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    FS Watchdogs 2 Samsung code $20 + pp fees

    I bought the Evo drive and won't ever get around to playing this game. I only want $20 through paypal and any fees. (idk if there's a fee anyway) my heatware: skatethestate thanks!
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    Which curved 4k LCD would you get for gaming for <$800?

    Hey guys I'm in the market for a display to replace my 7 year old Asus 24" LCD. Lately I've seen a ton of 34" curved screens in the ~$700 range but I'm not sure which one to pick. I use my desktop mostly for gaming and browsing, so don't really care about super-duper color accuracy. G-sync seems...
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    8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3 RAM

    Hello guys I've had this RAM in my system for a while, but simply wanted 2x 8GB DIMMs for SolidWorks. It was never overclocked or abused in any way and works without flaw. Let's say $45 shipped to USA only.
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    WTB 750w modular psu

    Hello I'm looking for a 750w+ modular psu by a company with a good rep. (Seasonic, antec, etc) Let me see what you've got! Thanks
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    Will my current PSU be able to handle my GPU upgrade?

    Hey guys, I got in on this deal for a Powercolor R9 270X 4GB GPU a couple months ago, and finally received it in the mail this week. I haven't had any issues so far running this same setup with an MSI 2GB R9 270OC gaming, but I'm unsure since I'm assuming this GPU will probably draw more power...
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    Should I replace my wireless network card?

    I recently upgraded to FIOS 75/75 internet, and am debating replacing my wireless card. The modem/router is in the living room and my PC is in the dining room just down the hall. Even though they're only separated by 20 feet or so, my Win7 signal tops out at 3 bars, sometimes even 2 bars. I...
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    WTB alien: isolation

    i'm looking for a downloadable copy of alien: isolation. let me know what you have! thanks
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    FS: Intel i7 920, Noctua CPU cooler

    I've got a intel i7 920 with what IIRC is d0 stepping. It served me flawlessly since 2010... $35 shipped USPS--SOLD ...that was always cooled with this amazing Noctua heatsink. I was gonna use it on my new build but i'm not planning on OCing anyway, so no use for it any more! It'll come with...
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    FS: SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium PCI-E sound card

    I purchased this card less than a year ago because the onboard audio on my old mobo died. Now, I'm trying to recoup a little bit of the money that went towards my new rig. If you need any more pics or info, feel free to ask! $50+ shipping
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    WTB i7 4770K

    i'm looking to buy your i7 4770K. CPU or retail, doesn't matter. LMK what you got. thanks!
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    FS: i7 920, MSI x58 pro-e, 6GB Corsair XMS3, Noctua CPU cooler

    Unfortunately, this morning my PC started acting funny and now refuses to boot. A few times it would boot into windows, then power down. Now, the mobo LEDs power up but when i push the power switch it surges once for a sec and won't turn on. It won't do this again unless I unplug the PSU. I have...
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    FS: Gigabyte HD5870 PCI-E GPU, Crucial M500 240GB SSD, DOA i7 Mobo

    i'm looking to clear out some things from my inventory. Crucial M500 240gb SSD brand new, never used/formatted. i put this in my system thinking i was gonna do RAID but i find a single M500 is plenty fast. unfortunately, i threw away the box and adapter. SOLD Gigabyte HD5870 PCI-E GPU this...
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    WTB LGA1366 i7 920 mobo

    My gigabyte x58-ud3r just crapped out so I'm in need of a replacement. Unfortunately I don't have the funds to upgrade to haswell just yet, and can't seem to find any vendors that still sell lga1366 boards. Anybody got one they wanna get rid of? Thanks!
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    WTB left4dead2

    $15 please! :D
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    FS: battlefield: bad company 2

    $30 shipped to your door! dvd is in perfect condition, although i did use the unlock codes already... :(
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    arctic cooling freezer 7 pro-$25

    just bought this from newegg for my new i7 920 build, but i don't think it's going to be enough cooling for my needs. i threw away the original clamshell but it's only 3 days old and comes with instructions+amd mounting brackets. i accidentally broke the bottom portion of the circular shroud...
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    hitachi deskstar 32-0gb 7200rpm/16MB $35 perfect condition

    from sf, ca. purchased in july 2008, and simply have no need. thanks
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    WD 320gb 7200/16MB black edition-$35shipped

    from sf, ca... bought in august, just got a 640.
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    is my rig crippled?

    cpu-z screens: review screens: so i started up cpu-z today, and i thought my core speed looked awfully low. all settings in bios are set to auto. the multi is supposedly locked, and i can't figure out how to OC it anyway. windows 7 will randomly hard-lock. programs aren't nearly as...
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    phenom 920 DOA?

    i just got in on the hot deal for the phenom x2 920 processor, but for some strange reason it simply won't boot. all components work perfectly, except for the processor so far. gigabyte ga-ma770-ds3 (i've read reviews on newegg that said it booted first time with this combo) amd phenom x2...
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    connecting to internet just fine, can't see other computers!

