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    overwatch 2 low audio hum crackle on speakers. only on overwatch 2

    Hey guys. I play overwatch 2. I have a external focusrite audio interface via usb and hs7 yamaha studio monitors. Every game I have works fine. Except overwatch 2. I get a low hum/garble/crackling sound all the time. My cpu is 12700kf and a 3080 video card. Do you know what could be causing...
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    FREE: Z313 2.1 Logitech speaker with sub..less than 2 months old

    I bought Logitech Z313 speakers with its sub 2 months ago from BestBuy. I am giving them away for free as long as you pay for shipping. First one to reply or PM gets them. Thanks!
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    USB DAC and studio monitors best option?

    I am using onboard audio. I would like to pick up something like a dac and studio monitors. What would you guys recommend for 600$ total package? Also, what cables to do I use to connect the monitors to the DAC? Thank you!
  4. J

    Who here is keeping their 3 series and skipping 4 series nV cards?

    I have a 3080 OC gigabyte 10gig card and I get 100 to 140 fps in the games that I play. I have a 144hertz 3440x1440p monitor and see no reason to buy the 4 series. The price is sickeningly high and my 3080 is giving me plenty of fps. Anyone else sticking with their 3 series and waiting until...
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    xbox series x controller disconnecting from bluetooth on win 11 during gaming

    I have updated the controller firmware via wire on my pc and cleanly removed the controller from device manager and bluetooth and rebooted and reinstalled the controller. The controller still disconnects from bluetooth randomly. Is there a fix for this?
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    Quick and easy overclock for a 12700kf and Asus Z690-P D4 Wifi board?

    What is the best way to get a quick and easy overclock on a 12700kf and Asus Z690-P D4 Wifi board? I am running at high performance power profile in Win 11 and would like to squeeze out some juice if possible. I have an AIO cooler. Nothing crazy...just a quick bump in speed. I don't want to...
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    Is a WD SN850X good for gaming/system OS?

    I just bought the 1tb WD SN850X ssd for my system drive. Games will run on it. Is it decent for your gamer opinions out here?
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    Two 1080p monitors in portrait mode anyway to make fullscreen gaming?

    Hey guys. I have two 1080p monitors for the time being. 24inch. I enabled NVidias spanning with surround option in the driver, but some games do not play nice. Quake Champions says it's 9:8 AR. The AR calculator online says its 1.13.1. I wanted to know what the best way is to get games to play...
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    Gigabyte 3080 OC 10gig vs 3090ti?

    How much an fps difference would I notice between the two?
  10. J

    Stuck on 1080p for now 24in monitor with 3080...200% resolution scaling with quality dlss?

    I have a good system with a booty mcnugget monitor for now. I am playing d2r at 1080p. For my current monitor, should I just put resolution scaling at 200 and dlss at quality? I wanna crank the image quality to make since I am stuck at 1080p/60hertz on my 3080/12700k cpu. What would you guys...
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    Win 11 pro error on installing .net core 3.1.29 and .net 5.0.17

    Getting this guys know how to fix this?
  12. J

    SOLD: S8 Ultra tablet with 45watt charger.

  13. J

    HP omen 16 laptop won't let me select nv gpu optimus

    I have the white hp omen 16 laptop with a 3070. My external monitor is connected to the mini display port port on the laptop. Its gysync monitor using display port. My nv control panel is telling me it won't switch display modes from optimus to nv gpu because an external monitor is connected. My...
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    FS: 75inch Samsung Q70T 500$ Local to Worcester, MA pick up only

    Hey guys. I can only sell this locally to people who want to pick it up near Worcester, MA. Has HDMI 2.1 port, eARC port and HDR. VRR also. Great for gaming on new consoles. It is a 75inch Q70T Samsung TV. It is in MINT condition. Was bought in July of 2020. Just thought I'd throw this out...
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    Series S upscaling to

    I have a Q70T tv with an hdmi 2.1 port and a high speed 2.1 cable (not the one that came with the series s) how do I get the series s to upscale to 4k? Is this done automatically? Or is there a setting per game? My setting on the series s video options are 4k 120hrtz right now. Will that enable...
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    SOLD: HP Omen Laptop 3070 16gb ram 1.5tb nvme ssd 10750h cpu $1100

