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  1. Bigjohns97

    FS: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition GAMING New In Box

    Won this at a tech event and already have a 1080 in my gaming rig, was wondering if there was any interest in it. 600$ OBO
  2. Bigjohns97

    Sony 900f/900e as a computer monitor

    Has anyone tried this, looking to get a new computer monitor and everything good 32-42 is like 800 bucks and if i am going to spend that kind of money i want some real HDR monitor with some real size. I noticed the 900e/900f have 1080p@120hz which would be great for fps and also can switch over...
  3. Bigjohns97

    What is happening here?

    Why am i loosing so much read bandwidth when moving to 1200mhz and only 1 bump up in CAS? everthing else seems a bit slower on the 800mhz@cl9 but memory read is way up? just doesn't make sense to me i thought speed was more important now a days and cas wasn't such a big hit.
  4. Bigjohns97

    Which sound card to buy

    I am torn between another POS soundblaster audio card or this asus d2 card with the asus200 chipset. From the only ting the asus can't do is the eax 5.0, is this really used anymore? I really don't want to buy another soundblaster, I have never liked their drivers. Howver i have never...
  5. Bigjohns97

    To all who trash conroe

    This shall be the thread that ends all of the threads trashing conroe. I knew this chip would truly define who's a f_a_n_b_o_y and who is normal. For all the doubters of 1m times. To everyone who was wondering about it's 3d...
  6. Bigjohns97

    FS : AMD 4400+ toledo OEM no warrenty

    I bought this 4400+ from newegg right after they first came out. Payed a little over 530 for it. The warrenty was only 30 days and i have not tampered with the cpu at all (IHS, lapping, etc.) Asking 400$ OBO.
  7. Bigjohns97

    FS/FT : amd x2 4400

    Looking for a fast 4000+ sd that will run at 2.8 on air prime stable.
  8. Bigjohns97

    Critique my new system..

    What would you change if anything on my new system i am ordering this weekend? Lian Li PC-7 B Plus Black Computer Case DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D ATX AMD Motherboard...
  9. Bigjohns97

    WTB : battlefield 1942 cd-key

    I was wondering if anyone was willing to sell me there old bf 1942 key. I have lost mine but still have the cd's.
  10. Bigjohns97

    Laptop hard drive crashed

    I had a laptop hard drive crash and don't feel like send it off to get recovered. I tried using ghost and making an image and then using ghost explorer but the image was too corrupted. I was thinking about bringing it up on a desktop but didn't know if you could do that with a laptop hard drive.
  11. Bigjohns97

    Should i get a x850xt ??

    Right now i have the following system amd axp @ 2.4ghz abit nf7-s 1gig pc3200 radeon 9800 pro I am looking to get some better framerates in cs:s and all other games. You think i should get an x850xt?
  12. Bigjohns97

    Finally a FPD that i can buy thoughts?
  13. Bigjohns97

    XP/2000 windows manager

    I am looking for a program that will only allow 1 window open at a time, if it will let me specify the name of that program it would be even more helpful, but i can achieve the latter through GP.
  14. Bigjohns97

    My experiences audigy -> soundstorm

    Unbelievable, if you want my opinion (and you're getting it anyway) soundstorm is a must for htpc systems, i think they should sell their chip to set top boxes and audio recievers. This thing encodes Everything in Dolby Digital and it sounds unbelivable. I would compare to watching a dvd on a...
  15. Bigjohns97

    Nvidia vs ATI IQ comparison - MUST READ,1558,1607400,00.asp Well, that settles that.
  16. Bigjohns97

    Which one should i get ???,2946 please help guys i have no idea which one is the best picture.
  17. Bigjohns97

    The End Is Near !!!
  18. Bigjohns97

    windows xp question

    Does anyone know how to enable the first notch under display properties for 640x480?