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    Fire TV + HDHomerun?

    Has anyone used Amazon's Fire TV with the HDHomerun app to watch live TV? The app's a little clunky, but I have no problems using it to watch TV on my Nexus 7. Based on my limited research the Fire TV appears to have a more powerful processor so I would assume it would be at least on par...
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    FS/FT Netgear 48 Port Switch

    I have a Netgear FS750T2 switch that is no longer being used. It has 48 100Mbps ports and 2 1000Mbps ports, QoS and VLAN. Was previously used in a dental office but they upgraded to full gigabit. Here it is on amazon. The switch is in good condition, comes with power cord. $110 shipped, or...
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    Android 4.4/Kitkat - Friendly reminder to backup before updating

    I have a Google Nexus 4 and received the 4.4 OTA update notification today. I installed it immediately, and my phone never booted back up. It was stuck at the animated Google logo screen:mad: Long story short I ended up having to manually install the 4.4 image via fastboot. I didn't lose any...
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    2x 5ft 3.5mm AUX Cables - $1.79 shipped (eBay BIN)

    Found this on slickdeals, grabbed a few to replace ones that had been lost/destroyed. It's eBay, but BIN only. At this price it is probably cheaper to order a pair of these than it would be to drive to the closest store and steal one.:D...
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    Terminated by Sprint... Best breakup letter ever?

    I have received absolutely terrible service (both customer service and phone service) from Sprint for the past 9 or 10 months, but today the cell phone gods had pity on me and I received a divine intervention: Eat a dick, Sprint! I told you I never get service in my apartment. Where's your...
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    Dear Sprint: Why do you suck so much/often? :(

    Not to beat a dead horse, but Sprint's web site has been down all weekend; I was trying to send them a message about the internet speed and connections problems I am continuing to have with my phone.I'd call them, but I'm not sure I could make it through an entire conversation without the call...
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    Best Netflix solution on HTPC?

    My trusty XBOX 360 finally RROD'd and I am trying to see if I can go without it and use my HTPC for Netflix duties instead. So far, I have not been very impressed :( I could not get Netflix to work through Boxee and after scouring the Boxee forums it looks like it's not currently supported...
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    FS: Hauppauge HVR-1250 TV Tuner

    No longer have cable thus cannot use any more. $20 shipped, Paypal please. EDIT: SOLD! Info: Includes tuner card, all accessories show below Pics:
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    FS: Behringer A500 Amp

    I have a Behringer A500 amp for sale in great condition. Product info can be found here It was previously being used to power 2 4ohm floorstanders although that duty has been taken over by my receiver. Local pickup in Houston near medical center area, or if you are interested I can find out...
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    FS: Nook Color + Original Box + Case + 4GB SD Card - $190 shipped

    For sale: Nook Color with original packaging, USB charger wall adapter, Roocase, 4GB Sd card Nook is in good condition, has no noticeable blemishes or scratches. I have wiped and pre-installed CM7.1 RC1, ready to go with google log-in! Pics:
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    Acronis True Image for server?

    I have a Windows Small Business Server 2008 box that I am wanting to set up a disc imaging solution for. The current setup is like this: -Raid-1 mirrored hard drives, ~400GB data -Crashplan backup to "the cloud" as well as hot-swappable internal drive I would like to be able to...
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    FS: Nook Color + Case + 4GB Sd card - $220 shipped

    Price now lowered to $190 shipped. I have a Nook Color, roocase, and 4 gb SD card with original packaging and usb/wall charger. Asking $190 shipped. Currently rooted running CM7, will wipe and reinstall CM7 or stock if preferred. Payment via paypal or cash. Crappy iphone pic: Local...
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    Shacknews widget missing?

    I noticed the recent Shacknews articles widget wasn't on the home page ( any more. Is this a bug or intentional? Not a huge deal, but especially with their new (shitty) layout it was convenient to just look on one place before I wasted time on their site digging for articles of...
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    XBOX Live Charge For Bulletstorm Demo?

