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    AMD crowd-sources evidence for the fast-emerging 500-series chipset USB issue

    I read the entire Reddit thread. Summary: The sad thing is that this has been known about on the 400 series chipset in 2019. This isn't a new thing, they just don't seem to care. People have been gimping their system by reverting to PCIe 3.0 in the bios, which seems to be legit workaround. A...
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    AMD admits there are problems with USB devices on 500-series motherboards

    Seems so:
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    AMD crowd-sources evidence for the fast-emerging 500-series chipset USB issue
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    Psu for Rtx 3090 and 10850K

    Amazon Canada started taking pre-orders for: Seasonic Prime TX-850, 850W 80+ Titanium In reviews, the PSUs run much higher than the rating on the box, with the premium lines running even higher. Take a look at page 6...
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    TSMC & Samsung Foundry Could Build Leading-Edge Fabs in Europe
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    Zen 4 Ryzen 6000

    The Zen 3 refresh is supposed to be on AM5, as a way of testing a fairly known chip on an unknown platform ( that's what I heard anyway ).
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    Psu for Rtx 3090 and 10850K

    If you live in Poland you can try and find a "good" rebadged Seasonic:,5966-6.html Best Power Supplies 2021,4229.html Yesterday had 7x Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 12...
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    How long do PSU's last?

    I ran a PSU 7 months past its 7 year warranty and when it died, it took the high end sound card with it. After that happened, I started writing down the month and year that I started using the PSU ( inside the lid of the cardboard box ). Periodically, I compare the "birth date" to the warranty...
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    Substitutes for Seasonic Prime TX-1000?

    What is the (pre-COVID) normal MSRP in USD - how much did you pay?
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    Psu for Rtx 3090 and 10850K

    I noticed that Seasonic Titaniums were sold out in Canada and USA back in Dec 2020 ( the 850 W & 1000 W ) but... I recently noticed on that you can ship a 1000 W from Hong Kong... ( they send two power cords, one for Honk Kong and one for the destination )...
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    Magic the Gathing Legends: SHUTDOWN

    I signed up for the beta. I've been wanting to play something similar to BattleForge. A couple of different groups brought the game back to life.
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    Star Wars Battlefront 2 is free on Epic Games

    ( way better than the Open Beta when the game first launched. The lightsabre duels are sick ).
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    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (2017)

    The lightsabre duels 2 v 2 and 4 v 4 Hero mode is sick. Right mouse button to block enemy force powers like Force Push / Mind Control. Alt + direction to dodge.
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    AMD Ryzen 9 5900X review - AMD's Core i9 killer

    Maybe file a complaint with your local politician? It's copy-pasted from the original article. If the TDP is legit, then the graphs speak for themselves. Not really sure what you are bitching about tbh. You read the entire article in 3 minutes... Yeah... sure... I'm out and you are welcome...
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    AMD Ryzen 9 5900X review - AMD's Core i9 killer
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    How would you stress test integrated graphics?

    My dad said he was shocked at the computer - he can do a virus scan in 5 minutes ( it used to take him 5 hours ). LOL :rolleyes:
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    How Fast is SpaceX's Satellite Internet? Beta Tests Show it Hitting Up to 60 Mbps
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    Troy: Total War Saga

    I finished Chimera squad on impossible; what do you mean?
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    Troy: Total War Saga

    oi you beat me to it
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    Intel Previews 4-Layer 3D XPoint Memory For Second-Generation Optane SSDs

    by Billy Tallis on August 13, 2020 9:10 AM EST "...Intel claims an average of 25% higher bandwidth for Barlow Pass than the initial Apache Pass modules for Cascade Lake Xeons... "
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    Whats the deal with Seagate?

    In terms of reliability ( % failure rate ), 10 years ago it was Hitachi. My 10 year old gaming computer was originally running two 10K WD Raptor drives. One of the Raptors was a backup and the external Hitachi drive was a second backup. I never had a problem with the WD drives - I just traded...
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    Do you use anti virus / anti trojan with Win 10?

    1) Since games are moving on from Win 7 64 to Win 10 only, I'm forced to go in that direction. I use ESET & Malewarebytes. When I Google whether Win10 needs anti virus, I basically end up reading veiled advertisements for anti-virus, which isn't helpful. Do you guys use additional anti virus...
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    How would you stress test integrated graphics?