    i have a belkin wireless g+mimo router. it's been good so far, but after i built this new pc i can't figure out why my laptop and this computer can't see each other. the pc is connected via ethernet and the laptop wirelessly. they both get awesome connections on the internet, but it's really...
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    FS: Sony HDR-FX7 HD camcorder

    this is for a MINT sony hdr-fx7. camera was used for three months, financial situations have arisen, so my loss is your gain. included with this camcorder: $700 fisheye lens, camcorder bag, HDMI cable, and firewire cable the retail price on this camera is new is well over $2800. you will not...
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    WTB socket 939 mobo with AGP8X my computer just decided to go out on me and i've deduced that it's the my asus a8v deluxe. it's awesome because newegg doesn't sell any decent looking socket 939 boards that still have agp 8x. if i upgrade my processor/mobo i'll have to upgrade my graphics card too. i also have IDE...
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    good college/gaming computer

    hey guys, this is a build for a freshman heading to UF. he is a mild gamer, (addicted to WoW) but wants to play higher-end games such as fear and battlefield 2. his budget is about $2500, and i suggested this computer for almost $2000. Lian Li PC-65B Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer...
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    some skateboarding pics

    just wanted to know what you guys thought of some of my skateboarding pictures... i've been using my dad's basic digital camera, a kodak easyshare dx6490. i've been looking into getting a camera for myself. do you guys have any tips for better picture taking? thanks!
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    Black Friday!!!!!

    it's finally upon us boys, only 25 days away! anyone seen or heard any info from the major players? (best buy, circuit city, compusa?) i'm really looking forward to this one because i have around $500 to spend. i'm looking to buy a new graphics card, new power supply, car audio equipment...
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    should i trade?

    just wondering if you guys thought i should make this deal: on another local forum, i threw up my 9800 pro in sig for $115. a guy made an offer to either trade me his 3 week old 939 3200+ or offered $100. the motherboard in my sig is FUBAR, and there's no point in buying a new AGP...
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    help me with my sound switch thingamaroo!

    ok here's my problem, i ordered this plantronics pc speaker headset switch now, i have a 5.1 speaker setup, and a pair of senheisser hd-555's. the speakers have a green, black, and pink wire that goes to my...
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    computer keeps restarting

    idk why but everytime i play any sort of game that utilizes the graphics card, my computer will restart and weird noises come from the speakers. it restarts during games like dawn of war and battlefield 2. i have tried just about everything i can think of, but still no dice. i'm running most of...
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    onboard audio+audigy 2 zs

    hi guys, just a simple question. i just recently purchased a audigy 2 zs, and a week later a pair of senheisser hd-555's. my problem now is that i want to be able to leave my headphones plugged in all the time, but i want my logitech x620 6.1's in too! so i left my 6.1's on the audigy, and...
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    disk failure help!

    alright, so i finally got the system in my sig all put together again. however, when i go to boot my computer, it passes through all the tests, but then it gets to DOS and says "disk boot error insert system disk and press enter" or whatever. i don't understand why something like this would come...
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    PS3 "in game" movie

    saw this on another forum, thought you guys might be interested. i still have a hard time believing this is in game though. :D right click--save as 8MB
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    weird bf2 issue-(sorry, another one)

    specs: venice core 3000+ 1 gig geil 512mb pc3200, 512mb corsair xms pc3200 asus a8v deluxe 128mb 9800 pro onboard sound ok so here's the deal, whenever i startup bf2, it plays for a little while, then it either 1)screen freezes, music loops a little while, then completely stops, or 2)...
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    UGH! problems with 9800pro

    ok, so a little while ago i RMA'ed by mobo to abit (specs in sig) because one day the video decided to go out on me. now, the northbridge fan had been making weird noises for a while, and when my comp crashed one day, i noticed that the nortbridge fan had completely stopped spinning, so i...
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    a8v deluxe boots really slow

    so i just built my parents a new decent computer. specs: asus a8v deluxe mobo *needed for the crappy, old 32mb geforce 2mx 32Mb 3000+ amd 64 venice 512mb corsair xms pc3200 ddr400 geforce 2 mx 32Mb 80gb 7200 rpm 8Mb cache WD special edition windows xp+sp2 ok, so everything has...
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    warm: 6.6" blue cold cathode bubble light-$1.82

    xoxide blue cold cathode bubble light saw these on sale at xoxide. limit 1 per customer though :( after shipping, comes out to $3.67 for me with standard ground shipping to florida.
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    how long does it take your amd to boot up?

    with the specs in my sig, i'd estimate around ~30 seconds, never really timed it though. what hardware upgrades make the most difference in faster startup times? i remember when i bought 512mb more ram, i hardly noticed (if any) difference at it more hard drive speed? for...
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    weird noises from fan on nf7-s

    yeah, so as the title implies, my slightly year old nf7-s is making weird noises from the fan..sometimes it appears like it's running slower and speeding up or it's trying to stop. it happens sporadically. i bought some compressed air hoping it was just possibly a dust buildup which shouldn't...
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    dying hard drive?

    (1 year old WD 80gb 8mb buffer "special edition") symptoms: cs:source and warcraft 3:TFT both crash sporadically. after warcraft 3 closed for the first time last night, i pushed the restart button on my computer, and the substitute for the default windows "loading" screen (the one you can...
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    gigabyte ga-7n400 and AXP3000+

    ok so my friend and i built a computer and his 3000+ 400mhz FSB OEM processor is running extremely hot. it idles at 64c and is not overclocked, and i'm assuming it's the stock voltage but i can't tell because the motherboard won't let me change it negativlely, it only lets me change it by 5%...