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    DARK SOULS III New Gameplay footage (PSX Dec 2015) All new footage. The end is crazy (Spoiler=surprise boss). Wow. I can't wait to play this. Release date March 24, 2016
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    PS4 - Bloodborne, HALF OFF $26.99 @ Amazon

    This is for the physical copy, in a box. Digital is $40. Save some money, and get the DLC later, all for less than the price of one game. The Old...
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    BROFORCE is out of Early Access

    Finally, final. After 3 years. On discount to celebrate release, 33% off till Oct 22 Cant say enough about this game, just an absolute blast each and every time.
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    CAPCOM Humble Bundle: STRIDER, Resident Evil Revelations, Ultra SF4, and more For the next 2 weeks. An additional game will be revealed next Tuesday at 10am.
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    Bloodborne GOTY Edition - November 27, 2015 The Old Hunters DLC included, obviously. The Old Hunters DLC will also be available separately for the...
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    3DS owners, 3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is out

    As number 16 of the 16-bit SEGA 3D classics project, Sonic 2 is here! Sadly its the last one, but we still got that same quality M2 has been giving these games and the 3D looks great. They've also released the interview that usually preceeds each release, I like reading these, especially since...
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    Amneisa: The Dark Descent, free on Steam today (9/15/2015) Ends 10am Wednesday PST
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    Need For Speed PC delayed till 2016 to unlock frame rate

    If that's what it takes, good. Console versions will still be locked to 30 and still release in November. The "content updates" doesn't sound like any DLC, probably just patches or anything free released to that point.
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    Bandai Namco Humble Bundle: Dark Souls, PACMAN DX+, Ace Combat and more For the next 2 weeks. Theres a question mark on the last game, so there is at least one more to be added. I'm thinking a Naruto Ninja Storm game. EDIT:The last game(s) were added. STAR TREK reboot and "Beware planet Earth!"
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    KOTOR 2 gets a new patch after 10 years

    This is kinda of ridiculous and unheard of. OFFICIAL PATCH, not a community modded patch. Wow. 10 years later! • 37 achievements to be earned through gameplay • Steam Cloud saves • Native widescreen resolution support • Resolution support up to 4K and 5K &#8226...
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    The Last Gaurdian (Shadow of the Colossus successor) PS4

    No really, its real. Looks more like ICO though... Same studio. Gameplay trailer
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    Microsoft: SSH support coming to Windows

    Getting with the times, I guess. Awesome for Powershell users.
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    Dark Souls 3 annoucement at e3

    With Hidetaka Miyazaki as director.
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    IGAVANIA Kickstarter! Bloodstained: Ritual of the night

    UPDATE: FUNDED!!! A big "Fuck you" to Konami, no more Castlevania, IGA don't care, gonna do his own thang. Kickstarted today, ALREADY HALF WAY FUNDED! (The thirst for blood is real!) Concept art: Targeting the...
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    Buy a 9 series nvidia GPU, get The Witcher 3 free

    Sorry guys, this is NOT retroactive. Only new buyers as of now(which I think is real shitty considering the memory fiasco)...
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    Star Citizen Arena Commander is FREE TO TRY TILL MARCH 15

    Star Citizen Arena Commander is FREE TO TRY TILL MARCH 15 Follow this link: Make an account or login to existing one. Apply this code: PAXEASTFREEFLY2K15 It is plainly stated: download and install the game, walk around the...
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    Khronos announces Vulkan (glNext/ New OpenGL) Valve is hosting a preview, Thursday Khronos sessions at GDC: previously known glNext Valve session:
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    MEGAMAN X Articulated Figure Kickstater is live

    This has an interesting story behind it, but I'll save that for the link below. I'm just happy this is actually happening and the quality is top notch just like the figures from Figruarts and Tamashii web. MEGAMAN X The original design started as an April fool's joke that Capcom did...
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    Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - Collector's Edition (Vinyl + Game (Q1 2015 release!?) Also: Hnnnnnnnnnngggggg...
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    Would you like Killer Instinct ported to PC? MGS wants to know... Poll is here; the official KI forums(Must register to vote and post): The choices are: I'm down for 1080p KI. And...
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    Planetside 2 PS4 closed beta, sign up!

