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    Access GUI of powerconnect 6248p

    a lot of those older dell web guis dont work in modern browsers well either as fyi.
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    Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro

    It should be automatic. The UDMP uses a simple ping target to know what is online.
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    How does SSID password changes work without RJ45?

    You login, input the new SSID and Password, hit apply, will be disconnected and then reconnect to the new SSID like a new wifi network… Has literally been this way since they very first home wireless aps
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    Unifi UAP-AC Will Not Adopt

    Those square units were not great anyways…
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    Is it normal for LTE data plan to connect to reserved IP for DNS resolution?

    Very normal. Cell Phones do not get their own Public IP in most cases, they are usually clients on the Cell Phone providers network and employee different levels of NAT, routing, etc.
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    TP-Link and Ubiquiti gear (specific questions)

    They do allow multiple WAN ports. I use a USG with dual WAN in failover mode, works seamlessly.
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    Xfinity - using your own modem/router or theirs

    So again, I will repeat, normal gigabit links in a PERFECT scenario (like lab perfect) max out at ~940mbps. To go above that you need to use the 2.5gb link port that the XB7 does have (its the one with the orange line) and equipment that can run at that link or higher all the way to your device...
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    Xfinity - using your own modem/router or theirs

    I believe that is the XB7 So to be clear, you are bumping up to real world rate limits on wifi and 1GB hardwire. Hardwire 1gb in a perfect world is 940mbps. I always find this funny, because those speeds you are getting are...
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    Xfinity - using your own modem/router or theirs

    I usually like to use my own equipment, but with xFi have the White Advanced Gateway (XB7). It has been flawless in bridge mode with my Unifi Security Gateway (Router).
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    Using Comcast 1Gbit service, quick question please

    You do realize there will be no noticeable difference right? 940 is ridiculous as it stands and you will mostly be bottlenecked by other providers when doing downloads, etc.
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    WiFi video doorbell recommendations?

    I have been liking the Ubiquiti G4 doorbell, but note it is part of their Protect system (ie you need to setup a device with their NVR controller software). For wireless chimes, I use the HoneyWell wireless chimes and their wired to wireless bridge.
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    Networking with Ubiquiti

    Ive been considering trying it. The odd thing to me is the whole UI and approach is a straight copy of Unifi. Seems worth a go
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    I’ve got to terminate a lot of ethernet cables.

    Monoprice is the way to go.
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    Networking with Ubiquiti

    The protect issue of cameras disconnecting snd losing footage was a bug that is fixed. similarly the UDMP is a buggy mess but getting better. Cloud Key G2 with Unifi APs and a USG is rock solid. agree the stats is a mess, dont use it.
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    Best way to have a redundant internet connection at home?

    For simple failover, the Unifi Security Gateway has worked great for me for years.
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    How Bad is Comcast in 2021?

    I can tell you this, once setup it is reliable in my experience and that is worth a lot to me. Screw high speeds if the service is not reliable. The reality is most households dont need anything more than 100mb or so. And even less on upload. I do wish they had more upload speed as I came from...
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    SOLD: Netgear CM1000 Cable Modem

    Netgear CM1000 Cable Modem - DOCSIS 3.1 Gigabit Xfinity, Spectrum, COX, etc. Up to 1 gbps rated. Includes just the Modem and Power Cord, in good physical condition. I purchased this used to use with new service, but ended up not going with cable so it needs to go. Powers up and logged in just...
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    iPhone X and more recent iPhones with the use of screen protectors

    Nope, not necessary. I never use one and have had no issues on any of my iPhones with scratches.
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    Ubiquiti equipment

    Have had fantastic experiences with it over the years. Like anything, once you know it the smaller quirks and differences people complain about tend to be non-issues. It is a unique architecture with their controller setup, but once you get it the whole system is great to work with. I run 10+...
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    Homelab - Mail Relay Server for Cron

    I have been very happy with for various email related tools. I use them as a MX forwarding relay as well as an outbound SMTP.
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    Need HelpDesk software suggestions

    You are mixing a few different things under 'HelpDesk'. For pure Helpdesk / ticket functionality, I really like ZenDesk. It is also one of the standards in the industry so a lot of other SaaS solutions integrate easily with it for things like IT Asset Management, etc.
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    Ubiquity / UniFi AP Setup & Edgerouter X Load Balacing

    The Edge(Router) line is really designed for people that know networking well. They are extremely powerful devices, but not designed for ease of set up and configurations if you do not know networking. That said, if you do, it is significantly easier than say a Cisco IOS device. Unifi is a...
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    In late 2019, do we still need to manually set wifi channel?

    and if you want to really go for it, do so with a Ubiquiti Unifi AP. Has been my go to in multi-living / condo situations for clients and does an impressive job of keeping strong client connections amongst the noise.
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    iPad Air (2019) vs iPad Pro 10.5 (2017)

    You will like it, the 10inch is quite a bit more real estate and all are plenty fast these days. I regularly use iPad Airs, Pros (10.5, 9.7 and the new gen), and base iPads. The only one that really lags behind IMO is the base iPad.
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    Multi network setup help

    The scenario he is seeing is degraded performance as the Wifi cameras are steady consumers of the channel traffic, not the need to separate the traffic for routing, security, etc.. Simply using a multi-SSID AP will do nothing to help with this problem as the multiple SSIDs are still on a single...
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    Hax and firewalls?

    If there is one, sure. But frankly even a basic stateful firewall (like many routers now are) will make a direct "hack their system" approach very difficult unless there is an application open that has a vulnerability. Yes, there have been stateful firewalls with exploits in the past, but to the...
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    Hax and firewalls?

    Firewalls typically are not the issue, application security vulnerabilities that can be exploited are. No code is perfect.
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    Amazon Is Kicking All Unauthorized Apple Refurbishers off Amazon Marketplace

    I don't hate the idea, much of the refurb on Amazon for Apple products has been shit. It is not refurbed when you just cleaned it off and stuck it in a new box.
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    WinAmp Not Dead?

    Foobar2000. That said, I mostly just stream these days. So much easier.
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    SEO "Company" asking me to change my nameservers

    Cloudflare is a solid service, also easy to setup for yourself if you know a bit about DNS/Nameservers, etc.
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    What I’ve learned from nearly three years of enterprise Wi-Fi at home

    He even over-complicates his article. Unifi can be set it and forget it, if you go with the KISS rule.
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    Azure vs AWS - What is your experience?

    How is elastic beanstalk “not popular”? Its one of their core offerings and massively adopted.
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    unifi cant adopt new ap

    Correct, the old first gen "Square" AC models are no longer supported. TBH they were a PITA when they first released as well, always was a buggy model for what is otherwise a great lineup from Ubiquiti. The new ~$120 PRO AC models spank those first gens as well.
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    Need 10" laptop with Ethernet, SSD

    You need to look at device dimensions not the screen dimensions. The old 10" netbook I have is bigger than many larger screen devices today.
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    Wired Mesh Wifi Extender?

    Ubiquiti Unifi APs....perfect for this situation.
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    The difference? Hyper-V in Win 10 and Hyper-V server 2016...

    Personally I love Hyper-V as I grew up supporting Windows. I ran three Hyper-V hosts on Server 2012 and recently migrated to Server 2016. It is easy to manage, and works seamlessly with a windows ecosystem. I especially like how much easier it is to work with VM files, disks, etc. because it...
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    Thoughts on Running a Web Server Through a VPN

    The problem with hosting at home is that it seems great for awhile. Then something goes wrong and you get downtime and the issues start to pile up like crazy. I actually do host a few services out of my house, but they are not websites. They are monitoring and backup services for clients that...