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  1. Rahh

    Anonymous trolling the NSA

    Apaprently their trying to take them down...
  2. Rahh

    getting images into jpg format from a DVD?

    My friends wedding pictures are on a DVD and it plays the pictures like a movie/slideshow when put in. I want to get these pictures off of the DVD and just into regular jpg format. Can this be done? The files that are on the cd are in a folder called Video_TS and inside are .VOB, .IFO, and...
  3. Rahh

    remote help through small business server 2003

    I asked this awhile back but I wanted to check back in with you all. I'm running windows small business server 2003 in which I have some connected to it through VPN connections. Is there an easy/free way to offer these users that are connected to my server through VPN remote assistance?
  4. Rahh

    IE7 page cannot be displayed

    When i'm surfing some web pages, leave them, and try to re-visit the site it won't display for me. I made sure "do not save encrypted web pages" was unchecked which was the solution they told me to check... I haven't had this problem until IE7 and it's very annoying because the webpage I'm...
  5. Rahh


    I recently imported all of express into outlook and setup the e-mail but when I create a message it's not Autofilling in the TO: box from my contacts anymore. Does anyone know how to get this back on because I can't seem to find it? I want it to autofill the email address from my contacts when I...
  6. Rahh

    AGP Slot

    I have an old HP computer (intel celeron 2.6ghz 720 Ram) I was wanting to throw an agp geforce card in it just so I may play games like wc3 or the such but the motherboard does not have an agp slot. However, where the agp slot is there is 3 peg holes and the back has a bay for it. Is it possible...
  7. Rahh

    power supply?

    I'm not sure it's the power supply or not but when I power on my computer sometimes it won't boot up. It seems to not boot if it doesn't "beep" on power up. If it does beep it boots up fine and runs fine. I usually have to power it on/off a couple of times before I get the beep and it boots up...
  8. Rahh

    Burnable? DVR/TIVO

    wasn't sure where to post this but I'm curious if it's possible to transfer and burn recorded DVR's or Tivo stuff from my living room and have it on my computer?
  9. Rahh

    corner desk

    I'm not sure this is the right forum but I didn't know where else this would fit. I've looked all around my area for a corner desk for my living room computer. I'm looking for something small and simple to put a computer on, like the size of maybe a sewing desk. Does anyone have any good...
  10. Rahh

    Outlook 2003/ Exchange server not found

    Everytime I install Outlook 2003 it brings up a message about Microsoft Exchange cannot be found and won't let me into the program. All I want to do is setup the e-mail and not exchange crap. Anyone know if there is something I have turned on making it think my e-mail is on exchange or how to go...
  11. Rahh

    home setup

    I just got a new computer and I want to put my old one in my living room. Currently, I only have one router that is hooked up to my new computer and is not wireless capable. I want to put the old computer that i'm moving to my living room on the same connection and was wondering what the best...
  12. Rahh

    heavy duty feedable scanner

    I'm in need of a scanner that can scan a lot of pages through a feeding tray. Were looking to scan all our office files so we may have them stored on disks and electronically. Anyone have experience on this and know of a reliable scanner that could do this?
  13. Rahh

    where to buy RAM?

    anyone know a good place that is offering a group buy on RAM or since I'm looking at purchasing around 5-10 of 1gb sticks a discount because of quantity?
  14. Rahh

    locations - Ideas?

    I'm just searching for ideas on how to go about adding our locations to our website. I was thinking about putting up a map of the US and then pinpointing our locations but since we're small we don't cover that much of the US and the map would look more vacant then full. We have offices in MN...
  15. Rahh

    Norton PartitionMagic

    Is there any other good and maybe free things to use like Nortons PartitionMagic? I need to join a split Hard drive back together. C. has 16gb and D: has 60gb but it is the same hard drive. any suggestions?
  16. Rahh

    vpn and remote assistance

    Instead of bumping a really old post that died I figured I'd see if I could get some direction in a new one. :\ We have all of our employees connect to our server through VPN and I would like to offer them training/support on some software they use. I don't want to have to be at the server to be...
  17. Rahh

    files and new computer

    *easy noob question but I'm curious how you all go about this* Got a new computer and just was wondering what the easiest way would be to copy everything over from my last computer to the new one? Just some files like stuff in my documents folder, not the OS.
  18. Rahh

    Microsoft Word error

    An error occured. Please contact the administrator with the following information: Please check if Microsoft Word is properly installed. The action of MailMerge will abort. I'm not able to print/open some simple word docs because of this and I reinstalled the software with the original word...
  19. Rahh

    web remote assistance?

    This may be more for networking I'm not sure. I want to setup something on our website that would allow me to give remote assistance to help train and aid them with software we have. I tried the remote assistance through windows xp but it wasn’t that great and for some people that aren’t...
  20. Rahh

    vpn blocking outgoing mail?

    Having a weird problem with our VPN connection where it will block outgoing mail for my e-mail. If the vpn connection is off it sends fine but once the vpn is connected it will not send any outgoing but will still receive incoming. The VPN is a connection for a piece of software and...
  21. Rahh

    instant message

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum or not but I'll go ahead and give it a shot. I want to setup an instant messenger program for my company like AIM but only for my company. I would like to setup something so that they can go to our website and logon to our IM and be able to talk to each...
  22. Rahh


    Will PRTG or something like it give me stats on how long we have been up and down for say a Month or Year? I'm still looking for an easy to use network monitoring software that could possibly give me this info.. Is PRTG still the best out there to monitor bandwith and my server connection? I'm...
  23. Rahh

    Restoring a File from Companyweb

    Anyone have a link or a good walkthrough of how to retore a deleted file from companyweb on a SBS server? A file got deleted either yesterday or this morning from our internal website and I want to know how to go about restoring it if possible. We run tap backups everyday but I cannot seem to...
  24. Rahh

    backup utility

    Can you install the backup utility off a Xp Professional on to a Xp Home machine?
  25. Rahh


    I recently bought more CAL's for my SBS 2003 server so that I may get more VPN's able to connect to it legally. Well, SBS comes with 5 CAL's already and I purchased 5 more but my maximum usage once I installed them stayed the same.... So, It didn’t get me anywhere so far because no more than 5...
  26. Rahh

    Bandwidth performance monitoring

    What do you all use to monitor your network usage? I'm running a SBS server and wanting to view the bandwidth usage to make sure there is enough to supply people pulling/putting from the server.
  27. Rahh

    Launching a .exe from link?

    I was wanting to put a link on my website that would launch an exe file like microsoft word (or the like) on the persons machine that would be clicking the link? Can this be done? Edit: I came across this LaunchinIE and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it or any software...
  28. Rahh

    VPN: Easy question I hope.

    Whats the best way of taking over a clients machine that are connected through VPN so that I may show some of our older generation employees how to setup their e-mail and such with out playing puppets over the phone. Probably a really simple thing to do, I just havent ever done it and am still...
  29. Rahh


    Im running windows small business server 2003 and have 4 other computers hooked up to it between a router/firewall. What Im wanting to do is for the computers that are networked with the server, be able to still have internet connection even if the server is not on. They are still connected to...
  30. Rahh

    Problem with moving a Comp off the server.

    On Windows XP pro.. I took a computer off of our server and hauled it to anouther office and now can get any files out of the my documents folder because its still looking for the previous domain it was on... I want to take it off the domain and to be able to access those files. It keeps...