    Hop to it gents. A real MMO, unlike Destiny...
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    [BlackFriday] PS4+GTA5+TLOU $399

    Dell, online. An ironic definition of the new gen. Cant wait for bloodborne.....
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    MAJORA'S MASK 3DS announced! I've been saying "what!?" over and over for the last 10 minutes... Spring 2015 (Couldn't find NA bundle pics yet)
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    Final Fantasy XV: Luminous studio world demonstration + new info and gameplay

    New information: The area shown is from the demo, but the actual demo will be larger and contain cut scenes. Summoning is in the game. No further information at this time. Monsters will be stronger/spawn new monsters at night time. Night time is to be dangerous. (What a terrible night to have a...
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    This can't be real... (Sonic X MonsterHunter?)

    I.... just... I don't even.... My eyes... my poor eyes....Why Capcom?! Why SEGA!? This is horrifying I'm creeped out. Is that real life Sonic? I dont ever want to see real life Sonic....
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    New SILENT HILL - Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro, starring Norman Reedus!

    Umm, this is heavy... whoa man....Silent Hill coming back? As an actual good game again? [Heavily Breathing...] And Konami finally yet Kojima do something other than Metal gear! Kojima and Del Toro! Holy shit this is awesome!!! Reveal below. It was hidden in some demo on PSN called P.T...
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    BLOODBORNE - Gamescom gameplay trailer
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    TEKKEN 7 is coming to PC - Lead platform due to engine Sweet. In other news, TEKKEN 2: Kazuya's Revenge, is coming out. heh heh heh...
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    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

    (Patriots turned into this?) Reminds me of SWAT, I have to follow it now. Pretty ambitious, thats alot of online multiplayer coordination going on. Would need a good team. 2015, like everything else... UPDATE: New unscripted gameplay...
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    FIFA 15 with "next gen" engine, coming to PC, system requirements

    Mildly interested, but I'm more impressed that it even exists considering the last PC version's(when they were still made, proper engine, I mean) were built on a previous gen engine, and EA stated that there was no market on the PC, about a year ago, but hey, here we are today. Maybe this means...
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    Bought SF4AE before the Steamworks switch? You now have a giftable copy

    Shameless copy paste from neogaf, because today I am lazy. They haven't "fixed" it......, yet. Is there a giving soul that will send me a key? :D Gift away
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    Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number gameplay PC footage even though the video says Vita. Still no release date, probably some new info during e3. Perturbator is back!
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    EVERY Sonic game on Steam $7.50,

    They are calling it the Sonic Hits Collection. You get: Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Sonic 3 and Knuckles Sonic 3D Blast Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Sonic Adventure DX Sonic and...
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    Dark Souls 2 PC - April 25, 2014

    Prepare to wait STEAM PAGE IS UP
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    GabeN AMA at 1pm PST 3/3

    It will commence 3 hours from his original post. Today is 3/3 GabeN has had 2 frapachinos with a third to be downed before the AMA. Absolutely nothing will come from this. EDIT: Just follow this link for now, something is wrong with the thread. Any new comment he does will show up here...
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    Final Fantasy XIV: A Relm Reborn, PS4 Free Open BETA

    It's up early. Originally was going up on Feb 22 (coinciding with the Jp PS4 launch) It's up now on PSN, open for everyone with a PS4. Download it today and don't deal with the crashing servers this weekend(Because of JP launch)!
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    IKARUGA is on Steam

    FEBRUARY 18, 2014 Price is finally up, game is live $10 Ikaruga Steam Edition specs Various Screen Mode Support - Up to Full HD (1920x1080 or 1920X1200) - Adjust size of Menu and HUD as you like - Window mode - Vertical Mode - By rotating only...
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    Amazon is now a publisher!? Amazon acquires Double Helix Wow. I have no idea what they are planning. Looks like Amazon is now a publisher/developer of video games. Strider is Double Helix' next release in about 2 weeks.
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    Witcher 3, New screenshots

    These look pretty damn good... TressFX, anyone? Thank you CDProjekt
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    L4D3? (Source 2.0 reveal)