    This laptop is 3 months old. I have the receipt from Best Buy and is under hp warranty till 8/22. It has a 512gb nvme ssd and a 1tb nvme ssd. Has a 3070 in it. 16gb of memory. I bought the 1tb nvme ssd after which cost me 100$ Plays games awesomely. Really good laptop for gaming. Plays all games...
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    FS: Corsair K70 MK 2 RGB keyboard and IronClaw RGB mouse

    Hey guys. I am selling my Corsair K70 MK 2 keyboard. Full RGB with Cherry MX switches. It is in like new condition and works like a champ. I paid $170 for it brand new and I am asking 80$ shipped for it. Also I have a Corsair IronClaw RGB mouse that I paid $70 for and am asking $30 shipped for...
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    nVidia control panel...what settings should I tweak, if any?

    I have a 3070 in my laptop. Are there any must do settings in the nv cp? I have power mode to set max perf. Anything else I should change in there? Or is tweaking the cp overblown? Thanks!
  19. J

    FS: HP Omen laptop w/3070 32in 144hertz monitor and stuff..package deal. Worcester, MA 1400$

    Update price from 1600 to 1400$ I am selling my 3 month old laptop with a LG 32 inch 144hertz monitor, speakers and mouse and keyboard. I will post the model numbers below. All of this stuff is in like new condition. This is a perfect gamers package for an adult or teen for Christmas. I am...
  20. J

    SOLD: Gskill Ripjaws 2x32gb=64gb memory 160.00$

    Memory has been sold. Selling 64gb desktop memory. It's less than a year old. Been used for 5 months. Thanks! This is the memory. ripjaws 3200mhz&cm_re=64gb_ripjaws...
  21. J

    FS: 64GB 3600mhz ripjaws memory 2 sticks of 32gb 300$

    This is the memory It was bought in Aug of 20. Was used for 4 months. Selling it for 300$ Thanks!
  22. J

    not enough USB Controller Resources Win 10

    I have 2 usb ports on my laptop and I have a powered hub plugged in. I only have 4 usb devices plugged into it and am getting an error at boot stating not enough usb controller resources. This seems out of whack. Why can't wino 10 on a brand new laptop, support 4 usb devices? I should be able...
  23. J

    Gaming laptop external storage for games....platter drive still good?

    I have a gaming laptop that suits me well. I only have 512gb nvme on it. What I wanted to do was get a fast external drive. I thought about an ssd but it's pricey. Are platter drives still good? External ones? Say usb 3.2 gen 1? I was thinking of picking up say a 5tb one for loading games. But I...
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    Alienware M15 R4 laptop with 3070..2 monitors is a strain or enable one?

    I have a 32 inch lcd and I also have my laptop screen. My laptop is an alienware m15 r4 laptop. What I wanted to know is I want to game on my external 32 inch lcd that is connected. Should I close the lid on my laptop to have only the monitor as the main display? Will having the laptop screen...
  25. J

    Mobile 3070 power spec

    Hey everyone, I just bought a laptop with a 3070 in it that has a powerspec of 115 W + 15W boost. Is that in any way limiting? Am I going to suffer some severe shity performance from this 3070? It's not the most high-end of laptops but it did cost two Grand. I just want to make sure with that...
  26. J

    FS: memory, nvme and stuff

    Hey guys. I am selling this stuff. This was all bought brand new at Microcenter in Sept of last year and I have the receipts for everything. Corsair RM850x PSU 100$ G.Skill Ripjaws two 32gig dimms at 3600mhz - 350$ new at Microcenter I am selling them for 250$ Kraken X53 AIO cooler 75$ My...
  27. J

    FS: 27GL850-B 27 inch gsync ips monitor 300$

    Hey guys I'm selling my monitor for 300 bucks. It's 7 months old and still under the manufacturer's warranty. I bought it brand new in August from Microcenter and have the receipt. Local pickup near Worcester Massachusetts only 01606. Just figured I'd throw it out there in case there were any...
  28. J

