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    Not gonna lie. I'd cash in my integrity and retire with millions. If someone else wanted to take over, I'm sure there'd be willing and qualified people to take it over. I'd never work again.
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    Trying to use Netgear C7000 as Access Point - but having issues

    Have thought about using APs with a central controller? Managing multiple isolated APs with no central controller is a frustrating experience. If all APs are blasting full power radios, the wireless clients, especially phones, often don't have enough transmit strenght to get back to the AP. This...
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    Trying to use Netgear C7000 as Access Point - but having issues

    Does this mean you have multiple APs running in the residence?
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    Trying to use Netgear C7000 as Access Point - but having issues

    Are you having the disconnect issue with all clients? Is this a single AP for the whole home? How large residence?
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    Games today is not what they have been.

    You might be experiencing some burnout. Try taking a small break and coming back. Maybe take on a new hobby on the side and come back with a fresh perspective and dive in. Maybe you can learn programming? Woodworking?
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    How my current Gaming PC compares to 2020 Consoles

    GTX1070 w/ Ryzen 3700X. Worse.
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    How to secure old hardware against WiFi snooping?

    I'll chime in here and I don't mean to be pedantic, but hear me out. scrappymouse captured some good answers but I wanted to clarify or or make it a bit more clear due to some nitpicky things. AP Isolation: The goal of this is prevent any wireless client that is on the same SSID from...
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    How to set up vpn server on my home pc so I can connect to it anywhere?

    This is also not even remotely worth getting fired over absent of HIPAA.
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    facebook silliness

    On top of the above suggestions, I'd also recommend you get a pi-hole DNS server at home and run that. Also, if you're following a Facebook link always use Private/Incognito so cookies are not used. Facebook loves it when you're logged into other services when you visit their website.
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    Need help. I'm not a networking guy. Thanks in advance

    Whoops you're right. I missed the post where OP commented the exact model and only saw the IP address of and conflated the two.
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    Need help. I'm not a networking guy. Thanks in advance

    Either way, you can also just connect a basic network switch to the single Modem port to give yourself more interfaces. But I hate using ISP modems as a router or controlling any network traffic whatsoever.
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    Need help. I'm not a networking guy. Thanks in advance

    No, you can't plug in your wireless router into a second NIC on your PC and serve wireless clients. The purpose of a second NIC on a computer is to have a separate interface to either configure an LACP/NIC team, or to connect into two different networks from your station. There might be ways to...
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    Need help. I'm not a networking guy. Thanks in advance

    Which devices are wired and which devices are wireless?
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    Need assurance on my network setup 2.5bps

    This is a marketing problem, not a technology problem. The mGig interface exists to provide LAN clients that support mGig higher than gigabit speeds to wireless clients (if your wireless architecture can even deliver faster than gigabit speeds). Typically mGig deployments (there aren't that...
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    Issue w/ New Router

    Set your NIC speed on your desktop to 1Gbps rather than letting it negotiate and check results.
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    Check internet connection...

    I don't understand the use-case for this. Are you trying to integrate into something and send automated alerts that a circuit is having an issue? There's like a million tools out there that do this.
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    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    I've had a rule that I'll never spend over $500 for a GPU. But I will also be upgrading from a GTX1070. Was hoping the initial announcement would be higher than 8GB VRAM on the 3070, so I'm willing to wait... but it's really hard to justify to go to the 3080 even though I know the upgrade will...
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    So buy Ampere or wait for AMD response?

    This is what budget sheets are for! You and your wife get your own line items in the budget for your own spending.
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    Warframe Coop MMO

    Very cool - thanks for the quick update on the changes!
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    Warframe Coop MMO

    I haven't played this game since right when they released those wings... forget what it was called. I fear I'll be overwhelmed if I ever come back to this one.
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    Another weird issue.....this time its WiFi!

    Interface pair view allows you to view policies as it relates to traffic flow and less chance you screw something up with "any any" policies or policies that contradict each other in out of order sequences. Interface pair view lets you have separate "sequence views" but only as it relates to the...
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    Another weird issue.....this time its WiFi!

    I 100% agree with this. I could never go back to sequence view. Interface pair view is much more powerful and easy to manage when you get beyond a handful of policies.
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    Another weird issue.....this time its WiFi!

    That's unfortunate. Drag that Guest policy all the way to the top and test again. Have you reset your counters and checked which policy is being hit?
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    Another weird issue.....this time its WiFi!

    Are you using interface pair view or sequence view in your firewall policy section?
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    Another weird issue.....this time its WiFi!

    This is going to be really tough to troubleshoot without seeing your firewall policies. Have you verified the client devices are getting the proper DNS settings from DHCP? You are correct that this does sound like a DNS problem. If you can ping but can't browse to any website via...
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    Help with routing

    FYI, FortiOS 6.2.5 dropped today and the bugfix list is quite extensive. It's probably worth reviewing the resolved issues and known issues and make a judgment call to update to this code.
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    Factorio exits Early Access after eight years of work

    Totally irrelevant to the discussion. Take the trollbait elsewhere.
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    Factorio exits Early Access after eight years of work

    If you haven't played in a while, it's definitely worth visiting again. The game has changed quite a bit!
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    Intel Brand Tie-ins: New Avengers Packaging

    Intel (Kellogg's) Edition.
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    shopping for new ISP need advice on internet speed options

    An Ethernet cable is an Ethernet cable for 1Gbps. It doesn't matter what you get as long as it's the right length for what you're doing. Get as much Internet speed as you can afford and fits in your budget.
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    Help with routing

    If this is a FortiGate then you definitely need to embrace the FortiGate way with device detection and tagging all your VLANs up to the Gate. The visibility is so awesome. Which model FortiGate is it? Chances are if these are 1G copper/fiber links then it can do normal L3/4 rules at 1G line...
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    Help with routing

    If I"m understanding your design properly, you need a static route on the firewall for return traffic. The firewall doesn't know where the other subnets exist so it drops packet due to no valid routes to destination. The same is true if VLAN15 is a separate physical interface. If that's the...
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    Pfsense Box - Hardware Selection

    I believe pfSense is an implicit allow out, and and implicit deny in. So you should not have to create allow rules to permit 80 and 443 traffic out. For home, if you don't plan on allowing any inbound traffic from the internet, not a lot of purpose in enabling IPS engines if you're not...
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    Any thoughts on the new MalwareBytes VPN?

    I think most people use Mullvad these days that require a VPN service like this.
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    convince me about Ubiquiti

    A new switch is not going to help your WiFi performance. Full stop - unless you're upgrading a 100Mb (FastEthernet) to a gigabit one.
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    convince me about Ubiquiti

    Correct that's what I meant.