    I was checking my credit card online tonight and I noticed a charge for $10.63 from "MICROSOFT *XBOX LIVE". I haven't purchased anything so I check my XBOX history and the only download from this year is the Bulletstorm™ Demo. There are no transactions for adding or using points, although the...
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    Software to transfer files from Win 7 to MAC ?

    I am looking for some sort of cross platform software that will allow me to transfer large files from my Win 7 computer over a network to a Mac. This can be over the internet or I can install Hamachi and transfer it over the vpn. I have no problems transferring files from Windows to Windows and...
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    Best Netflix streaming device?

    I am looking to get a family member a Netflix streaming device for Christmas, although I have no first hand experience with anything other than PC and 360. They are not very tech savvy so I am looking for something as simple as possible. Glancing over Amazon I see Roku HD, Apple TV, and WD TV...
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    DD-WRT Port Forwarding broken?

    I have a Buffalo router running DD-WRT firmware and I am trying to set up the router to allow a minecraft server on port 25565. I have set up a rule under NAT/QOS > Port Forwarding to forward UDP and TCP from port 25565 to port 25565 on a local computer which has a static ip address. My friends...
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    Proxy Software?

    I am looking for some type of proxy software that will allow me to connect to my home network from an external IP address so that the IP address on my computer will appear to be my home IP. The software can run on either Windows or Linux. My home connection has a 18mbps upload so bandwidth will...
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    Cheap tablet for HTPC remote?

    I've been looking for a decent backlit keyboard to use with my HTPC and it occurred to me that maybe I could just use a cheap tablet and VNC to control my computer and type when necessary. Has anyone tried this and had success?
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    Upgrade iPhone without restore?

    I have an iPhone 3GS and am currently running jailbroken iOS 3.1.2 which I am happy with. I had no intention of upgrading (mainly because things are working fine and I don't want to fuck everything up ;)) although Netflix released an iPhone app today which requires 3.1.3. I have already tried an...
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    FS: ATI HD 3850 256MB Video Card

    I have one ATI HD 3850 256MB video card for sale. The card works fine, although I was using it in a linux based HTPC and ATI's linux support sucks. Worked great in Windows 7. I do not have the original box any longer, although I can include component adaptor, DVI>VGA adaptor or crossfire bridge...
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    Linux + AMD + XBMC/Boxee = fail?

    Is anyone successfully playing back video (XVID/x264) in Linux through Boxee/XBMC using an AMD video card? I am using Linux Mint 9 with standard installs of Boxee and XBMC, and neither is currently playing back video files correctly. I can hear audio, but instead of video I see flashing...
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    Small Business Server 2008 CALs?

    I am trying to confirm that I need additional CALs for SBS 2008 in a work group environment. The server will be sharing files locally and running a third party software program that the clients (~20 workstations) will connect to. All authentication is done through this other software, and the...
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    I just watched the trailer, game looks really fun! Looks like a bastard child of Borderlands, Serious Sam and Bioshock. :D Thoughts?
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    Big switch?

    I am looking for a minimum 32 port switch to replace 2x16 port 10/100 switches for a small office. The switch does not need to be 10/100/1000, but I need a 1000 port for the server. Currently there are 30 ports in use including ~25 workstations as well as some printers. Most of the traffic on...
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    Front page formatting off in FF?

    I noticed today that the front page is a bit off when viewed in FF 3.6.3. I tried at home as well as here at work and I'm seeing the same thing. Some of the news posts are wider than they should be and there are no ads on the left or right sides (ad is at top and in center as usual). Working...
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    Looking for small scale backup solution, need advice :)

    I'm looking for a solution to backup ~250GB of data for a small office. Currently a FULL backup is done every night to one of 2 USB attached hard drive that is rotated every day. I am leaning towards switching this setup for either eSata drives or hot swappable sata drives. Is there any...
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    FS: 27" Phillips Magnavox tube TV, North Dallas Area

    I have an old TV I no longer use for sale to anyone who is interested. It has an analog tuner and RCA/S-Video inputs. The picture has a slightly discolored spot on left side of screen although otherwise works fine. $5 (or any interesting trade ;)), will need to be picked up locally in...
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    HVR-1250 - Digital and analog channels in Media Center?

