overall it was an interesting read if you are interested in the history of video/pc gaming (or lived through...
  13. kbrickley

    1980 Kickstarter game projects funded for 89 million in 2014

    Kickstarter just published their 2014 numbers ( ... Games accounted for 1980 funded projects (4th) for $89 million in pledged revenues (3rd) ... not as high as in the past but not too shabby either ... however, I think we are seeing more of the smaller gaming projects now...
  14. kbrickley

    Bioshock on iOS

    I haven't purchased it yet, the $15 launch price is a little daunting, but it is one of my favorite games and the graphics look pretty impressive for a mobile gaming system
  15. kbrickley


    Saw this press release today ... sounds interesting :) OBSIDIAN ANNOUNCES PATHFINDER LICENSE Obsidian to partner with Paizo Inc. to release electronic Pathfinder games INDIANAPOLIS -- August 13, 2014 -- Obsidian Entertainment, the developer of Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: the Stick of...
  16. kbrickley

    Do they currently have drug testing in eSports?

    I was curious that with the current brouhaha over the women's league in eSports that is intended to meet the membership requirement that the sport accord has on "promotion of women": But when I looked up the actual requirement I saw the anti-doping/medical piece also. Do they currently do...
  17. kbrickley

    Facebook buys Oculus VR Facebook buys Oculus VR ... talk among yourselves :D
  18. kbrickley

    Anybody read the Metro 2034 novel?

    I saw they just added the audio book to Audible. Game tie in books are kind of hit and miss. Books like Diablo III - The Order or Bioshock Rapture are excellent while many other gaming books are just a waste of paper. Anybody try this book? If so, is it in the hit or miss category?
  19. kbrickley

    5 mistakes Every Videogame with a morality system makes Dorkly has an interesting article on the mistakes that games with morality systems make. I agree with most of their points. I am not a fan of playing evil myself (even in games I don't like some of...
  20. kbrickley

    Intel App Store closing - did anybody ever buy something from them?

    Probably one of the worst marketed services ever ... Intel really should have put more effort into it ... at least they are being class acts about the closure and offering refunds to their users I only bought a couple of apps from them to try the store but I am getting my $10.80 back ...
  21. kbrickley

    Unsung Story - Tactical RPG from designer of Final Fantasy Tactics on Kickstarter Looks like I might have to bite the bullet and sign up for my 4th KS project :D
  22. kbrickley

    Steam Developer conference ... Greenlight will go away ... 75 million users Some interesting quotes ... be interesting to see what they do if they eliminate Greenlight (I'd actually like to see them with a Kickstarter competitor for...
  23. kbrickley

    NPR reviews indie game Continue?9876543210 An intriguing adventure/platform style game premise ... I'll have to watch for it on a Steam sale or pick up the iOS version ... you have to love the Indie developers who...
  24. kbrickley

    Elder Scrolls Lore Series on YouTube I saw this after I watched the Fallout Lore series (since they are done by the same group) ... looks great also so far :cool:
  25. kbrickley

    The Fallout Lore series on YouTube :) (Prologue - The Great War) (Ch 1 - Vaults and Vault-Tec) (Ch 2 - Super Mutants and Nightkin) (Ch 3 -...
  26. kbrickley

    12K Gaming with NVidia at CES :eek: three 65" 4K panels running a game at CES ... WANT :cool:
  27. kbrickley

    PC Gamer's annual list of upcoming games The have sections for each of the major genres and all are PC games :) Lots of interesting titles on their lists (although some will likely be 2015 releases). I had forgotten about Clockwork Empires ... will definitely have to...
  28. kbrickley

    Indie gaming gets a positive write-up from NPR Although it was lost on much of their audience I think, NPR had a nice article on...
  29. kbrickley

    PC Gamer's annual conversion of well known games to text adventures :D

    Kind of a New Year's Eve tradition with them ... here are their latest: Assassin's Creed IV Call of Duty Ghosts...
  30. kbrickley

    Video Games: A History of Violence :)

    Dorkly captured these moments all too well :D
  31. kbrickley

    Best apps for the iPad Air?

    I went ahead and ordered an iPad Air this weekend for Black Friday (should arrive on Monday) ... I have an enormous number of iPad and iPhone apps already but are there any reference apps that really take the new processor and graphics chip out for a spin (and this is also my first retina model...
  32. kbrickley

    Anybody have any big purchases planned for the Steam Autumn Sale

    The Steam Autumn Sale should start up tomorrow ... Anybody have any big purchases planned ... hopefully I can clear a couple of items off my wishlist and my kids want Football Manager 2014 ... I will probably have my eye out for good deals on a couple of the big titles on my wishlist...
  33. kbrickley

    NPR looking for former console gamers who now use a PC for a story

    Saw this on an NPR feed .... I have always been a PC gamer so I wouldn't qualify but if anyone is interested, have at it :)
  34. kbrickley

    Gaming Comic - Graphics through the Ages :D Saw this on one of my info feeds ... thought it was pretty funny :)
  35. kbrickley

    Gaming Life Lessons Although some of the lessons and games were somewhat of a stretch it was nice to see a positive take on gaming from a non-gaming site :) :cool:
  36. kbrickley

    Season 2 of Nuka Break Fan Film hits YouTube on October 28 :D

    Mark your calendars ... Season 2 of Fallout 3 Nuka Break fan film hits on October 28 :)
  37. kbrickley

    Bioshock: More than a game discussion Saw this on YouTube from NPR ... interesting discussion on Bioshock and Sci Fi in gaming :)
  38. kbrickley

    The 50 best free PC games I have a few of these ... need to download some more ... nice list :D
  39. kbrickley

    GOG has Wizardry series on sale this weekend GOG has the two Wizardry titles (6&7, 8) on sale (2.40 and 3.99 respectively) with lots of other RPG titles including System Shock 2 on sale ... if anyone was missing some of the classic RPG titles or wants to add more to their stable, it...
  40. kbrickley

    Anybody use Fitbit One or Fitbit Flex?

    My employer is offering the Fitbit One or Fitbit Flex at a discount as part of their corporate wellness program. Anybody use them? Are they worth the $75? Do you prefer one over the other?