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    FS: New pny 3080 and used Asus tuf 3080Ti

    I have two video cards looking to sell with free shipping using PayPal Card 1: PNY (lhr) 3080 $930 shipped (New in box not opened) Card 2: Asus Tuf 3080ti $1130 shipped (used with box) Ebay -orion- Heatware
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    ASUSTOR AS6404T SAN/NAS Storage System. Condition is Used and fully working. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. *Does not include hard drives*. Include retail box and accessories. $400 w/ Free Shipping Local pickup NJ 08065 or 08055 accept paypal...
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    FS: MSI X299 M7 ACK

    MSI X299 Gaming M7 ACK $180 shipped, pp only, sold as is, no expressed warranty given, worked great when I had my system up. Please note pictures below of pins, accessories and condition. ebay account: -orion- heatware account: Carminus Pictures:
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    FS: 960 evo nvme, I7 7800x, MSI x299, GSKill

    Accept Paypal and or local South Jersey pickup -orion- ebay account Carminus is heatware Unless it says sold it's available. No need to PM me to ask. Samsung EVO 960 1TB $SOLD Samsung EVO 960 500GB $SOLD I7 7800x BOX $SOLD MSI x299 M7 ACK $SOLD GSkill F4-4000c18d-16gtz $SOLD 2x 8TB WD RED...
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    FS: GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition

    I have a lightly used EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition up for sale $SOLD shipped. EVGA 11G-P4-6393-KR -Never used for mining -Purchased on OCT 2017 Accept paypal Ebay -orion- 100% positive
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    FS: I5 3570k, GTX 960 4GB FTW, Gigabyte MB

    All prices include free shipping and I do not charge paypal fees. Local to South Jersey feel free to let me know. All items are in full working order, just removed parts from my previous build to part out. I5 3570K BOX - <SOLD> EVGA GTX 960 04G-P4-3968-KR - $125 IMG1 IMG2 IMG3 Gigabyte...
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    New open wc loop EK ect

    I will leave this open until shipping returns to FL (sorry no shipping to FL or GA) then I can return the system I have a RMA on. UPS and Fedex are not yet open in FL. If anyone want to buy the entire kit for $425 (paypal) shipped I will cancel my RMA. Everything is new with org box...
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    FS: Closed

    New sealed in box i7 7800x. closed.
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    New build/loop for my x7800

    This WC build will be for my 7800x. Wish me luck :) Case *TBD* but the cases top on my list will support the below build. EK-COOLSTREAM XE 360 (TRIPLE) $99.99 1 $99.99 MODMYTOYS RED CARBON FIBER ENHANCED COMPRESSION FITTINGS, 3/8" X 1/2" SIX PACK - CHROME $35.95 1 $35.95 KOOLANCE QD3 QUICK...
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    i1 Processor

    Anyone know when the i1 cpu will be out? I heard Intel would announce that they could turn off the main CPU threads and just leave the “extra” threads of an HT processor running. Not sure AMD could respond or counter this? Guess we will find out 8/21/2018. Which happens to be on a Nuclear event!
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    FS: Hard Drives

    I have the following for sale: NEW: 2x Toshiba 500GB 3.5" SATA 6Gb/s 7200rpm 32MB Cache Hard Disk Drive HDD DT01ACA050 -New and sealed- $29 Free USPS priority shipping! I prefer paypal. No refunds on opened static bags, I will refund on unopened drives but you need to pay return shipping...
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    Nivida "Experience" force login

    Nvidia can take their force login to use "Experience" and shove it. Glad I don't spend much on video cards or gaming anymore. My solution....drum roll... uninstall.
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    $1000 Newegg Gift Card

    There is a giveaway for a $1000 Newegg gift card for sign-up: The Newegg $1000 Gift Card Giveaway | WCCFtech Deals Good luck!
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    FS: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Code

    I have a Witcher 3 code for sale. $25 paypal SOLD
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    FS: Playstation 4 w/GTA V - PS4

    I have a fully working used PS4 with GTA V for updated price: $325 Shipped. ebay user -orion-
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    SOLD I have a used Asus Strix GTX 980 for sale. Updated price: $425. Free Shipping Paypal payment My ebay account is -orion- Notes - Picture of card running in my computer - UPC missing (rebate) - Fully working condition Pics
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    FS: EVGA 670 FTW 2GB

    I have a EVGA 670 FTW 2GB for sale $135 shipped / paypal only. SOLD Fully working condition, pulled it from my computer (upgraded to an asus gtx980). Ran at stock speed. Sorry I don't have the org box. It was misplaced during my move.
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    FS:Sony MDR-DS7500

    I have a fully working, lightly used Sony MDR-DS7500 for sale. Free shipping with tracking number, paypal accepted and shipped within 1-2 days (local pickup avail 08002). Sorry, no refunds. $300 Shipped. INFO: Select from Sony's new "New Cinema mode" which is developed in cooperation with Sony...
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    Dell XPS 13

    Asking $770 I accept paypal. - Used and fully working condition Dell XPS 13 (XPS 13-2501SLV) - Upgraded to Windows 8.1 PRO - AC Adapter - Brenthaven 2152 ProStyle Plus 13-inch - 8 GB Sandisk USB Drive - I am the original owner - Clean Install of windows 8.1 Pro (No bloatware)...
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    Windows 8 64bit Intel USB 3 Drivers

    I helped modified windows 7 drivers to make them work with windows 8. If your having trouble with intel usb 3 speeds or other issues and running windows 8 give these a try. Make sure you read the README first. direct download...
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    FS: DDR 2 GSkill F2-8000CL5D-4GBPI

    I have 2 sets of these are are only selling them in pairs. This is the fist time I am selling on H so bare with me. Set 1: 2x2 GB F2-8000CL5D-4GBPI Black Label Total 4GB Set 2: 2x2 GB F2-8000CL5D-4GBPI Blue Label Total 4GB They are the same model, just for some reason one is blue and...
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    Who has thought about it?

    Pic says it all.
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    Sprint and HTC Diamond

    I have att now and was using a 8125 until the screen cracked and currently without a phone! Sprint will be releasing the htc diamond soon and I am thinking about going to Sprint. I have heard sprint fan boys and also the haters (from My questions is to current and past...
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    FS:EVGA 680i A1

    I have a EVGA A1 680i that I am selling. Looking for $160.00 includes shipping (ground) you can pay to upgrade. This is my first sell on this board, ebay my account is -orion-. Includes: Board, I/O shield, Manual,Cables, sli connector and Fan. I do not have org box. Notes: I had the...
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    Gigabyte dq6 p35 is out!

    Clubit has it, I called and ordered it and its in stock!
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    Best Buy 6800GT $-40 off $399

    I just paid 359.00 for a BFG 6800GT at best buy. I was happy! Not to mention it was the only one in stock (MT Laurel NJ). EDIT: I purchased it instore and it was instant.
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    Take a look at this TEC Waterblock

    360Watt TEC waterblock that requires 2x meanwells S-320-12 or 600 watt P/S @24-25a on the 12!