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  1. marshac

    Free “smart” pillow

    PM me your info- I’ll try and get it shipped out next weekend Cost of admission is a review posted back here once you use it 😂
  2. marshac

    Free “smart” pillow

    It’s a fancy smart pillow with Bluetooth and some sensors by Zeeq. Used it once with a pillow case and hated it. I’m a side sleeper and it would likely be fine for a back sleeper. $15 for shipping- if it’s more I’ll cover it. I just feel bad throwing it out. Be warned- this pillow is...
  3. marshac

    Harman Kardon - HK Citation 100 Google Voice Speaker $99 @BB

    HK has insane deals on their website regularly, you just have to keep an eye out - this year I picked up a Citation 300 for $150 as well as a Go + Play for $199 (currently on sale for $179). Check back there regularly (or set up a visualping) if you're really looking for a specific item...
  4. marshac

    Small iTunes device to play on DAC

    You could look at something like this Basically it's a USB cable that runs the power to one plug, and the data to the other - so you can use a higher wattage power supply even though a native device might not be able to deliver the goods.
  5. marshac

    Mates, need 5g advice.

    Here's mid-band 5G on Tmo that I did last weekend. Outside of grabbing an audiobook in seconds, the day-to-day experience is the same with decent LTE. On FirstNet I get about 200Mb/sec on LTE-A ("5Ge") at home. Not a huge difference for everyday use. What's lost in the "should I upgrade my...
  6. marshac

    Smartplugs - suggestions?

    For whole-house, check out Sense. It learns the devices in your home and tracks usage - even integrates with IFTTT although the response is slow. If you're really wanting to monitor a specific circuit closely, you can install some clamps to monitor it (I think it plugs into what would have been...
  7. marshac

    What CPU can I upgrade to?

    Risky? Likely not? You can always flash back. You can install the nvme bios modules yourself, or download someone else’s work if you’re feeling trusting.
  8. marshac

    5820k upgrade - is it time?

    I upgraded from a 1680v2 to a 10900k - turns in Civ VI and MOO are much quicker. I can actually finish a game in a single weekend evening now.
  9. marshac

    10900k voltages

    I just built a new computer, and the motherboard (Asus ROG STRIX Z490-A) seems to do whatever the fuck it wants to do when it comes to voltages - sometimes it's 0.8v at idle, other times will juice it up to 1.65v (!!?) despite the fact that I've set specific voltages - I've tried setting a...
  10. marshac

    X79 storage server processor rec?

    Sure enough, $161 on this listing for server pulled CPUs - anyone selling this many means that they were likely data center CPUs and likely well cared for (well cooled, not overlocked, etc)...
  11. marshac

    iPhone 12 Pro and Max

    The lidar scanner is pretty cool. I just scanned my daughter's bedroom using polycam - I never realized how messy it was until I viewed it from above.
  12. marshac

    Newb to cell phones... wife wants something cheap & simple

    Many carriers are in the process of transitioning to VoLTE, so support for older flip phones that don't support this is coming to a close shortly - rather than saying "I don't need that fancy stuff" and looking ONLY at flip phones, perhaps look at cheap smartphones which at least will continue...
  13. marshac

    building a page for lazy people (me and my friends)

    It has been awhile since I've done any PHP, but this looks wide open to injection attacks. You may not care depending on the scope of your app, although it's not a great idea to take in a variable and directly concatenate this into the SQL string. From your code, it's ultimately constructing...
  14. marshac

    Which Asus Router

    You’re like a month away from 6e devices. Hold off.
  15. marshac

    SPAM fallout

    My inbox is being flooded by non-deliverable notices as it looks like a spam-bot is currently using my email address as the sender information - I've looked at the headers to ensure that nothing is coming from my IP, and it's all japan, china, korea based IPs. Eventually they'll use a different...
  16. marshac

    iPhone upgrading questions (Sprint/T-Mobile)

    My wife was in the exact same situation with both her mom and dad (fuck cancer- pancreatic and renal cell). We were able to get the voicemails as audio files (via iTines after saving them like Mchart described) off her phone. Those audio files are backed up on like three cloud platforms for...
  17. marshac

    iPhone X and more recent iPhones with the use of screen protectors

    I use tempered glass protectors- usually the more expensive branded ones as they usually feel the closest to the glass screen itself. Cheap insurance and totally unobtrusive.
  18. marshac

    Who is buying a 3090?

    You were saying?
  19. marshac

    Who is buying a 3090?

    Same. Ultra frustrating. Makes me wonder what the inventory levels are actually like. Just seems hard to believe that they could blast through any reasonable quantity of $1.5k cards in a second. This happens every time with Ti cards though- one would think nVidia would have more initial...
  20. marshac

    Do I need to build a new PC?

    I purchased this mobo in 2012. "Need" is a relative term, but even eight years later, this 2011 is nearly as fast as a 3800x with an OCd 1680v2. I've also modified the BIOS so that I can boot from NVMe, etc - it has actually been more fun to keep this thing going than building a new workstation...
  21. marshac

    On i7-3930K. Any point in upgrading?

    Also recommend the 1680v2 - I'm running it now, also coming from a 3930k. I just did a quick bench so you could see where things are at- the CPU will run at 4.5GHz, but given the warmer summer days, I've dialed it down just a bit since the additional performance really doesn't matter. I'm...
  22. marshac

    What CPU can I upgrade to?

    Someone modified the last version of the bios for my mobo available, so rather than recreating it, I took the chance and flashed it - found the BIOS on Yeah, I've got 3.0 enabled - 2000MB is as good as it gets ;/
  23. marshac

    What CPU can I upgrade to?

    Don't forget that this Xeon has two disabled cores, but Intel left all of the cache intact, something that's a bit unusual for xeons. Edit to also add - I've got a Aorus NVME as the boot drive on this x79 board. Benches at 2000MB, so faster than the SATA SSD it replaces, although far less than...
  24. marshac

    Suggestions needed for gaming headset.

    No mixamp - thought about it, but decided I wouldn't use the features and it would just take up space on my desk. It's hooked up to a Sound Blaster X3 which I also purchased because it has easy switching between the regular 5/7.1 outputs on the back and the headset outputs on the front. Build...
  25. marshac

    Suggestions needed for gaming headset.

    I just switched to A40s from some more expensive wireless because I wanted corded - too many issues with wireless and switching between headphone/speaker output. So far they're quite good and would recommend checking them out.
  26. marshac

    Gaming KVM

    Any KVMs out there that support 120Hz+ and high resolutions? Nearly everything seems to be 60Hz - I had come across a reddit thread where people were saying that one brand unofficially seemed to work, but it would be nice to have stated support.
  27. marshac

    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    GeForce SDR. I got it for Christmas and shortly thereafter the DDR version came out. 3dfx 1 was also kinda lame since I spent $200 on it and it I still needed a regular video card and it had that terrible loop-back cable.
  28. marshac

    Why is it so hard to migrate data from old to new Android phones (in comparison to iPhone)?

    We used to be android only - prior to that was windows mobile. I enjoyed installing custom ROMs, new kernels, overclocking, etc. Eventually though as my life got busier, married, kids, etc I got more and more irritated with the little things that I shouldn't *have* to deal with - data migration...
  29. marshac

    Suggestions - 2.1 Systems under $200

    Another vote for Promedia. I got my first set in 2000? after my Logitech cube speakers died. They where fantastic, great styling that didn't get old even after nearly 20 years of service. The amp finally died, so they've been replaced with a set of Z906 - great audio there too - but if you're...
  30. marshac

    What CPU can I upgrade to?

    Yeah, my 3930k was at 4.5GHz as well. I’m working on lower core voltages to bring the temps down as opposed to pushing for higher frequencies . The higher temps aren’t surprising- it’s 33% more cores. My mobo is x79 and it works just fine- Rampage IV Gene. The 1680v2 isn’t on the supported...
  31. marshac

    What CPU can I upgrade to?

    I’m not sure you can make a good choice- they’re all used and all from servers, but at least on that point they were $2k CPUs, so odds are they were well cared for and in a temp controlled environment run at stock for their entire service lives. They’re high binned chips as well, so you also...
  32. marshac

    What CPU can I upgrade to?

    Not to necro this thread, but if anyone is still rocking a 2011 like myself and the OP... I just received a 1680v2 from eBay today. Dropped it in, smeared some MX4, and went into the BIOS - 1.25v and said "meh, lets try a 45 multiplier" and booted.... right up. Benchmarks, 3dmark, etc and...
  33. marshac

    Would I be better off with a AVR ?

    I would go with the Promedia speakers personally. I had a 2.1 set as well before the connector got bent and shorted out one of the amps - those things were magnificent. Set them up as 2.1, but with a front and rear set to expand the stereo imaging space - I'll bet it'll sound great.
  34. marshac

    Creative X3 - Super Brief Review

    Exceptional sound - I purchased this due to frustrations with the RealTek audio on my motherboard and 5.1 audio. Reading up on my options, I was interested in the new chipset in the X3, and for the price, thought I would give it a shot. I haven't spent much time gaming, so I can't speak much to...
  35. marshac

    Siri - a sack of bricks

    I know there's a few out there that like Siri, but from most of my interactions requesting information, she falls apart - can't search the internet while driving, etc. Google assistant has (IMO) always been much better, and there are some work-arounds to get it into the iPhone "hey siri... ok...
  36. marshac

    WTB: Reference 5700/5700 XT blower.

    I've got a Samsung View you can have cheap. It's a piece of shit, and in typical Samsung style they couldn't be bothered to update the OS- ever- but it works just fine.