    After several hours of running cables, searching, installing updates, and tweaking I have finally managed to get my XBOX 360 connected to my Vista desktop which has an HVR-1250 tuner. I have successfully gotten it to work with digital QAM channels (WMC found 12 channels - Time Warner north...
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    Wireless transmission power?

    I finally finished setting up a wireless bridge so that my xbox and blu-ray player will be able to access the net and my computer. My Setup: AP/Router: Buffalo WHR-G300N running DD-WRT Bridge: Zyxel NBG-419N in WISP mode (basically client bridge mode) Security: WPA2/AES I noticed...
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    Sharp Aquos 52-inch 120Hz 1080p LCD - $1099 @ Dell

    Blatantly stolen from Slickdeals: Dell Home has Sharp Aquos 52-inch LC52D85U 120Hz 1080p LCD for $1099 or $1066 if paying with DPA and free shipping. Most will probably pay tax (was ~$90 for me) although you can get 5% back if you go through Bing. Just search for Dell, click on...
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    NX Web Companion?

    I am looking for a web-based remote desktop solution to access a machine running Ubuntu 9.0.4 at home from anywhere. I currently use Logmein for windows systems, although they don't yet support linux. I am looking at NoMachine NX although based on what I've gathered from their web site it...
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    GH:WT 360 Version - Guitar Broken :(

    Just picked up the game + Guitar since my last wireless guitar crapped out. I though I was crazy/sucked at first because I kept having misses (I've played through all the previous games on expert so I have some idea what I'm doing), but then I realized I was getting misses during the intros of...
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    COD WaW Nazi Zombies?

    Twice now I have unlocked Zombie mode and then had it disappear (no longer be available) the next time I tried to play. I can resume my game in single-player, play the last bit of the Russian campaign and then unlock it again. Am I doing something wrong? :confused:
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    Infrared On/Off Switch For Amp?

    Anyone know where I can find one of these for a decent price? I need infrared so I can tie it in with my Harmony remote. I want to be able to turn the amps for my mains/sub on/off when my receiver is on/off. The closest I have found is this:( Ideally I am looking for a simple device that...
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    Woot 6/9 HP Pavilion Quad Core Media Center PC (Refurb) $555 shipped AMD Phenom 9500 2.2ghz quad core 3gb ram 640gb HD Vista Home Premium TV Tuner Media Center Remote with IR receiver Nvidia 8500gt Memory Card Reader Don't know what "refurb" entails although I think it'd be a lot harder to build a similar system your self.;)
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    News images

    On the front page I no longer see pictures associated with news stories rather links that say "News Image." I click the link and it opens a new window with a large black space in the middle surround on 4 sides by ad banners. I assume this isn't working as intended, my apologies if this is the...
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    Joined the RROD club...watching a DVD?

    I guess it was bound to happen eventually, although I didn't expect that my 360 (or my roommate's rather) would brick watching a dvd. The strange thing is we were watching the disk in the HD-DVD drive which is external, and the 360 console was sitting on top of an entertainment shelf with...
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    5 free HD-DVD MIR Offer, Got it?

    I purchased the XBOX 360 HD-DVD drive in a previous hot deal and sent off the rebate for 5 free HD-DVD movies by mail about a month ago. Has anyone that purchased this drive (or one of the stand-alone HD-DVD drives for that matter) and sent in the rebate form received their movies yet?
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    NVIDIA 7900gt / ATI 3850 = same waterblock?

    I had a 7900gt which was watercooled using a DD (maze4?) waterblock although I have recently replaced it with an ATI 3750 card. I noticed that the 2 cards appear to have very similar mounting screw holes surrounding the GPU and I was wondering if I could use the same block I used on my 7900gt on...