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    Nvidia 4090 Anyone still offer Advanced RMA - Cross Shipment?

    Was a Die Hard EVGA Fan and now that they don't make the 4000 series.... Who else provides a stellar warranty where if something goes wrong you can cross ship? Saved me with my 3090 so figure I just won't buy anything until I find a supplier just as excellent. I read Asus, Nvidia make you send...
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    Help: 980 Pro 2tb or 970 Evo Plus 2tb for X99 Asus Rampage V Extreme Mobo

    I have an X99 Asus Rampage V Extreme + 5930k build with windows on a 850 Pro 2 TB SSD Currently I have never used the M.2. slot as I heard there were issues originally with the board. I am curious if it is worth me making the move and if so is the 980 pro m.2. 2tb @ $249 that much better than...
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    [SSD x2] Samsung 870 QVO 8tB + 980 Pro 2TB NVME ($834 with edu discount or $926)

    Good deal if you want both. The 870 8tb solo at times is 530 and lowest I've seen on the M.2 980 pro is 200. If you still have S22 $250 credit from Samsung they can price match...
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    SD cannot open file system: "volume not accessible parameter is incorrect"

    Windows did an update and seemed to have tried repairing this drive and the next day now Windows assigns a drive letter but cannot read any of the contents. Oddly when I do a chkdsk /f /r /x Do you guys have any solutions or guidance? It seems when it rank CHKDSK it did a "Deleting Index...
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    Keep 2070 super or 'upgrade' to XLRB 3060

    So I have a friend with a 2070 super and at my local best buy they had a 3060. It seems I can't find anything concrete if this would be an upgrade for him. My gut says it would be as he gets HDMI 2.2 more ram. He would like to get a LG TV with gsync. Considering it cost $700 he could sell his...
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    Amazon sharing your internet without consent

    Not that this is surprising. Privacy of any sort is already an illusion. Thank you to all who don't seem to care that you say 1 word of anything and it's instant targeted ads.
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    Help-Review: Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard for your Lap / chair FIX - Switch to Corsair K63 Lapboard and back to Sculpt Keyboard

    So I have an interesting predicament. After years of computer usage, if I use anyting outside of an ergonomic keyboard for extended use, my pinkies, wrists and fingers ache. During this pandemic I switched from a table setup to a lapboard setup with my mouse attached to my Steelcase Ergonomic...
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    BEWARE: WD Red Pro in desktop Use - Replacement suggestions?

    I did not think much of this but this is now the 7th WD Red Pro 4tb, 2tb and now 4th 8tb Western Digital Red Pro drive that has failed. When I first purchased these WD had 24x7 Red Pro support and for me that was the deciding factor in buying this drive as I use this for my storage backups. It...
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    UPGRADE 5930K to 5960X or Xeon make a difference for gaming

    Would love to know if this change would push gaming where it needs to be. I have a feeling is see 0 difference. For games I feel I won't see any improvement over my 5930k. What type of improvement are you seeing? My 3090 runs Cod black ops 4k at 110 fps. With RTS it drops to 80. If a 5960x...
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    Fastest M.2 for Asus Rampage V Extreme X99

    I personally was waiting for a 4tb NVMe before I bought one as my current setup 'feels' fast. However, I'm really drawn to the current crop. Does anyone know if the newer 4.0 lane drives would work on my mobo? I have been leaning Samsung but I've been a bit amazed that Inland and Sabrent...
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    LG55CX How to Keep Gsync - Dolby Atmos system if GPU only has 1 HDMI?

    So I have the new LG 55CX Gsync TV and I have the Creative Sonic Carrier Dolby atmos sound bar. How do I get it to work with Atmos and still mantain Gsync 120hz? I realized after spending this boat load of money that to utilize the Sonic Carrier as my speaker with Dolby ATMOS it NEEDS HDMI...
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    SOLD : Black Ops Cold War for Watch Dogs Key

    Got a new GPU and want the Watch Dogs Traded
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    Where / how to buy AMD gpu tomorrow

    Can't find anywhere to buy this like the Nvidia launch. Any ideas?
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    Wtb EVGA 2080ti

    Friend needs another one for SLI.
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    EVGA FTW 2080ti vs 3070

    Few friends are trying to convince me that the 3070 is better at 1440p 144hz than the EVGA 2080ti. Any ideas which is better?
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    [TechSpot] Quad 3090 tested in a workstation

    Really interesting They really should have tested it with some games. Of course SLI is not optimized for IMHO ridiculous reasons. But it should have been tested.
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    FPS / Overwatch Gaming upgrade from 55 Samsung 2015

    So I feel I have a great screen to play but many people are telling me that I am missing out by not having a 144HZ 1440p monitor. What are your guys thoughts? I LOVE the 55" setup I have but I would love to play games better and I guess I could buy a 27 / 32" but I would hate to lose the real...
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    Samsung 2015 Monitor Killer ---> LG GX / CX 2020 G-sync Monitor / TV - Thoughts?

    I am getting pretty excited about the news that there is finally a monitor / TV that is going to take over from the Samsung JS 9000/9500 series. Has anyone given thought to the fact that it seems to hit every check mark and if executed it could be the new ultimate AIO? Few forum sites with...
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    Upgrade of 5930K X99 Asus Rampage - Xeon or 5960x make sense 4k gaming?

    Odd question, My 5930k overclocks to 4.4ghz on air and I was wondering, if there would be an improvement upgrading the cpu at all? I read in the ASUS CPU chart that I can use a 6900k, 6850k, 6800k, 5960x, or a Xeon Would there be that dramatic of a difference? My system is using a 2080ti and I...
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    Thoughts on Better Monitor than 2015 55" JS9000

    Would love to hear peoples thoughts as to what is better than the Samsung JS9000 55" I have been doing a lot more FPS and it would be great to have lower input lag, better colors and be able to take advantage of my 2080ti to its maximum potential. For me 55" seems to be the sweetspot. I do not...
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    SuperSampling vs TSAA

    I got a 2080ti and it seems Apex runs at a good 100FPS. I am trying to figure which "looks better" or what is the difference between ADaptive Supersampling / TSAA Anti Aliasing. Thoughts?
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    HELP: Best wireless Gaming Mouse to beat Naga Epic Chroma

    In the market for a new gaming mouse. I need to use a wireless mouse due to my setup where I game from a gaming chair and sit away from the computer. Would love to get peoples input on their favorites as I really LOVE my razer Naga Epic Chroma... they just dont make it anymore. I am mainly...
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    Gaming mouse pad attached to a Computer Chair

    I am in a unique postion as I take a Steel Case Leap chair and attach a mouse pad to the arm rest. Past few years I LOVE it for gaming as I have a gel pad for comfort for the wrist but what I realize now is that the mouse pad service is not high tech enough. It has worked really well but as it...
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    Recommendation/problem: USB hub to extend signal for wireless devices

    Hi guys! I could really use help as I have a Sculp Ergonomic keyboard and the typing is severly delayed if I am more than 5 feet away from the computer. I finally realized it's a line of site issue so I was thinking if I got a usb hub that sits on the top of my computer it would solve the...
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    Fs: EVGA GTX1080 Ti SC2 GAMING - 11GP46593KR

    Brand new HB slot SLI bridge for $25 Perfect heatware and love to find a home. EVGA 1080ti SC2 SOLD Will take photos when home. Edit: Purchased last year and was never registered on EVGA 3 SLOT 1080 GTX SLI bridge $25 Evga SC2 1080ti $550
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    Bose Sound True Ultra Apple/Android Earbuds $79 instead of $129

    I have been using these for the last few years. By far the best earbuds I have ever owned. The bose store has them for $79 but it seems amazon and a lot of stores just lowered the price $50. I am not sure if they are being discontinued but for a wired headphoen I have not found anything better...
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    Security Boot Violation from Windows USB recovery disk

    So I installed a new version of windows 10 and have been having some serious issues getting anthing working. I finally made a system image with everything installed and had more errors. My problem now is: - When I load the USB disk with the Windows image and recovery software it says, "Secure...
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    Sound shuts off via HDMI any fix?

    Hey guys! I am having a problem with sound staying on when my screen sleeps on my Samsung 55" when its conencted via HDMI from my EVGA 1080ti to my new Sound Carrier. Sleep options are disabled on the Samsung,I have tried changing the power options settings but the tv still sleeps no matter...
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    Trade Pubg Xbox Cd key for US CdKey

    Have a PUBG Xbox CD key and would like to trade for a PC Cd Key
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    Seagate Expansion 8TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STEB8000100) $149 - Amazon

    I think this is a pretty good deal for $149 Considering my last 10TB was $349 and you can get this with 1 day shipping for half that.
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    Beware of WD Red / Red Pro Hard drives if not using Raid / NAS

    So I have noticed a trent with Western Digital Red / Red Pro hard drives. They fail if you are not using NAS / RAid. I am now batting 1000 on my drives failing every 2 1/2 years. My main usage is not that heavy. I use them mainly as data storage for movies, files, games, pictures. I was under...
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    Install OS on 1 850 Pro or setup as Raid 0 + Question on Raid 1 backup

    My question is on my next PC setup. Q1] Install Windows 10 on Raid 0 or separate Q2] Best way to have my data drives run as a Raid 1 Backup or is there a better option I currently have my system built as: 1. - Windows 10 Drive = 2 850 Pro 2tb in Raid 0 = 4TB (however, I recently learned its...
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    Microcenter Hard drive deals 10tb Seagate iron wolf $299

    They have: Seagate ironwolf 10tb 7200rpm for $299 IronWolf_10TB_7,200_RPM_SATA_III_35_NAS_Hard_Drive Seagate Barracuda Pro 10tb for & $349 Western digital red 8tb for $259 Western Digital gold 10tb for $399
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    Windows 10 Ltsb and games anywhere (Xbox)

    So I am testing on a 4k gaming setup windows 10 LTSB and am having problems playing Xbox one x games of anywhere games like shadows of mordor(newest release). It will download gears of War 4 but seems to not let others. Is there a work around? I really enjoy this low bloatware version. If not...
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    4k TV as a monitor under 1k thoughts?

    Few friends of mine were making monitor/TV purchases and have been looking for something similar to those if us with Samsung JS9000 48/55" setups. Only catch is there anything out therr below 1k or coming up this holiday season? Seems I am drawing a blank. Any thoughts?
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    Titan X + 1080 possible?

    Just got back into town and noticed I never returned my Titan X. Now that my return period is about 2 months gone could I sli it with the 1080. I know the answer is no.... But I swore I read they were figuring away to make that happen. Otherwise I have to ebay it and take a slight loss...
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    FS: Free & Cheap Parts + Samsung JS900 Monitor Stand x 2, Creative X7 LE, Fans, Speaker, Nikon 5200

    2. Sennheiser CXC700 - Brand new and was opened once to use until I realized it did not come with a microphone. It is just sitting in the travel case collecting dust. I paid $279 6 months ago and forgot to sell it. Asking $130 3. Samsung JS9000 Stand + Legs $20 3a. Samsung JS9000 One Connect...
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    EVGA 1080 Founders Edition live

    Just went live if you need one
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    EVGA Step Up Get the 1080 Founders Edition vs ACX 3.0 Whats best?

    Hey guys, If you could step-up to the EVGA 1080 ACX 3.0 or the Founders edition what would you choose? I went with the founders edition mainly due to the price but now I am second guessing myself. Typically EVGA does not allow "Step - Up" for their classified cards and that wont be released...
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    creative X-Fi Sonic Carrier vs Bose Cinemate (soundtouch) 130 for Speakers for PC

    I want better sounding audio than my current setup which is failing at 5.1 sound. I currently have a Bose Cinemate 130 with a Creative X7 LE Soundcard/DAC/Amp that sits under my Samsung 4k SUHD monitor. I recently found out that I was misled in buying the Creative X7 LE to process 5.1 sound to...