    FS: EVGA 2070 super xc ultra in step up queue for 3080 SOLD. 2 WD Blue SATA SSD. 600$ and 75$

    Card is sold. 2 WD sata ssds still available. For 75$ each. Thanks.
  29. J

    3060ti 25% more FPS than a 2070? Umm no thanks

    Just saw some numbers posted on a few sites and they are reporting roughly 25% more FPS for a 3060ti than a 2070. I have a 2070 and man I am glad I am not buying a 3060ti. 25% to me is totally not worth upgrading for. I think 3080 or bust. I am in the step up queue from 9/21 for a 3080 FTW...
  30. J

    NVME write/read speed capped at 590-630mb/s

    I have 1 nvme as my windows 10 pro install drive. I have 2 sata wd blue ssds attached on the sata part of my motherboard. I think something is limiting my nvme WDSN750 from it's potential. I have epic games launcher installed on the c drive. Which is the nvme. I am installing random games from...
  31. J

    Best high quality wallpaper sites..1440p and above

    I use Wallhaven which is pretty awesome. Any other really good wallpaper sites out there that have quality stuff? What do you guys use?
  32. J

    10700k to 11900k?

    I have a 10700k cpu. I also have a gigabyte vision g board that is wired with PCIe 4 lanes. I was thinking of getting a 11900k cpu so I can use PCIe 4. My board even has a reserved pcie4 m2 slot. Would you guys do this? Or should I just hang onto the 10700k? I'd really like to take advantage of...
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    Golden age of PC gaming...I was 18 in 1993

    I think the reason I don't like any recent PC game may just be the fact that I played really good games from back in the 90s....or I am just old but I don't think that's it...or maybe. Sierra adventure games, in my youth, were really fun. Wonder and magic was in me back then. I don't think that...
  34. J

    Soo basically 3060s are coming out yet people can't even buy what they released Sept 17th?

    Is it me? Or every review now vaporware? They are releasing more and more cards yet no fucking body can buy them? Is this some sort of joke? Kinda funny when none of this hardware is even available.
  35. J

    Everything is gone again?

    Did I miss anything? Is nV and AMD completely wiped out? I really should invest in a bot at this point.
  36. J

    Have gigabit internet but windows 10 is slowing it down?

    I have gigabit internet from my ISP. The tech that came here can get 970+ mbps all day all the time. As soon as I hook up my windows 10 pro system, it goes up to that speed but then trickles down to 600 to 700. For some reason my system can't sustain gigabit 940+ speeds. What in windows 10 would...
  37. J

    SOLD: Seasonic Focus plus Gold 750watt PSU100$ shipped 2 months old

    Hey guys. I bought a Seasonic Focus plus gold 750watt psu from Microcenter on August 10th. It is practically brand new. The only thing is I don't have all the psu cables that came with it because I threw them away like a dumbo. What I have is the motherboard cable, 2 8pin cpu cables, 2 2x8 pcie...
  38. J

    10700k overclocking quick and dirty settings on a Gigabyte Vision G

    Hi. I would like to overclock my 10700k. I have a gigabyte vision g with the latest bios. Can someone give me quick and dirty settings to get 5.1ghz on all cores for my gigabyte board? I have a kraken x53 aio so hopefully my temps are cool. Also, once I get the oc dialed in, what software do...
  39. J

    Intel updates for windows 10 that are for intel hardware. Yet I have latest chipset

    I have just updated my system to the latest intel mei and chipset drivers. Yet windows update is showing me these 2 optional updates for my system. If I have the latest software for my motherboard from intel, should I install these from windows update? Wonder if these will impact performance.
  40. J

    AHCI or Intel RST premium controller?

    This is my situation. I have 1 m2 nvme ssd drive and 2 sata ssds. If I change my bios to use the intel rst premium controller from ahci, I can't see my nvme in the bios anymore. I can still boot to it, but it just disappears from the bios. If I set the bios to ahci, I can see it. I raid 0 my 2...