    Cheapest Ryzen is $140 CDN. The CPU that I ended up using cost about half of that.
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    Dr. Disrepect Respect thread

    Apparantly Dr. was talking about moving to another platform ( Mixer? or something ) but he was talking about it on Stream, which is a no-no on Twitch's TOS. Also, before talking about moving to mixer, he had a deal for a couple of million with Twitch. Then Mixer shutdown, so Dr. was assassinated...
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    Dr. Disrepect Respect thread

    The girl was some hot 19 year old / early 20's. I'd cheat on his wife for this girl. The young girl was dating a guy who was into threesomes and getting cucked and all that and they posted it on the Dr.s Twitter. Funny as hell. # awkward for the wife & 2 kids or w/e
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    How would you stress test integrated graphics?

    I saved most of these as .png files to apologies. I wasn't planning on sharing but... 2 minutes into a stress test and the CPU doesn't really go over 50 Celcius: Intel Benchmark...
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    How would you stress test integrated graphics?

    Currently, his used hard drive space = 121 GB / 500 GB on a 10 year old computer. So the system is built and I did most of the testing last night. I'm going to do a prime 95 test tonight. The only thing left to do is test the DVD burner. You can get a WD NVMe for about $80 CDN...
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    How would you stress test integrated graphics?

    He doesn't need a GPU because he doesn't do gaming or download movies or ... well... do hardly anything. Get this... he already has a laptop. I asked him why he needs a desktop if he already has a laptop? His answer didn't make a lot of sense, he said something about power (???). He has the...
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    How would you stress test integrated graphics?

    After I posted this thread, I did a search on the Internet and found a really good resource: "15 Best Tools to Stress Test Your PC (CPU, RAM, GPU, System)" by Sam Chen Feb 11, 2018 updated March 19, 2020 So I...
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    How would you stress test integrated graphics?

    I've never used IGP so I have no experience... I'm more of a RTX 3080 ++++ w/e The thing with my father is... he was in the British military ( Royal Air Force ) ( mid 1970's ( born in 1947 ) ) as an aircraft engineer. He worked on motherboards, that went into satellites, that went into space...
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    How would you stress test integrated graphics?

    So show me your build for $600 CDN ( 441.52 USD )? This is my first time using an NVMe drive. I've read that people basically fried their NVMe by not using a custom heatsink ( all it comes with is a thin, copper heat spreader under the sticker ). If it was just a regular 500 MB/s SSD or even a...
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    How would you stress test integrated graphics?

    I forgot to mention Canadian dollars. From Google: 600 Canadian Dollar equals 441.52 United States Dollar
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    How would you stress test integrated graphics?

    I built a computer for my father, for surfing the Internet and burning to CD/ DVDs etc. He didn't want to pay more than $600 so I figured I'd build it for him and subsidize the $ that he didn't want to pay. I'm used to building in a full ATX case, with a high-end graphics card...
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    Destiny's Sword

    A couple of friends are developing this MMORPG: Exclusive dev diary: Destiny’s Sword explores mental health as MMO gameplay By Bree Royce May 17, 2019 12:00 PM CTV NEWS...
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    Are you ditching Steam in favor of Epic Store?

    Epic has been giving away free games every two weeks. Division 2 is exclusive to Uplay / Epic, excluding Steam. The writing is on the wall. Valve's "Artifact" release was Valve's biggest trainwreck to date. The...
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    Do you enjoy solving logic problems? Do you get a kick out of Psychology and social engineering? Then this game is for you. Fully free to play. Tiny download ~300 MB.
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    Steam Spring Cleaning Event ( May 24th - 28th )

    That's why I posted a link to a Rock Paper Shotgun article in post # 1 titled, "Steam’s Spring Cleaning Event wants you to clear your backlog… Or just try a bunch of new games instead". Guns of Icarus you can keep forever but you have to download it before the 29th...
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    Steam Spring Cleaning Event ( May 24th - 28th )

    Play a bunch of games for free until May 28:
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    Co-op shooter in the style of Left 4 Dead "Earthfall, a co-op shooter that mixes Left 4 Dead with Fortnite, leaves Early Access in July"
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    Flame in the Flood is free to download ( for 2 days ) on Humble:

    Download for free within the next 2 days: