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    Possible for under $30k?

    Hello guys! Was talking to a friend of mine who's company is on departmentalized Terminal Servers. We got to talking about Hyper-V and Virtualization/Live Migration with Hyper-V R2. The company is building another location (a sub company of sorts) that will be entirely seperate. If you only...
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    How to backup the guest machines using Hyper V Server?

    Hello! I am pricing out hardware so I can begin testing vSphere and Hyper V R2. I have 60 days to test vSphere and I intend to figure it out as much as a I can. That being said, after the 60 days, the cost of it is extremely prohibitive for where I want to use it (eventually at my company), so I...
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    How does a point to point T1 work?

    Hello, I have a client who has multiple offices and currently everything is tied together via IPSec tunnels via ASA5505s main office has 3/3 bonded T1 and the branch offices have T1 or DSL The latency is too high to get good quality with VoIP and I was thinking about the possibility of doing...
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    What Lian Li case is this? I must have it I was hoping it was mini-itx but looking at the 3rd photo I am not so sure. Anybody have any ideas? Maybe its a drive enclosure? but i doubt it '
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    FS: DFI nF4 SLI Infinity Motherboard

    I have a DFI nF4 SLI Infinity for sale, it was purchased in October (paid $140) and used until around Christmas. It is pretty much exactly the same as the NF4 LanParty series, It reached the same overclock that my NF4 Ultra could. You can see the specs here...
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    Backup Solution....RAID or normal software

    We are a small heating and air conditioning company running ~ 15 computers connected to a W2K3 server. Most of our files are stored on individual computers but I would like to centralize things on a better server. Many people do not have a set desk, so being able to access their files from...
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    WOOT! Optimus Keyboard on February 1st! YAY!
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    Unofficial Toshiba L25-S119x Support Thread

    This thread is intended to be similar to the Unofficial HP Pavilion ZE2308WM Thread, by compiling all useful and relevant info to the very nice Toshiba L25-S119x. These laptops were sold all over the place for <$400 starting on Black Friday, and have had several great sales since then. I have...
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    Cheap/Fast SCSI setup

    I got linked to these drives while looking for some fast drives for one of my servers. 18.4GB Atlas 15k U320 18.4GB Fujitsu MAM 15k U320 I'm looking for some relatively inexpensive, non...
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    Toshiba L25-S119 Notebook $400AMIR TODAY ONLY! Toshiba L25-S119 Celeron M 370 1.5GHz 256MB DDR2 PC2-4200 60GB 5400RPM HD Wireless 15" XGA Screen Radeon Xpress 200M Great deal for a nice laptop. The only downside is the 1.5 hour battery life. 2GB of...
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    Any VGA blocks that don't block a PCI slot?

    I need one for an SFF build, and I dont want it to be visible from the outside, are there any blocks that don't block a PCI slot? I know of the aquacomputer ones, but any others? Will the Maze4? or the shorterned version of the maze4? I know the MCW-50 wont. I will be using 3/8 tubing, but i...
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    Newegg added Sapphire to their Mobo list? Xpress200 soon?

    There is no motherboard there yet, but Sapphire has been added to newegg's motherboard list. I'm excited for the Xpress200 (I know its already semi released). I cant wait to see what these chips can do at the ATI O/C competition next weekend.
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    Vortex Tube?

    Hey guys, I had a chance to talk to my uncle, the owner of an HVAC company about some extreme cooling. I showed him pictures of some of the rigs on here and XS and he was interested. However, he suggested I look into something called a vortex tube...
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    Can't view my website internally?

    Hey guys real quick question, I have my computer and server behind a router, and have the server set up as a web host. As of now I can view the site by typing in the internal IP, but I can not view it by typing the domain I have set up for it while I'm behind my router. If I am at work or school...
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    Mod Seasonic PSU

    I am going to buy a Seasonic Super Tornado or Silencer soon because they are at the crossroads of performance, price, and silence. I will be sleeving it cuz cable clutter bothers me :D. I was looking at SPCR's review and they said the new versions have the 24pin cable and EPS12v compatible...
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    CAD Rig?

    I need to build a dual processor Opteron or Xeon for CAD work. Inventor/Solidworks will be used frequently with Maya, Bryce, 3dstudio, Photoshop, and video editing programs used sometimes. It doesn't need to be the absolute best, but was wondering what you guys suggested? This is what i was...
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    Help Me Decide My Final Setup! *pics*

    Okay guys I'm about ready to invest in a watercooling system. Yes i pwn at MSPaint. And yes my wiring sucks :) But anyways, as you can see I have 1 SATA HD, and 2 Optical Drives. This is what I was planning: Move the HD's into a 5.25" bay (will probably be buying a raptor soon as...
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    Quick Question

    I have 2 processors, a 1GHz T-Bird and an Athlon 1700+ laying around. The 1GHz T-Bird is in my webserver currently with a gigabyte motherboard that uses PC133 ram. The heatsink fan plug must be broken because the heatsink fan spins constantly at full speed and as you can imagine that is...
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    Asus A8V-E

    Didn't know it was released yet, but it's for sale on ATACOM Anybody seen any reviews on it yet?
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    optimal radiator placement?

    Looking at watercooling my processor, chip, and graphics, I was looking at the DD stuff and have read several reviews on it, and it looks like it will meet my needs. I currently have an Antec SLK3700BQE case ( I was...
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    Case Identification?

    Can anybody tell me what case this is?
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    Newegg has the Pentium-M Desktop Mobos yay
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    Help Linux Noob with ClarkConnect

    Hey guys, I have ClarkConnect up and running. I have it set to be a server, not a gateway. I can connect to it via FTP and the web interface. I have uploaded an index file and it appears when I go to the site address. I cannot figure out how to CHMOD to 777, does anybody know how to do it...
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    Recommend me some hardware

    Hey guys, I work at a heating/AC company. We currently have 2 servers, one running windows 2003 (2.8P4, 2GB Ram-file server) the other running unix (833mhz, 512MB Ram-for our management system). Those are networked with 15 (All 2.8P4, 512MB Ram) computers, and I am happy with that network. Right...
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    What could I do to a 1GHz T-Bird?

    I have a computer laying around with a 1GHz T-Bird in it, it uses SDRAM PC-133 ram, but if I were to put it in a different socket A motherboard that accepts DDR ram would it work?
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    Does something like this exist?

    Is there such thing as a remotely hosted service that you could route all your internet content through that would just drop the adware/spyware/viruses/spam before it even gets to you? May be a stupid question, but just wondering.
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    Apache setup

    For starters I am a total newb at this, but if anyone can let me know what I am doing wrong it would be greatly appreciated. I want an Apache server to host my website, it will only be one website, so I do not need the Virtual Host and such. I am using an old computer running Fedora Core 2...