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    ARK - [Roleplay] (PvEvP) The Badlands - Wiped June 11

    LOCATION: Most players are on mountain time but the server is hosted EAST COAST. Search "The Badlands" to find our lovely server. Right now there are 12 active players, currently having explored less than 5% of the map. We're looking for other tribes to trade with and form political...
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    [WTS] GoPro Hero 3 White

    Link to item on Amazon This item is new in box - Looking for 185 shipped Shipping to CONUS, paypal only Heatware: Shantarr Gone - I also have a Galaxy S4 (sprint) (spoken for)
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    [WTB] The Witcher 3 - Nvidia Code - 25$

    [WTB] The Witcher 3 - Nvidia Code - 25$ [PC] [US] Have verified Paypal Heatware: Shantarr
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    Win 10 Beta driver available

    64 bit - 32 bit - Edit- If you use the nvidia CP to overclock your monitor, don't install these.
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    Online Pen n' Paper type games?

    Yo, Does anyone happen to have knowledge of any D&D-esque online pen and paper type games that are online? My brother plays these games a lot and we are looking for a way to co-op online with a group rather than all trying to meet at a single location. Thanks, Shantarr
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    [Poll] Do you actively try for achievements?

    I was in a recent conversation with someone who is sure that 'most people' feel that achievments add more to a game and I wanted to see what the opinions were here.
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    Steam Early Access: Rust

    This game, so far, has been very enjoyable with friends. Enjoyable and -brutal-. The graphics feel somewhat in the neighborhood and feel of the quality in farcry 3, but toned down for multiplayer. Anyways, I wanted to let you guys know that I think it's pretty cool and share some funny...
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    Require Assistance - BF4 issue

    I can't get my game to use fullscreen mode at all, only windowed and borderless; but my borderless only partially works, where it starts windowed everytime and I have to manually toggle to fullscreen in the options menu (which stays windowed) then back to get it to work... every... single...
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    Warface - Closed Beta Weekend

    Check Yo' E-mails!
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    New drivers causing issues?

    Got this linked to me and while my wife and I have had no issues yet, I wanted to get a count from you guys... Link:
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    Be an interesting pairing with the Oculus Rift:
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    The Gameplay thread

    This thread has been created to be a consolidated resource for all user created videos for PC games. Please list the following information in addition to your video link: The name of the game Max resolution recorded in With or without commentary Also, since we'll all be watching HD...
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    Tomb Raider - Crash fix

    Disable Tessellation. I know this is in the main thread but I broke it out to save everyone the pain I just went though!
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    Help! Bf3 refresh rate problem!

    Question, I am running 120hz on my overlord and most games take advantage of it; however BF3 will not for any reason. In the video settings it shows only 2560x1440 with no capability to change it. Help?!
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    Just Cause 2 MP Mod Stress Test this weekend Didn't see it already posted. I find it to be a very impressive and formidable task!
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    Strange GTX 680 issue

    I am having an odd issue with my GTX680 in that I cannot play full screen media files, through any number of random players (CCCP, VLC, WMP, ect...) or any embedded web players (Youtube, Hulu, Ect...) without my display driver crashing with a kernel related issue and recovering. The event...
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    Game Event Attendance Management Tool

    Hello all! I was hoping to find someone here with some knowledge on this. I'm looking for a web based tool, (PHP, SQL, Plugin-in, Whatever) that allows for modifiable terms for different games. The goal would be to have members sign-up, then have administrators move them around into...
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    BFBC2 questions

    Can a tank (full on tank, not apc) be one shot, destroyed; from full life? No perks on either side, just a rocket launcher, C4, or stationary placement. Thank you!
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    Anyone have a Vindictus early access buddy key?

    You would be mah best buddy to let me use it ;)
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    Power cord question

    I have two power cables, each rated differently. The one that came with my monitor is rated @ 10a The one that came with my power supply is rated @ 17a Is there a set standard in today's power supply market that defines what is the reccomended amperage for power cables? Does it...
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    GTA IV - ENB Series (SORA)

    I am having a beast of a time getting this to work. Any tips or tricks? Also the host site for the files appears to be down, whassup with that? Thank you!
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    T> SC2 Beta Key for APB beta key (US)

    Title says it all, please PM me if you are interested! (This is an extra key not related to my contest posted in the SC2 friend invites thread.)
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    Fraps Question

    I searched the forums and the intarwebs and was unable to find a relevant or accurate answer. When recording certain games (metro 2033, Stalker: Clear Sky) I drop from my normal 60/144 [respectively] fps down to the 20's. However when recording MW2, I only drop from 102 to 90. What...