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    Logitech Switch Issues

    After literally decades of using Logitech peripherals I'm incredibly disappointed that I've had two G903's go bad on me in a row and their support has gone from being the best to some of the worst. I haven't really shopped the other companies in awhile, is anyone making a really quality...
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    Best Use of $600 - RTX 2070?

    My son (17) is in the process of building his own rig and wanted to do it with money he's earned on his own. He's got most of the other components nailed down but we've been going back and forth on the video card situation. He's got a budget of about $600, which he could use to grab an RTX...
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    New G903

    I just picked up a Logitech G903 last night when my beloved G700 decided left click wasn't important to me anymore. I've only had it a short time, but it's definitely my new favorite mouse. You have the option of having the "forward/backward" thumb buttons on either side of the mouse OR you...
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    Two Dell U2412M w/Dual Monitor Stand for $152.99

    These are great 16:10 monitors (1920x1200) and a great deal for two for less of the price of one. Use code SAVETEN to get it down to $152...pretty smoking in my opinion.
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    WTB: Wii U Games

    Looking to buy a lot of Wii U games including multiple copies of the same game. My family is donating some Wii U's to a local not for profit that deals with at-risk youth. I've already got a TON of original Wii games, so I'm mostly interested in the titles for the newer systems. The disk(s)...
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    Couch Co-Op Games

    I'm looking for some recommendations for games that don't require a ton of GPU and feature co-op game play for 2 or more individuals in the same room sharing a television. My sister has a laptop she's using as an HTPC and is looking for some games she and her 10-year old daughter can play...
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    Anyone using Nutanix?

    Is anyone on here using Nutanix and willing to discuss it (privately is fine). I'm fairly interested in it and have been through some in person sessions with their reps. They certainly have some good case studies out there but I was wondering what negatives some of the folks using it have come...
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    Surround and Windows 10

    I know the issues were happening in the preview copies, but now that a couple of official drivers have been out for Win 10 retail, I had assumed they would fix these. For some reason when going into surround mode, Windows scaling goes nuts and makes everything gigantic. You can fix that with...
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    Weird VPN/DNS Issue

    So I'm not a full on pro like you guys, but I don't think I'm completely stupid. This has me stymied. I'm using Anyconnect to join a VPN...or trying to anyway. I can't connect by going to but if I go to the IP address it works just fine. is pingable and...
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    Untangle Build

    Curious what you guys think of this for a light duty Untangle Router: I've already got RAM and storage. Looking for a cheapie build for a not for profit I'm part of. Will mostly be used for DHCP, VPN (max 2 concurrent users), and some basic content fltering.
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    S5 Bluetooth Audio Issue

    I've got an s5 and use a Bluetooth headset and also connect it to my truck. On both devices it will occasionally keep the media on the handset and only send calls over the Bluetooth conection. I've checked the settings while it's happening and phone and media are checked. It never did this...
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    O365/Hosted Exchange Setup

    I decided to move a not for profit I'm part of to Office 365's Hosted Exchange (we get E3 for free) and I'm having some issues with the right DNS settings. I'm on 1and1 (I know, they're a PITB) and if I follow MS's exact directions for them, they want me to add a CNAME for...
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    FS: Dell U2412m - New in Box $250 Shipped

    Clearing out some space in the closet and I've got a boxed Dell U2412m monitor. The box has been opened but the monitor was never taken out. Happy to plug it in for you to make sure it's working if you like, got it for some project and never ended up using it for anything. $250 shipped
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    Friendly Reminder, Datacenter and RDS Cals

    If you're in need of any licenses for Datacenter or RDS Cals get your purchases in now, effective November 1 the prices for both are jumping up 30%. :( You need to order it from your partner AND sign the agreement in the VLSC by the 31st to secure current pricing. On a side note..30% is...
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    Datto Backup Units

    I'm just curious if any of you have used a Datto Alto in a small virtual environment. It looks kind of interesting, particularly the ability to run the VM over a VPN to their data center. Love/Hate?
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    Another Asus RMA Nightmare

    First off, I don't want to bash Asus out of hand...I've never had a mainboard fail on me and I've never had to deal with their RMA's until now, but I had heard the horror stories. Long story short, my daughter wanted a pink laptop and there was a decently spec'd Asus one so I got it this...
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    New Verizon S3 Update

    Some cool stuff in here I think, I'm installing it now: KEY DEVICE ENHANCEMENTS ENABLE YOU TO: -Access your Wi-Fi connection easily on multiple devices when in Hotspot mode -Use ‘bill to my Verizon Wireless Account’ when buying apps from Google Play -Access phone screen without...
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    Anyone use CodeGreen DLP? I'm curious if anyone is using this solution and what you think of it. It basically creates a hash of information you tell it you want to protect and prevents it from leaving areas you designate when it sees it on the network. From what I can see it's by no...
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    WTB: Tomb Raider and Bioshock Codes

    PM me if you've got either one. Looking for at least 3-4 of each (for a giveaway, not resale).
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    Extensive Lists of Sold Items --PLEASE READ--

    This is something we're seeing crop up more and more lately so we're going to address it with a sticky for a few days and your on-topic feedback is welcome. Now, so you know what we're talking about, here's an example thread: FS: Crosshair's Socks Having a list of sold items that...
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    Sold: Asus Rampage III Forumla $100 Shipped

    See title. Comes with original packaging and I'm pretty sure all of the original accessories. Somewhat established traders only please. 100% working, no damaged pins. Just pulled it from a functional rig 2 days ago. Sold to FREDDIV
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    Midrange board for 3770

    What's a good stable board for a 3770 w/o a lot of bells and whistles? Stability on this thing will be king so the less complicated the better. I would just like UEFI, native USB3 and SATA3, and at least 6 SATA ports w/o using an extra controller (they don't all need to be SATA6). No OC'ing...
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    I need a 1366 processor.

    Sell me one yo. I don't need an HSF.
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    FS: Natural Selection 2 via Steam

    I've got two copies, $15 each, accepting Paypal and will deliver as soon as payment is made.
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    WTB: MiniDV Camcorder - Only needs to play

    So after getting a few duds from ebay I figured I would give this place a try. I'm looking for an old camcorder/player that can play MiniDV video cassettes. I recently found a bunch of old home movies recorded with one of these but have nothing to play them in so I can rip them to digital. If...
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    Bezel Compensation in Non-Eyefinity Mode

    I have a 3x1 setup and would like to have bezel compensation enabled even when the displays are acting independently. Does anyone know a way to do this?
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    WTB: LGA1366 MB w/USB 3.0 and Sata 6Gb/s Support

    See title. Need a new mainboard for an I7-920 system w/a few of the newer bells and whistles. Heat
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    Borderlands 2 Eyefinity Thread

    So, overall this game works incredibly well in Eyefinity with respect to actual gameplay. I've noticed a few issues though and so far haven't been able to find any solutions and I was wondering if anyone else had. First off, the character select screen is jacked up: That's a full...
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    I might be a moron but... (Black Mesa)

    How in the hell do you launch this game? I installed it and it created no shortcut, it's not on my library list, there's no executable in the install folder, if I launch HL2 it just comes up w/my save games, if I launch the SDK there's no option in there....the only way I can figure out to play...
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    Corsair 2x4 (8GB) XMS3 1333 DDR3-- 7 kits @ $40 each

    Model: CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 (stock image to show what they look like) I ordered these awhile ago and ended up not needing them. I have 7 kits, brand new in box, never opened, first come first served-- $40 shipped each. Heat Oh, and I have to run somewhere this afternoon, so I may not answer...